Who Is Talia in First Kill? Who Plays Her & Why Is She So Strong?

First Kill is a series that revolves around the forbidden romance between a vampire and a monster hunter, as we get to see both of their families showing their disapproval of this Romeo and Juliet kind of relationship. Of course, one of the parents strongly against it is Talia, who is one of the best supporting characters in this series and has one of the best story arcs. So, who is Talia in First Kill, and why is she so strong?

Talia Burns is the mother of Calliope Burns and is one of the leaders of the family of monster hunters. She is so strong because she has been training as a monster hunter her entire life and was basically born into this profession. Talia is played by actress Aubin Wise, a newcomer to the industry.

The only way for you to realize just how strong and powerful Talia is in terms of her character story and arc is for you to appreciate the character herself. She has a compelling character arc that is perhaps the best in this entire series. So, with that said, let’s get to know more about Talia in First Kill and what kind of a character she is in this interesting new Netflix series.

Who Is Talia In First Kill?

Those who are interested in stories that revolve around vampires and romance would love First Kill. However, this is quite a unique story because it doesn’t only involve vampires but also monster hunters in a story where members of each side fall in love with one another. As such, the series revolves around the story of Juliette, a vampire, and Calliope, a monster hunter.

Of course, like any forbidden romance story that takes after the Romeo and Juliet theme that we have seen in movies and shows alike for decades, First Kill also has its own fair share of people who are against this relationship. This is where Talia comes in as one of the people who have a disdain for vampires and wants Calliope to have nothing to do with Juliette. But who is Talia in First Kill?

Talia Burns is the mother of Calliope Burns and Apollo Burns and the step-mother of Theo Burns. She is the rock of the Burns family as she is the one raising the children to become strong and successful people in their own right while also helping out in their training as monster hunters. Talia comes from a long line of monster hunters as she has been around this business for as long as she can remember. Of course, her family has always been monster hunters as well.

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One of the things that Talia is known for throughout the entire series is her hatred toward vampires and other monsters alike. Out of all of the people who know that Calliope and Juliette are together, she is probably the one who is most against this relationship for a lot of different reasons. Of course, the fact that she doesn’t trust any kind of monster or vampire is a good reason why she doesn’t want her daughter to be with a vampire, especially one that belongs to the Legacy bloodline.

That is why, throughout the entire series, she was the one who was forcing Calliope to forget about Juliette, especially because she believed that her daughter was being drawn to the vampire due to her being bitten. In fact, she went as far as making Cal go through a severing ritual that was meant for her to be cleansed of the effects of Juliette’s bite. However, it didn’t work because what Cal felt for Jules was real.

Talia was also active in making sure that her children were safe yet prepared to fight monsters. She trained Cal and the other children in the art of monster hunting. However, she made sure that her children were ready enough as she was the one who was vehemently against Calliope joining their hunt for the Legacies because she realized that her daughter was not yet ready.

Arguably Talia’s biggest moment in the series came when they all found out that Theo, the eldest brother, had become a vampire. Theo was accidentally turned by Juliette, who saw him dying and was supposed to drain him until he died so that he wouldn’t have to suffer. However, Theo ended up becoming a vampire instead, as the entire family was devastated.

Jack, Talia’s husband, wanted to kill Theo because he didn’t want his son to live his life as a vampire. But Talia, who isn’t even Theo’s mother and had every reason to hate vampires, had a soft side for the boy that she had treated as her own since he was seven. As such, she helped him escape and allowed him to live with Juliette’s older brother named, Oliver, who knew how to handle vampires that didn’t want to kill.

What Happened To Talia in Season 1 Of First Kill?

Another subplot involving Talia during season 1 of First Kill was in relation to how she viewed the relationship between her daughter and Juliette and how she was willing to do whatever it took to see them breaking apart from one another. This was not something born out of selfish reasons on her part but was related to the fact that she cared so much for her daughter’s safety that she wasn’t willing to see her being with a person whose kind she had been hunting her entire life.

In fact, it was due to her willingness to see her daughter breaking up with Juliette that she found common ground with Margot, who is Juliette’s mother and is one of the most influential Legacy vampires in the series.

Although both Talia and Margot hate each other’s kind, they did agree on wanting their daughters to stay away from one another because they see things differently. Talia didn’t want Cal to have anything to do with monsters because she was raised to be a monster hunter. Meanwhile, Margot didn’t want Jules to make the mistake of breaking the traditions of the Legacy bloodline.

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That is why Talia and Margot were able to form an unlikely partnership wherein they had to work with one another on a few things so that they could each get what they wanted. Nevertheless, their machinations failed because both Calliope and Juliette were still together until the final scenes of season 1.

It was only until Cal found out that Jules was the one who turned Theo into a vampire after he was fatally wounded during a fight with Elinor that the two lovers finally broke up. Cal saw Jules as a monster after what she did to Theo, and that was when she swore to find a way to kill the Legacies. In that regard, Talia got what she wanted but at the cost of a young man that she regarded as her son. It was a big price to pay, as Talia was equally devasted at what happened to Theo.

Who Plays Talia In First Kill?

The role of Talia is portrayed by actress Aubin Wise. It is the fact that Wise was able to portray Talia almost perfectly that makes her look like a veteran actress in the film industry. However, she is a relatively new actress as far as the film industry is concerned because she hasn’t appeared in a lot of productions.

Despite being middle-aged, Aubin Wise has only been in the film industry since 2015 and has been credited with only six productions since then. Her first appearance on screen was in The Under 5ers, a television short. She appeared in Atlanta, Summer Vacation, The Finest, and Dimland before she made her way to First Kill. Her portrayal of Talia Burns in First Kill is her biggest role so far.

How Is Talia So Strong?

One of the things that people were quick to notice about Talia in First Kill was the fact that she was portrayed as a strong character that was emotionally, physically, and mentally strong. She also has one of the strongest character arcs in the entire series due to the overall strength that her character carries.

The reason why Talia is so strong is the fact that she has been in the monster-hunting business for as long as she can remember. She was born to a long bloodline of monster hunters and has already experienced everything that a veteran monster hunter could experience. That is why she was able to easily block Calliope’s strikes during their training session. On top of that, not even a powerful Legacy like Margot could phase her.

Talia didn’t mind going face to face with Margot in the meetings that they had regarding their daughters. She wasn’t even afraid of the Legacy vampire because she knew that she could probably take her on in a fight. And Talia displayed her strength and training when she took part in the surprise attack on the Legacies.

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