Who Is the Typhoon Devil, What Are Its Powers & Why It Listens to Reze?

WhIs the Typhoon Devil, What Are Its Powers & Why It Listens to Reze?

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Chainsaw Man is one of the weirder series you’ll encounter in your life, but that makes it so special, and that is why this series has become so popular. The characters of Chainsaw Man are so interesting that they actually deserve more attention, and that is what inspired this article. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the queerer Devils introduced in the series – the Typhoon Devil – who is interesting not only because of the fear it embodies but also because it has quite an intriguing story and a connection to Reze. In this article, you’re going to find out everything you need to know about the character.

The Typhoon Devil is a Devil from the Chainsaw Man series that embodies the human fear of typhoons. It is a very powerful entity that can create storms and rainstorms with destructive capabilities. It had two incarnations in the series, and it was later revealed that it was responsible for the death of Asa Mitaka’s family. It had a close relationship with Reze.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the character of the Typhoon Devil and its role in the Chainsaw Man series. This intriguing character has been featured in the first part of the manga, so we are going to bring you as many details as possible so that you know everything about the character. If you haven’t read the manga, we have to warn you that there are going to be spoilers present in this article.

Who is the Typhoon Devil and why does it listen to Reze?

The human fear of typhoons is embodied by the Typhoon Devil, a powerful Devil from the series. He debuted in the Bomb Girl Arc as a secondary antagonist. In its true form, the Typhoon Devil resembles a massive humanoid creature engulfed in a storm consisting of brain matter; the top of its head shows additional brain matter that is connected to the storm surrounding the Devil itself.

In a later flashback scene from the second part of the manga, Asa Mitaka’s memory of the Typhoon Devil resembles that of an elderly man with a bushy mustache. This is an older version of the character. Namely, because the Typhoon Devil had just undergone reincarnation, its second appearance was completely different, as it looked like a baby rather than an elderly man with a bushy mustache.

It has a very close relationship with Reze, with whom it voluntarily works in order to ensure its own safety. Nevertheless, he still has a lot of respect for her, despite the somewhat subservient nature of his relationship with her.


As the above-mentioned reminiscence by Asa Mitaka revealed, the Typhoon Devil has a history of destruction behind it, similar to the Gun Devil. Namely, as Asa reveals, some time ago, the Typhoon Devil, during an earlier attack, targeted and completely destroyed her whole house, killing her whole family in the process; this is a story that resembles Aki Hayakawa’s story with the Gun Devil. It later reappears during the Bomb Girl Arc.

The Typhoon Devil is first seen in the story while he is talking with a serial killer with whom he has a contract in an abandoned restroom. The man wonders why the demons are so keen on getting their hands on the Chainsaw Devil’s heart. Instead of responding to his query, the Typhoon Devil warns him about the human with the Chainsaw Devil’s heart (i.e., Denji) and tells him to be cautious because he has already murdered many Devils.


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The guy disputes this due and attributes it to the Devil’s ignorance, after which he boasts to the Typhoon Devil with a tale about how he murdered a Devil Hunter in China by kidnapping his wife and daughter and then torturing them.

Typhoon Devil

Sometime later, Denji and Reze were touring a school at night when the Typhoon Devil conjured a rainstorm that would lock them inside. Reze murders the serial killer as he tries to use Reze as a bargaining chip against Denji; the Typhon Devil then claims that he is unaware that Reze is involved. Reze says that she will pardon him, but only if he disobeys her for a little while and then disposes of the body of the murdered serial killer.

Later, when Reze was getting ready to battle Aki and the Violence Fiend, the Typhoon Devil suddenly appeared by crashing into a nearby structure and making his presence known. This was the first time that the fans actually had the opportunity to see the Typhoon Devil in action, as it used all of its destructive powers to make one of the scariest entrances in the whole series.

The Typhoon Devil quickly proceeded to confront Denji with Reze on his side as the Chainsaw Man arrived, riding on Beam’s back. The Typhon Devil attempted to attack Denji and Beam with a tentacle but missed. Reze was soon able to regenerate her lost limb by drinking some of the Typhoon Devil’s blood that was spit forth when Denji severed Reze’s leg during the battle; this is actually a brilliant illustration of the relationship between the Typhoon Devil and Reze, i.e., how far the Typhoon Devil was actually willing to go to protect Reze because it knew she would keep protecting it.

The Typhoon Devil’s brain matter storm then erupted as Beam dashed towards its heart, giving Denji the opportunity to chop it to bits with his chainsaws. Denji finished cutting off the Typhon Devil’s head, killing it, and its body crumbled into a heap of brain tissue.

What are the Typhoon Devil’s powers and abilities?

As a Devil, the Typhoon Devil, of course, possesses all the standard abilities of a Devil. As a devil, the Typhoon Devil can bestow contracts upon humans for a price. Although it has not been confirmed, the Typhoon Devil should be able to restore its health by consuming blood, and he should revive in Hell after being killed, effectively making him immortal. The Typhoon Devil has made only one known contract in the series, with an unknown assassin granting him its powers for life in exchange for the Chainsaw Man’s heart; the contract never went through, though, because the assassin died. As far as it is known, it did not have any contract with Reze.


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As for his other powers, the Typhoon Devil has enhanced strength, which makes sense since he embodies the fear of one of the most potent natural disasters imaginable. It also has a very special ability when communication is concerned, as it can transform into a swirling drain of water used for long-distance communication; it is still able to make contracts, even in this form.

His most pronounced and most important ability is, of course, the ability to create massive, destructive storms. Due to its unique body structure, by constantly spinning its intestines, the Typhon Devil can create horrible storms. These storms, as was seen in the manga, are able to destroy whole buildings and make cars fly through the air. It can create regular storms as well as rainstorms, as was seen when he created one to trap Denji and Reze in a phone booth and in a school.

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