Why Are We Still Not Getting Hunter x Hunter Season 7 and Will It Ever Happen?

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Hunter x Hunter, one of the most popular anime and manga series ever ended abruptly in 2014, leaving thousands of fans to wonder if they will ever get to see season 7. More than seven years later, the fandom is still hoping for a long-waited renewal of the series and the official announcement of season 7, so why are we not getting another Hunter x Hunter season, and will season 7 ever happen?

 Hunter x Hunter was penned by mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi in 1998. Since the year of the official launch of the manga series sin Shonen Jump Weekly, the story went on a hiatus around 2006. The manga was adapted into anime series in 2011 and went on for three years until 2014 when the sixth season premiered. The show had a total of 148 episodes over three years, while the fans never lost hope that they will get to see Hunter x Hunter renewed for another season.


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The story of Hunter x Hunter follows Gon Freecss after the discovery that his father, who he had never met, was a world-renowned Hunter specialized in discovering new species, fighting the lawless, and exploring the yet unexplored. He sets off on a journey to find his father while meeting other Hunters and facing supernatural along the way.

Netflix recently added Hunter x Hunter to a long list of anime shows, many of which are some of the most popular anime series ever, which is why the fans are revisiting the possibility of having season 7 announced. According to some sources, season 7 could happen due to the enormous popularity of the story, however, Togashi seized all the writing and his work on Hunter x Hunter manga, which resulted in falling short to provide the material for another season.

Mangaka Togashi might have fallen under the influence of pressure due to the popularity of Hunter x Hunter and fabs’ expectations. Madhouse produced the first 6 seasons, however, with no new chapters, the series couldn’t go on with another season.

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