Who Plays Elinor in Netflix’s First Kill? Meet Gracie Dzienny


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First Kill is the newest vampire romance story that hit Netflix’s library as it features a story that’s more unique than most of the other vampire flicks that we have seen in the past. Of course, while the story focuses on the LGBTQ couple of Juliette and Calliope, a good portion of it also takes a good look at Elinor, a supporting character in the story. So, who is Elinor in Netflix’s First Kill, and who plays her?

Elinor Fairmont is the sister of Juliette Fairmont and acts as some sort of an antagonist in the series. She is a power-hungry Legacy that wants to stay true to the traditions of her family and does not agree with her sister’s outlook on life. Elinor is portrayed by Grace Dzienny.

In this story that resembles Romeo and Juliet, Elinor plays the role of one of the family members that wants her sister to stay true to their family traditions instead of trying to live life differently. However, it is also the fact that she is power-hungry that makes her see humans differently. In that regard, let’s get to know more about Elinor in First Kill.

Who Is Elinor In First Kill?


For those who love vampire romance stories, you probably won’t be able to get enough of First Kill, which is a series that explores the budding love story between two teenage girls. The thing about this series is that it does not only carry LGBTQ themes that tend to be quite rare in fantasy love stories but also because it involves two girls from different families.

Juliette Fairmont is the youngest daughter of a family that comes from a long line of vampires that descended from Lilith. They are called Legacies because they are legacy vampires that can be traced back to the very first vampire. Meanwhile, the second teenager is Calliope Burns, who belongs to a family of monster hunters that wants to make a name for themselves.

In that regard, the forbidden love story between the two characters explores the fact that they belong to families that are supposed to hate one another, and that is where it becomes a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story that has themes like LGBTQ romance and fantasy. It is basically a love story between a vampire and a vampire hunter.

Of course, the story has its own fair share of Shakespearean characters as well because you can never have a complete story without characters that are able to contribute to the conflict surrounding the narrative between these two families. That is where Elinor comes in. But who exactly is Elinor in First Kill?

Elinor Fairmont is the older sister of Juliette Fairmont and is the pride and joy of her family because she was able to live up to the traditions of being a Legacy vampire. She had her first kill early on in life and continues to feed on humans in a manner that is consistent with how they should be feeding. Elinor knows how to keep a low profile whenever she goes after her victims, and that is why she became her family’s source of pride.

What Happened To Elinor In First Kill?

Throughout the story, Elinor seemingly acts as a supportive older sister to Juliette, who she keeps on telling how important it is to live up to their traditions as Legacy vampires. That means that they shouldn’t be afraid of feeding on humans or even killing them if there is a need for them to do so. And it was revealed throughout the series that she is power-hungry in the sense that she wants to be able to become the head of all of the Legacies.


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During the day, Elinor works as an assistant to her father, Sebastian, who is the district attorney. Oftentimes, she uses her position to make sure that she doesn’t get caught whenever she’s feeding on humans or investigating matters related to monsters and monster hunters.

In the latter part of season 1, Elinor is seen making out with Calliope’s brother Apollo. However, the eldest brother named Theo caught them and tried attacking Elinor. This ended in Theo getting stabbed by a stake as he was supposed to die right then and there. It was revealed, however, that Theo got turned into a vampire when Juliette was supposed to drain him so that he would die but accidentally turned him instead.

The event that happened to Theo caused a rift between Juliette and Elinor as the sisters ended up feuding. Juliette also reported Elinor to the police as a suspect in the strange killings that have been happening in their town as the older sister got arrested. However, it was also the issue that happened between Elinor and Theo that caused Calliope to hate Juliette as the first season ended with them breaking up.

So, in a way, Elinor’s insistence on holding onto their traditions as Legacy vampires was what caused a rift between her and her sister. And that is also the reason why she is an antagonistic character in First Kill, even though she isn’t necessarily an outright villainous character.

Who Plays Elinor In First Kill?


Elinor is portrayed by Gracie Dzienny, an American actress who is currently 26 years old as of this writing. She hasn’t been in the acting industry for a long time, but Dzienny has had her fair share of different roles in various productions ever since she started acting in 2012.

Gracie Dzienny has appeared in a few TV shows that you may be familiar with, especially because some of these productions were quite popular during their time. For example, she appeared in Supah Ninjas!, which is a Nickelodeon series. Dzienny appeared as a ninja trainee in this series.


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Dzienny eventually found her way to a sitcom called Up All Night while also appearing in different Nickelodeon productions throughout the early part of her career. She even appeared in Fred: The Show, another Nickelodeon series.

There are also audience members who may be familiar with her in the CBS series called Zoo, which has a niche audience. She also appeared in another Netflix production called Jupiter’s Legacy, which is a superhero TV series.

In 2018, Gracie Dzienny played a small role in the Bumblebee movie, which starred John Cena and Hailee Steinfeld. This remains her biggest production so far, even though her role in the movie is actually small compared to the other characters.

However, a lot of audience members remember Gracie Dzienny in what was a popular series during the middle of the 2010s. The series we are talking about is Chasing Life, which is an ABC series wherein she acted the role of Greer. 

In this series, she plays the role of the younger sister of a classmate of the star, and that means that she didn’t have a really big role in that series. Still, appearing in that series allowed her to jumpstart her career as she now plays the role of Elinor, which is probably the most visible role she has ever had in her budding career. And this could lead to more roles in the future for Gracie Dzienny, depending on how well-received First Kill will be.

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