Who Is The Creator in 1899? The Mystery Twist Explained

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The entire 1899 series was a mystery on its own as it revealed a lot of different twists and turns here and there. These twists and turns were so abundant that they got our heads spinning a few times during the eight-episode first season of this new entry to Netflix’s library. One such mystery that was present during the entire series was the one regarding the Creator, who was responsible for creating the world where 1899 was taking place. So, who was the Creator in 1899?

Maura was the Creator in 1899, as she was the one responsible for creating the entire simulation taking place in the entire series. However, the Creator of the ship simulation was Maura’s father, Henry. Meanwhile, the one who was controlling the entire simulation from the outside was Maura’s brother Ciaran.

The thing about 1899 is that everything that has been happening in the series was a simulation within a simulation and that Maura only needed to exit the simulation to find a way to get everyone out of the entire mess they were in. In that regard, there are numerous layers of Creators in this entire series, and that’s what we are here to look at.

Who Is The Creator In 1899?

There is no doubt that the biggest twist that was revealed in 1899 was the fact that things weren’t exactly what the early part of the storyline suggested. The first few episodes of 1899 suggested that the entire storyline took place in 1899 as several people were on their way to the New World on board a steamship called the Kerberos. However, when the Kerberos found the Prometheus, which was a ship that had been missing for four months, that was when things started to go down the path of weirdness, as the crew of the Kerberos found a young boy carrying a black pyramid.

But the thing is that, while there were weird things happening to the passengers while they were on the Kerberos, all of them weren’t real. Their memories and the different events that they experienced in the past were probably fabrications as well, as the entire nature of the events in 1899 was quite confusing to the point that it was difficult to keep up with whatever was happening. Still, what we can say is that there are layers of mysteries on top of layers of mysteries, as it was clear that someone was behind all of this. 

1899 setting

The term “the Creator,” which was first mentioned by the boy with the pyramid, who was revealed to be Maura’s son Elliot, was the person that Maura and Eyk believed was behind everything. Of course, the man that they thought was the Creator was Maura’s father, Henry Singleton, because he was the one who owned the shipping company that sent out the Prometheus and the Kerberos. As such, Maura believed that her brother found out about some of the things that Henry was doing, and that was why he altered their memories and placed them in a weird situation where nothing was real.

Then again, this was just another one of the many different layers in 1899, as there was something deeper behind the mystery of the Creator. Daniel, who revealed himself to be Maura’s husband of 12 years, was one of the first people to reveal that the entire setup was just a simulation that was created to go on a loop forever. The one that created the simulation of the ships was Henry, and Maura was correct in suspecting her father all along.


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In a conversation with Eyk, Maura revealed that her father loved her mother more than he did his children. When Maura’s mother suffered from Alzheimer’s and eventually forgot everyone she ever loved before passing away, Henry dedicated himself to studying the human brain. That was when he decided to take control of a simulated environment where he could study the people who were involved in this simulation, as it allowed him to get to know more about human behavior. And while the simulation of the ships has been in a loop for a very long time, the end results were always the same in the sense that the ships were never able to get to America because of something that happened to the passengers along the way.

Meanwhile, Maura herself chose to forget something about her past, and that was why she tried to use the simulation to forget her own memories. However, Daniel, in his attempt to try to make her remember who she was and what their past was, told her that she was trying to forget something painful when she erased the memory of her son from her brain. That was the catalyst that Henry needed when he created the simulation of the ships, but he ended up getting caught in the simulation as well.

In other words, Henry was the creator of the simulation of the ships, but he was not THE Creator. That’s because he was also trapped inside the entire simulation. The only way for him or anyone to escape was the pyramid that Elliot had and the key that Maura possessed. This simulation was also one of the ways for Henry to make Maura remember where she hid the key, as he constantly monitored her in case she ever did discover where she hid it.

maura father

Daniel, of course, meddled with the loop because he had a device that allowed him to mess things up and “corrupt” them. He did so because he wanted to possess the pyramid and the key that Maura had because he wanted her to escape the simulation. 

Meanwhile, after Henry had taken Elliot and the pyramid, he told her about how Maura read Plato’s allegory of the cave. The idea of a group of people being trapped in a cave, which was always their reality, was fascinating to Maura because how she also believed that everyone had their own version of a cave in the sense that there is no telling whether or not the world that we know is actually the real version of the world. That was when Henry told her the concept of God, and Maura also questioned that idea because she believed that God also has a reality where He exists and that there must be someone who created God’s own reality.


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This is where it got interesting because it was made clear that it was actually the real-world Maura that had interesting ideas that not even Henry himself could comprehend. As the season was nearing its end, Henry revealed that it was actually Maura who created the entire simulation. That means that Maura is the Creator of the entire simulation but was trapped in it herself because her brother, Ciaran, was out in the real world taking control of it.

That is the very reason why Daniel wanted Maura to be the one to exit the simulation so that she could stop Ciaran and find a way for the others to also exit the unending simulation that their brains were in for as long as anyone could remember.

Why Did Maura Create The Simulation?

At this point, it is interesting to note that it was both Maura and Daniel that created the simulations. The first simulation that they created was a playroom that was meant for Elliot. However, Maura created another simulation in an attempt to do away with the pain that she felt. At this point, we aren’t sure what this pain is, but it could be related to her son, Elliot, who was actually dying in the real world and was trapped in the simulation where he could live forever.

As such, there is no telling why she created the simulation at all and why she would even try to drown herself in her pain. But when she woke up in what was seemingly the real world, everyone she met in the simulated world was trapped in their own simulation pods, as they were quite possibly experiencing the unending loop of simulations happening inside their minds.

In that regard, if Maura created the simulation to keep her memories hidden and to find a way to hide from the pain that she felt in the real world (the fact that her son was dying was a factor), we don’t know why she would also do the same to the passengers onboard a spaceship called the Prometheus, which was on a space voyage in the year 2099.

simulation pod

We all know that Maura has always been fascinated with how the human brain works and how it perceives things that are inside and outside its realm. But it would be interesting to understand why she would even try to trap the other people inside this simulated world as well.

It could be possible that this simulation was a way for the human brains to keep on working and for the people inside the simulations to “live” their lives while they were on a long voyage to a distant planet that could be years or decades away from Earth. That means that the simulation was quite possibly altruistic in nature as it was meant for the passengers of the spaceship to still have a means of living their lives even though their actual selves were bound in pods that kept them asleep and dreaming.

Then again, as we saw in the events of 1899, something went wrong with the simulation, as Ciara quite possibly tampered with it for reasons that are yet unsure. And the series might make more sense in the second season of 1899. 

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