Who Were the Thugs That Attacked She-Hulk in Episode 3?

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While a good part of episode 3 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law focused on the smaller issue regarding Emil Blonsky’s parole, we all know that there is a greater issue in this series, as was the case for all of the other MCU series. Near the end of the episode, we did see the makings of what could be the greater issue of She-Hulk when a group of thugs attacked her, albeit unsuccessfully. So, who were the thugs that attacked She-Hulk in episode 3?

The thugs that attacked She-Hulk in episode 3 are the Wrecking Crew, which is a group of four superpowered characters in the comics. In the series, it seems like they don’t possess any superpowers. Instead, they were using enchanted weapons that they admitted were robbed from an Asgardian construction worker.

As episode 3 has already introduced the Wrecking Crew, it does seem like things are about to escalate in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, especially when it was clear that these thugs were working for someone bigger. This person they are working for could be the bigger issue at hand for Jen Walters. Now, with that said, let’s get to know more about the Wrecking Crew in She-Hulk.

Who Were The Thugs That Attacked She-Hulk In Episode 3?

The plot of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law keeps on getting better and better as we are now reaching the most important parts of the storyline. Of course, a good part of episodes 2 and 3 explored the parole case of Emil Blonsky, who we all know is the Abomination that nearly killed Bruce Banner during the events of the often-forgotten 2008 Hulk movie. Episode 3 allowed us to see Jen Walters finally finding a way to win the case and give the reformed Blonsky the freedom he deserved.

After Jen was able to win Blonsky’s parole case, she also had to win another battle that the media had been waging against her. Throughout a good part of episode 3, she ignored what the media was saying about her and all of the rumors regarding her origins and relationships with the people in her life as she merely just wanted to get on with the case in the hopes that this entire media sensation would eventually blow over.

Nevertheless, near the end of the episode, she finally gave the media what people have been asking for, as she finally spoke up regarding herself and the origins of the She-Hulk name that the public has been calling her. And after that cathartic moment, she was seemingly on her way home after walking a few blocks from where she parked her car.


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That was when a group of thugs suddenly attacked her. A man wearing some sort of an enchanted helmet grabbed her from behind as the rest of his crew was cornering Jen from the front. However, Jen realized that she didn’t have to fear them because she could transform into She-Hulk. The rest of the members of the thugs were brave enough to face the Jade Giantess as they powered up weapons that were seemingly enchanted.

She-Hulk joked around by asking them if they got their weapons from an Asgardian construction worker, to which the leader of the thugs answered positively. A fight ensued, and it was clear that the thugs, despite their enchanted weapons, were no match for She-Hulk. 

One of the thugs tried to use a syringe against her, only to see it bending after failing to penetrate her skin. As such, the thugs had no more reason to fight. The only thing they could do was to retreat, as it was clear that they had failed their mission. So, who were the thugs that attacked She-Hulk in episode 3?

The thugs that attacked She-Hulk were quite possibly the Wrecking Crew. There are a few clues that point to the possibility that this was the MCU version of the Wrecking Crew, as they were clearly equipped with tools that you normally see on a construction site (hence the Asgardian construction worker joke).

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First off, the one that grabbed She-Hulk was wearing a construction helmet that made him resemble Bulldozer. Their leader was equipped with a crowbar, and that could mean that this was Wrecker. Meanwhile, the one with the enchanted gloves could be Piledriver. Of course, the only named member of the group was Thunderball, who was equipped with a wrecking ball.

And the second clue is related to the fact that Thunderball’s name was mentioned. When they were all in their van, the leader (who we believe is Wrecker) mentioned Thunderball’s name. The only character named Thunderball in the annals of Marvel Comics is the one who is a member of the Wrecking Crew.


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In that regard, episode 3 was the official debut of the Wrecking Crew, although they weren’t named yet. The difference here, however, is that the Wrecking Crew is equipped with enchanted weapons that Wrecker admitted they stole from an Asgardian construction worker, as seen from the fact that these weapons had Asgardian runes on them.

Meanwhile, in the comics, the Wrecking Crew is composed of four superpowered characters. Wrecker, Bulldozer, Piledriver, and Thunderball got their superpowers when Wrecker used an enchanted crowbar as a lightning rod. When lightning struck the crowbar while all of the members of the Wrecking Crew were holding it, they got their superpowers. Each member of the Wrecking Crew has a special superpower that correlates to their weapons, and all of them possess superhuman strength.

Nevertheless, it seems like the MCU is moving away from the superpowered route of the Wrecking Crew, as it is clear that the members of this group are simply ordinary human beings that are equipped with Asgardian tech.

Why Did The Wrecking Crew Attack She-Hulk?

At this point, we are not entirely sure why the Wrecking Crew attacked She-Hulk, but we can guess that it has something to do with the fact that Thunderball tried to inject her with a syringe that was probably going to steal her blood.


We know for a fact how dangerous She-Hulk’s blood is because, as the Hulk says, her ability to resist the gamma radiation is better than his. In that regard, it is quite possible that Jen Walters’s blood is more stable than Bruce Banner’s. 

As Bruce said, Jen was lucky that they shared a common genetic trait that allowed them to resist the gamma radiation. But considering that Jen’s resistance was better than Bruce’s, it is quite possible that someone out there is planning to use her blood to create a Hulk army, especially if her blood is stable enough to turn other people into Hulks if injected with it.

Of course, we know for a fact that the Wrecking Crew is not the mastermind behind this attack because Wrecker mentioned something about a boss. That means that they were merely hired to do this job by someone who is looking to take advantage of Jen’s status as the She-Hulk and her blood. This mysterious “boss” could be the one who might end up becoming the greater threat in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, as Jen Walters is looking to further her career as a superhuman lawyer.

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