Who Is the U.A Traitor? 10 Best Fan Theories

Who is the U.A Traitor? 10 Best Fan Theories

My Hero Academia‘s League of Villains looked to be one step ahead of the heroes for a time. The league has been able to infiltrate, ambush, and worm their way into venues and activities that U.A. High School and the pro heroes felt were safe, leading them to believe that one of the students is a traitor. So you might wonder who is The U.A. traitor? In this article, we will give you some fan theories about that.

The U.A. traitor plot point has been dangling in front of fans’ faces for some time, leading to various guesses and hypotheses on who the league’s informant may be, whether it’s a teacher or one of U.A.’s pupils. While there are a number of strong contenders who may be the traitor, there are also a number of people who are completely innocent which prompts the question of who the traitor actually is.

10. Kaminari Denki

Who is the U.A Traitor? 10 Best Fan Theories

Denki comes out as someone who doesn’t take things seriously, and he’s not particularly brilliant when it comes to academics.

However, despite his goofy manner, he frequently seems to recall vivid details of events he should not be aware of not to mention his strange conduct during the USJ assault, which lends credence to this idea.

This is one of the most credible theories surrounding the question of the U. A. traitor. The concept that Kaminari is a traitor to U.A. is a popular one among My Hero Academia fans. 

There are many reasons fans consider evidence that supports this theory but the ones that are mentioned most often are as follows: at the USJ assault, his conduct was suspicious, he knows some extremely precise facts while being the class dunce, and his room seems like he simply put together male crap with no real understanding of what he’s doing.

Many fans of the series adore Kaminari, so if he turns out to be the traitor, they’ll feel betrayed, especially given his ties with the rest of 1-A, notably Bakugo and Jiro. 

Fans believe Kaminari is more evil and clever than he lets on, despite his bumbling demeanor. This twist would be rather dramatic. 


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9. Toru Hagakure

Who is the U.A Traitor? 10 Best Fan Theories

Toru Hagakure is one of the less important questions which is why she isn’t considered quite as often. However, her quirk is one that ultimately made people suspect him despite being a secondary character. 

Although many don’t consider her quirk extremely useful in battel it could be the one thing about her that makes it possible for her to be the traitor.

For example, she utilizes her invisibility to refract and generate a flash of light through her body in the first part of the Provisional Hero License Exam, which easily blinds her opponents. 

This ability adds a unique twist to her talent. It implies that, in addition to invisibility, she may be able to control her molecules in such a manner that light passing through her body produces a chosen refractive index.

According to this theory, Toru would have little trouble snooping about, discovering all the secrets that the heroes possess, and then plotting wicked actions without being discovered. 

Despite his portrayal as a comedic relief character, Toru has some very poignant moments. During the Provisional Hero License Exam, for example, she stunned everyone with her super move.

Toru could easily slip away from the rest of Class 1-A to acquire and convey information to the League of Villains, given her ability to become entirely invisible at any time. She may even observe the other faculty members during their sessions without being discovered. Toru’s peculiarity would make her an ideal spy.

It’s her usual role as the funny and easygoing character in the series that makes most fans question this theory.

8. Minoru Mineta

Who is the U.A Traitor? 10 Best Fan Theories

Minoru Mineta is one of the rare Class 1-A students whose talents appear to be essentially meaningless. Furthermore, his constant acts of depravity during the course of the series have earned him a terrible reputation and it’s safe to assume he’s not a popular favorite.

Mineta’s special ability allows him to rip sticky purple balls from his skull and toss them at foes; if utilized correctly, the balls can incapacitate the adversary by rendering them immobile.

Mineta’s quirk, on the other hand, is only effective in very narrow conditions and isn’t as adept at hero work as quirks like One for All, Half Hot Half Cold, or Permeation.

He’s frequently portrayed as a pervy little wuss with a quirk unsuited for battle who’s simply attempting to be a hero to impress the women. At first sight, this little crybaby cannot possibly be U.A.’s traitor, unless that was the goal all along.

Given the need for the U.A. traitor to remain concealed and unobtrusive, a wimpy pervert would be a good fit. Not to add, Mineta is far more intelligent than most people believe, and his peculiarity might be beneficial for infiltration.

The character is mostly bland and doesn’t play a huge role in the series which is why many fans believe that him being the traitor would be a great arch for the character.

However, despite the fact that many fans seem to be on board with this theory there isn’t a lot of evidence supporting this particular theory. 

Mineta’s fans are very split in their opinions of him; they either adore him or detest him, with no in-between. Some admirers are hoping he is the traitor in order to excuse his sleazy behavior and odd attitude. 

Mineta, on the other hand, is extremely unlikely to be the traitor or anything more than the odd comedic relief of class 1-A. Plus, Mineta is unlikely to betray all of his crushes in class in that manner.

After all, the one thing that stands out about this character is his, sometimes quite creepy, car for his friends and the strive to become a hero.

Aside from this he is quite consistently portraited as a true hero despite his underwhelming quirk and the fact that he doesn’t play an important role in the series.

7. Mezo Shoji

Who is the U.A Traitor? 10 Best Fan Theories

Many fans were originally dubious of Shoji’s actual motivations due to his scary appearance. When it comes to his demeanor with other UA students, though, virtually no one compares to him in terms of friendliness and kindness.

Mezo is a selfless individual who is prepared to put his life on the line for anyone. He can be compassionate and understanding, but he also has a sense of maturity and accountability that stops him from acting on emotional impulses, even if he regrets it afterward. 

He is obviously very protective of his peers, especially when they are ill or injured. According to the Ultra Archive book, his affections for his buddies are stronger than anybody else’s, and he is willing to sacrifice himself for them.

