Who Is the Boy Found on the Prometheus in 1899? What Are the Powers He Has?

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The new 1899 series on Netflix is one that will keep your mind working the entire time because questions pile up on top of one another in every single scene. But one of the biggest mysteries revealed during the first few episodes of 1899 was in relation to the identity of the boy that they found in the Prometheus. This boy was holding onto a black pyramid and was silent almost the entire time. So, who is the boy found on the Prometheus?

This boy that was found in the Prometheus could stop time and create portals that led to other realms using the pyramid. In fact, this pyramid had a strong influence on the simulated world of 1899. It was revealed later that this boy was actually named Elliot and was the son of Maura and Daniel in the outside world.

There were a lot of mysteries in 1899, and the boy’s identity was one of the mysteries that were answered during the latter part of season 1 of this series. In that regard, there were a lot of different weird things that were related to this boy and the pyramid he possessed, and they were all connected to Maura’s identity as well. That said, let’s look at what we know about this mysterious boy in 1899. 

Who Is The Boy Found On The Prometheus? 

At the start of the 1899 series, the biggest mystery that the people were wondering about was what happened to the Prometheus, which was a ship that had gone missing for four months before the beginning of the storyline. However, Captain Eyk of the Kerberos received a message from Prometheus, and that was what led him and his passenger ship to its location.

In an attempt to determine what happened to the Prometheus and why it had been missing for four months, Eyk, Maura, and a few members of the crew boarded the mysterious ship, only to find out that there were no people on board and that there were no signs that pointed to the answers to the questions that were in the heads of the people who were wondering what went wrong four months ago. And the only clue that they found was a boy who had been hiding in a cabinet the entire time.

This boy, who had a black pyramid-like object in his possession, was brought back to the Kerberos but was silent the entire time. He never uttered a single word while he was on the Kerberos. And whenever Maura tried asking him anything related to the mysteries that were happening on the ship, the only thing that he could do was point to the pyramid that he possessed.

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In that regard, it was clear that this pyramid was something important to the entire storyline, as the boy often pointed to it and was seemingly attached to it. And when mysterious things started happening in the Kerberos, that was when the boy became the subject of the passengers’ ire.

On top of the fact that the passengers were angry that Captain Eyk decided to sail back to Europe while towing the Prometheus so that the shipping company in their port of origin could determine what happened to it, the people on board the ship were also wondering why there were deaths happening among them. And they ended up blaming the boy because weird things started happening when he boarded the ship, and one of the religious zealots on the Kerberos even claimed that the boy was the devil himself.


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As such, a mutiny happened, and the passengers were calling for blood. Of course, Maura, Eyk, and a few other passengers and crewmates tried to protect the boy. But the passengers were able to get hold of him and even threw him overboard in an attempt to preserve their lives from the “curse” that he brought on the ship.

It turned out, however, that this boy was able to find a way to return to the ship unscathed. He even protected Maura by stopping time just as some of the passengers and crewmates shot their guns. Maura was able to see the power that the boy seemingly possessed when she was able to pluck a bullet from the air when he stopped time. As such, this was not just some ordinary kid. At least, that’s what Maura believed.

Maura, Eyk, and the boy were able to pass through different portals that led to different realms and landscapes in the ship, as this was seemingly impossible because an entire world could not exist inside a ship. Maura, of course, revealed her true identity as the daughter of the owner of the shipping company. Still, she couldn’t remember anything about her past before the events of the series, as that was what made her believe that her father was behind everything, as he could be in one of the realms that they could access.

That was when Daniel, who had been working with the boy the entire time, revealed himself to be Maura’s husband of 12 years. He also said that everything in the world that they were in was created by a simulation in which they were all trapped. As such, nothing was real as far as they were all concerned because they were all just trapped in an unending loop that was created by a simulation.

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But the biggest twist that was revealed was that this boy was actually Maura’s son with Daniel, as she was confused about this because she knew that she could no longer have any children after “losing” her child many years ago. However, Daniel told her that she had her memories altered in the simulation. The boy’s name was actually Elliot, who Maura’s father, Henry Singleton, was able to get hold of.

What Are The Powers Of The Boy From The Prometheus?

While the boy did make it look like he had powers, that was not the case. He was able to return to the ship after getting thrown overboard and was able to stop time when the crew and the passengers fired their guns at Maura. He was also able to travel from one realm to another and use different portals that were present inside the ship. However, all of those abilities were due to the pyramid that he had in his possession.


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This black pyramid was actually an important device that allowed whoever possessed it to have some sort of influence over the simulated world. That was the reason why Elliot was able to survive getting thrown overboard as he stopped time using the pyramid. This very same pyramid also had the power to allow the user to escape from the simulation, and that was the reason why Henry wanted to retrieve it.

In that regard, Elliot had no powers whatsoever. The only reason he seemingly had powers was the fact that he was the one in possession of the pyramid. But the thing is that the pyramid could only allow a person to return to the real world if they had Maura’s key. And Maura was finally able to return to the real world using the new pyramid that Daniel created and the key that Maura had in her possession (her wedding ring), all while Elliot was still stuck inside the simulation after siding with Maura’s father.

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