Why Are Christians Against Ms. Marvel & Are Trying to Cancel It?

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Ms. Marvel has just been released, and it has already garnered great reviews from fans and critics alike. However, no matter how good a series can be, there will always be people who aren’t exactly going to be happy about it just because it isn’t in line with their views. In that regard, there are some Christians that actually hate Ms. Marvel. So, why are Christians against Ms. Marvel and are trying to cancel it?

Christian groups are trying to cancel Ms. Marvel because of the belief that she is gay and the fact that she is Muslim. The world is still full of bigots and racists everywhere as they are not ready to accept a Pakistani Muslim as the main character of a big-budget Marvel series.

In a sense, the only reason why plenty of people want to cancel Ms. Marvel is their bigotry. That’s because Kamala Khan is brown and Muslim. There are still a lot of Islamophobes out there in the world, and that’s why Christians were not ready to accept Ms. Marvel. So, with that said, let’s look at the reasons why Christians don’t like Ms. Marvel and are trying to cancel it.

Why Are Christians Against Ms. Marvel?

Currently, the biggest series that Marvel Studios has is Ms. Marvel, which has just released its pilot episode. The story of Ms. Marvel follows the story of a young teenager named Kamala Khan who is trying to find her identity in this world and has discovered that she is capable of amazing things with her newfound powers.

In that regard, Ms. Marvel has garnered great reviews from fans and critics alike in just its first episode, and there are already fans who can’t wait for what’s next for Kamala and her newfound powers. But the fact is that you can never please everyone.

As good as Ms. Marvel may be, there are actually Christian groups that want to cancel the character and the series. This is a private Facebook group called Christians Against Ms. Marvel as they seek to cancel her because she is regarded as a slap to the face of conservative Christians.

But while this Christian group does have its own reasons for wanting to cancel Ms. Marvel (even though they are probably wrong in their reasoning), there are other reasons why there are some conservative Christians and even those who aren’t very religious who don’t like this series because of other reasons.

Blame The Islamophobia

Despite the fact that we are in a more open world that is now willing to accept a lot of people regardless of their color, gender, sexual preferences, and religious belief, we are still far from living in an ideal world where everyone has already accepted everyone for who they are. And that’s because there are still some who still paint Muslims in a bad light.


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Islamophobia is still very real today because there are still people who equate Islam with the many different conflicts that the Western world has engaged with in the Middle East. There are also plenty of terrorist attacks that are equated with Islam, even though they are carried out by Muslim extremists that do not represent the entire religion and its people.

In that regard, considering that Kamala Khan and her family are Pakistani Muslims, those who see Islam in a bad light will find it hard to accept Ms. Marvel. But the truth is that Kamala is simply an American-born Muslim who is looking to find her place in the world as she struggles to reconcile her family’s strict Islamic traditions with her own beliefs.

So, naturally, people who don’t watch Ms. Marvel with an open mind wouldn’t like it because it stars a Muslim girl. And this is where the conservative Christians come in because they believe that this series is offensive to their beliefs.

Racists Are Everywhere

Even if some people aren’t even conservative Christians, they are still riding on the Ms. Marvel hate wagon because of the very fact that they are just racist. It was never always about Christianity because there have been plenty of different characters that go against Christian beliefs.

For example, Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch both deal with magic, which is something that conservative Christians frown upon because magic is often seen as the work of the Devil. Of course, the presence of godlike characters in the form of the Asgardians and even the Eternals should be something that they should be offended with.

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Nevertheless, it is the mere fact that Kamala Khan is brown and is a Muslim that has allowed them to ride the hate wagon, even though there have been other beliefs and religions that have been seen in the world of the MCU.

So, with all that said, the hate wagon is simply ridden by Islamophobes and racists everywhere as they just found common ground to hate on Kamala Khan and Ms. Marvel. Then there are also legit conservative Christian groups that aren’t willing to open their minds to something new and beyond their own world.

Is Kamala Khan Gay?

Another reason why the Christian groups are against Ms. Marvel is the belief that she is gay. The description on the page itself says that they look at Ms. Marvel as a gay Muslim. So, is there really a reason to believe that Kamala Khan is gay?

Based on what we know and have seen, Kamala Khan is not gay or is yet to show signs that she could be gay. She may be tomboyish in the sense that she loves the Avengers and Captain Marvel, but that is not an indication of her being on the LGBTQ spectrum. There are even rumors that she could end up dating Red Dagger in the future and may even end up in a love triangle involving her best friend, Bruno.


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But, as far as we know, she is yet to be confirmed gay or is quite possibly not gay at all. But even if she were gay, that isn’t a valid reason for Christian groups to cancel her because there is nothing wrong with being a gay Muslim.

Does Ms. Marvel Promote Islam? 

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Of course, there are also some groups that may believe that Ms. Marvel is promoting Islam, and that might offend Christian groups because they don’t want Marvel Studios to promote any religion that’s against their beliefs.

Nevertheless, Ms. Marvel is not promoting Islam in any way possible. In fact, the series is merely allowing us to see and understand what traditional Pakistani Islamic culture is all about and how conservative the older generations are when compared to the newer and more open-minded youth like Kamala Khan.

So, in a sense, it isn’t promoting Islam but is allowing us to understand what it’s like being in the shoes of Kamala, who is trying to balance her identity as a Pakistani Muslim and an American-raised young girl in a changing world that’s full of superheroes and people that are capable of doing the most amazing things. It’s like the series is allowing us to understand how the character is feeling and how she is trying to find her identity in two different worlds. That means that Ms. Marvel is not promoting Islam or any other religion for that matter.

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