Despite his friendly demeanor many fans still lean into this theory simply because of his tough appearance. He is a tall, strong young guy with pale gray hair brushed forward and almost at a right angle over his eye. 

Only the front two arms have hands when his Quirk is not in use, while the rest end in thin stumps. He has six arms, all of which are physically powerful and are connected by a web of skin.

Aside from the appearance that makes him look like a villain, there are a few more things that suggest he could be the traitor. 

For one, his quirk of heightened hearing would make it extremely easy to eavesdrop on other students. This is further played on by his ambiguous back story. 

Despite a lot of evidence, many fans believe that his personality makes it highly unlikely that he is the traitor, but many others consider this a quite convincing theory. 

6. Nezu

Who is the U.A Traitor? 10 Best Fan Theories

There is no one above Nezu at the UA when it comes to authority, yet many fans have questioned his responsibility for all of the power he wields. 

For starters, he’s not human and appears to harbor deep resentment toward those who treated him like a lab rat and subjected him to malicious experiments.

His position as the principal would make it extremely easy for him to gather and share important information.

Given that the League of Villains has such a detailed understanding of areas that should only be known by U.A. employees, nearly everyone at the institution is suspect. 

Even yet, there would be some details that not every teacher would be aware of…unless they were the school’s principal.

Principal Nezu may appear to be a kind and cuddly little cat, but he has a cruel side to him. Nezu still has a hatred against humans and likes messing with them as a result of being experimented on by them.


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5. Momo Yaoyorozu 

Who is the U.A Traitor? 10 Best Fan Theories

The thing that plays into this theory is Momo’smesterious background. A little is known about her aside from the fact that she comes from a royal family. Although that much is clear the identity of her parents is actually unknown. 

This is what makes this theory so plausible, however, one thing to note is that she most likely doesn’t know she is a traitor if she actually is the traitor. 

Although this theory is extensively backed up with evidence and many fans believe that it is true since it makes so much sense there is actually a plethora of evidence that shows that the theory may not be as convincing as it seems at first. 

Momo has demonstrated how seriously she takes being a hero and how she cares for her companions, despite her intelligence and versatility. Her strongest defense came when she planted a tracker on one of the Nomus during the training camp raid, which led to Bakugo’s rescue as well as a struggle with and subsequent incarceration of All For One.

4. Yuga Aoyama

Who is the U.A Traitor? 10 Best Fan Theories

Yuga appears to be someone who wouldn’t even consider harming others around him. His social discomfort, on the other hand, implies that there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. When the pupils of Class 1-A met the criminals, Yuga had a lengthy history of disappearing in the face of peril.

While his disappearances are never recognized since everyone assumes he’s simply frightened of confrontation, they might be a sign of his connection with the evil people.

Uraraka had a crush on Midoriya and Yuga knew that before she ever confessed it to herself, and he was well aware of Midoriya’s quirks. This suggests that Aoyama keeps a closer eye on his 1-A students than he admits. 

As the story proceeds, though, Aoyama appears to become more naive. He grew close to Midoriya and told her that all he wants is more friends. Of course, this may be a diversion, but he appears to be innocent.

3. Vlad King

Who is the U.A Traitor? 10 Best Fan Theories

While the majority of theories blame UA High School students, there are a few who accuse staff member Vlad King of the crime. One explanation for this idea is because, during the USJ attack, none of the villains were aware of Class 1-A’s peculiarities. 

This automatically labels all class 1-A students as traitors, because the traitor would be well-versed in their peers’ talents and would have informed the baddies.

Vlad has also shown an unusual degree of curiosity in learning more about the peculiarities of Class 1-A in other instances. In addition, when Aizawa defended Bakugo during a news conference, he appeared exceedingly nervous.

Monoma from 1-B is typically the one who shows the pettiest jealousy towards Class 1-A, and while Vlad sees them and Eraserhead as rivals, he maintains a level head, unless it’s all an act.

There’s the truth that Vlad King was a part of both big league attacks, including when they struck the training camp, which only a few people, including Vlad himself, were aware of. So there’s a chance Vlad King was working for the League of Villains as an informant.

2. There is more than one traitor

Who is the U.A Traitor? 10 Best Fan Theories

By now, it’s clear that the traitor must be capable of fighting toe-to-toe with some of the school’s top pupils, such as Midoriya and Bakugo, but perhaps there isn’t just one traitor, but a whole gang of them.

There isn’t a single traitor among the bunch. There are several. It’s possible that a whole class will be affected. Perhaps 2A or 3B. This gives Class 1A a new team of villains to battle, all of whom have considerably more experience than Midoriya, Bakugo, or anybody else we’ve seen so far, save the big 3. 

The traitor also has a significant influence on Midoriya, as the great school that he attends recently trained approximately 20 villains and had a large number of pupils convert to the evil side without realizing it. 

This would drastically change the tale, and if Horikoshi doesn’t want anyone from Class 1A to leave, it would be an excellent way to keep the traitor plotline intriguing.

1. No One is The Traitor

The impression that there isn’t a genuine traitor originates from Horikoshi’s complete disregard for the traitor plotline, which hasn’t been discussed in a long time is the major piece of supporting evidence fans bring up while discussing this theory. 

Another possibility is that there is no traitor at all. After all, it was a notion proposed by Present Mic on one occasion with little proof other than the League’s seemingly constant knowledge of what was going on. 

However, it’s possible that they acquire their information in a different way, and Horikoshi keeps forgetting about the traitor subplot because there isn’t one.

Although it would be an underwhelming way to solve this plotline that the fans are heavily invested in, this kind of ending would actually surprise the biggest amount of fans and would make for a quite interesting twist.

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