Who Was Peacemaker’s Older Brother?

Who Was Peacemaker's Older Brother?

James Gunn’s Peacemaker television series keeps surprising us in the best way possible with each new episode. Although we did expect a lot from the show, it turned out that James Gunn, as only he can, surpassed our expectations and created a show that truly brought out the best things from John Cena’s character from The Suicide Squad. The show has given us a lot of novelties, among which is the introduction of Christopher Smith’s younger brother in the most recent episode and in this article, we are going to tell you who Peacemaker’s older brother was.

Peacemaker’s older brother is still a mysterious character. We know that Christopher Smith had a close relationship with his brother and that he remembers him fondly. But, it seems that Christopher is, at least according to his father, somehow “involved with” his brother’s death, which is a source of antagonism between them.

Now, despite Christopher Smith’s brother being a mysterious figure, we still think it’s relevant to deal with him in a solo article, which is what we are going to do in the paragraphs that follow. We’re certain that the upcoming episodes are going to reveal more about Peacemaker’s brother and his fate, but until that happens, we have gathered all the relevant information for you in one place.

Who is Peacemaker’s brother?

If you’ve been following the Peacemaker TV show on HBO Max, you’ve probably been as shocked as we have been with the most recent revelation from Season 4 – Christopher Smith, the titular vigilante, had an older brother who died while they were young! And while that revelation wouldn’t come as a surprise in itself, the circumstances of his death, as well as the implications his death had on Christopher and his relationship with his father is truly interesting.

The flashback scenes from Episode 4 revealed several details about Christopher’s late brother. We know that he was older and it seems that the two siblings were very close, which is only natural, seeing how Auggie’s parenting methods weren’t the best ones you could find. The abuse that the two brothers suffered from their bigot father made them become close, which is a common phenomenon among siblings even in real life.

From what we find out from Christopher’s memories, the two brothers spent a lot of time together, as we see them listening to records together. But, while Peacemaker shares only fond memories of his brother, when the other team members dig into his past, they discover a much more sinister story related to his brother, a story that casts a shadow on Christopher’s role in his brother’s death. We’re going to analyze that aspect in the next section of this article.

Here, we just have to reflect a bit on the relationship that Christopher has with his father. Namely, Auggie Smith, as was revealed in the earlier episodes, is a bigot, a supremacist, a villain, and, by all standards, a very bad father. He was violent, he raised his children using inappropriate methods and it is not a surprise that their stories ended up like they did.

This is, by all means, not a fully original story, as a lot of major and minor comic book characters have difficult childhoods, but the Peacemaker’s story just gets richer and more profound with this aspect, as it explains a lot of layers of his personality that, initially, might not seem that obvious to the casual fan. This is why it is important to fully understand the relationship between Auggie and his sons to fully comprehend the topic of this article.

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Did Peacemaker kill his brother?

This important question is one of the biggest ones raised so far in the Peacemaker series and its answer will certainly be one of the main points of the series. As we have said, Christopher Smith has very fond memories of his brother. The two of them, from Christopher’s perspective, had a very close relationship and his brother’s death seems to haunt Christopher still, even after many decades have passed, and is a source of psychological trauma for titular vigilante.

Yet, if you consider the perspective of Christopher’s father Auggie, the racist supervillain White Dragon, Christopher had a role to play in his brother’s death. From what we can gather at this point, Christopher Smith wasn’t there to protect his brother when he was punched by an as of yet unidentified man. This punch seems to have triggered a seizure which, as far as we know at this moment, was the cause of Smith’s older brother.

This event seems to explain why Auggie garners so much contempt for Christopher, considering him a weakling; this goes far beyond the ideology that Auggie represents and Christopher’s own ideological views. The source of this hatred seems to be personal, as Auggie blames his younger son for the death of his older son, seemingly because Christopher wasn’t there or wasn’t brave enough to prevent his brother’s death.

A flashback scene in which Auggie made Chris stab a man might also be connected to this trauma, as the man in question could easily be the man who had punched Chris’ brother earlier, so the stabbing was a form of retaliation imposed on Chris by his bigot father. Whatever the truth might be, we are certain that the upcoming episodes will further explore this issue and reveal, in time, if our theories were on point or not, but this is what we know from the episodes that have aired so far.

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Does Peacemaker have a brother in the comics?

As far as we know, Christopher Smith didn’t have a brother in the original comic books stories published by DC Comics. The current iteration of the character doesn’t have a specific family history, while the New Earth iteration had a better family backstory, but this version of the character had no siblings and the core of his story was his relationship with his father. That relationship traumatized young Christopher and was a source of psychological disturbances later in his life.

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