Who Is Vel in Andor? Meet Faye Marsay’s Character


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Episode 4 of Andor picked up from where episode 3 left off as Cassian is now forced into a situation that requires him to choose to return to his old life or to join a bigger cause that is against the Empire. Of course, because his best choice was to fight the Empire, he met a few rebels that would probably end up becoming the early members of the larger Rebel Alliance. Their leader was a woman named Vel, who was initially against Cassian joining the team. So, who is Vel in Andor?

Vel Sartha is the leader of the rebels that are stationed on the planet called Aldhani, as she and the other rebels seek to infiltrate an Imperial garrison and rob it. The goal of her team is to slowly weaken the Empire through the use of guerilla tactics instead of using widescale warfare against the Imperial forces.

At this point, we are yet to see more about Vel and what her ultimate role on Andor will be. But we already have clues as to who she is and what she wants to happen, based on what we have seen in her debut in episode 4. Of course, like her companions, she is basically against the Empire. Now, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Vel in Andor.

Who Is Vel In Andor?

Back in the events of episode 3 of Andor, we learned that Luthen Rael came to Ferrix specifically to recruit Cassian for a cause he believed was right because it was one that was against the Empire. As Luthen said, he was inviting Cassian to fight the Empire for real instead of simply stealing from them from time to time. In that regard, the fourth episode allowed us to see Luthen extending his invitation to Cassian once more.

Cassian was hesitant to accept the invitation because all he wanted to do was to live and do whatever he wanted in life instead of fighting a war that was never his. But it was the fact that Luthen offered him 200,000 credits for a job that made him rethink. And this job involved robbing an Imperial garrison on a planet called Aldhani, wherein the rebel team that he would be working with was already on the ground.

On Aldhani, Luthen met up with a woman that seemed to be the leader of these rebel forces. The problem was that this woman named Vel wasn’t too happy about the fact that Luthen picked up another extra person that would serve as another one of their team members in the mission against the Imperial garrison. So, who is Vel?

luthen and vel

Vel Sartha, who is played by Faye Marsay (the same one who played the Waif in Game of Thrones), is the leader of the rebels that are stationed on the planet called Aldhani, as she and Luthen seem to be in contact with one another regarding the mission and the supplies that Vel and her team need. So, while Luthen is the one who coordinates the different rebel attacks in different areas all over the galaxy, Vel is the leader of a rebel cell that was working with Luthen.

Of course, we also saw the fact that Vel isn’t exactly working under Luthen because of the fact that she could speak plainly to him and was even complaining about the fact that Cassian, who was using the codename Clem, was going to join them. 


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The fact that Vel didn’t trust Cassian proves that she is a cautious leader that isn’t too quick to trust someone she didn’t know and was forced to work with on the spot. But she eventually had to bring Cassian in because Luthen knew that she needed every man she could get and that Cassian had the skills that her team needed to succeed in their mission against the Empire.

Luthen even lashed out at her by telling her that she needed to learn to trust Cassian if she wanted to lead. As such, while she may be right in being distrustful of a man she didn’t know, she was still a leader that needed to learn and grow more.

What Is Vel’s Role In Andor?

After Vel was introduced to Cassian, the two went on a long walk to her team’s camp, as the leader of the rebel team slowly indoctrinated Andor into the cause but without telling him everything he needed to hear. And when they got to their camp, the other members of the team were also quick to distrust Cassian, as they didn’t know about him.

andor and vel

It was also revealed that the team had been there for months and was about to launch their mission in three days. That means that it was right for them to be wary of Cassian, who was just added to the mission three days before it began. As such, everyone was worried about whether or not they could pull it off with someone who didn’t even know what they were planning to do.

But Vel was quick to tell them what Luthen said by saying that they needed every man they could get. She also lied by telling the team that Cassian was always part of the original plan but had just become available. As such, she was able to dispel the team’s initial doubts, but it was clear that not everyone was on board with having Cassian on the squad.

As the episode progressed, Vel revealed that they were going to steal an entire quarterly payroll from an Imperial garrison that was heavily armed. Cassian had doubts about the mission because there were only seven of them, but they were going to go up against an entire garrison of troops. But that was when it was revealed that they were going to use a celestial event as their cover for their getaway so that the Imperial forces won’t be able to know what hit them. It is possible that episode 5 will allow us to see the mission in full swing.


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At this point, we don’t know a lot about what Vel’s ultimate role will be in Andor, especially because it is still possible that she will only be there for this particular arc of the series. But what we do know is that she wants to become a leader for the rebels.

It is also important to take note that these are rebels and are not the rebels that we saw in the other Star Wars movies and series. That means that Vel’s rebels are basically just rebels that are looking to use guerilla warfare to try to weaken the Empire instead of using the large-scale battles and tactics that the Rebel Alliance used. Of course, at this time, the Rebel Alliance was still in its early stages as it was only officially formed three years after the events of Andor.

So, in short, Vel’s rebels are probably just early members of what will eventually become a larger Rebel Alliance. On top of that, this rebel team might be a splinter faction or cell that would eventually form part of the Rebellion years later. And Cassian Andor’s involvement with Vel and her team could be one of the things that eventually led him to become the best Rebel spy and operative.

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