Why Aren’t We Getting Dororo Season 2?

Dororo may be one of the under-appreciated anime series originally adapted from the manga penned and illustrated by the pioneer of the Japanese manga, Osamu Tezuka. Osamu Tezuka published the manga series back in 1967 with Weekly Shonen Sunday, however, the manga series was canceled less than a year later, in 1968. The manga was first adapted into a series in 1969 with 26 episodes, which concludes the story of Hyakkimaru, his grim faith, and his friend Dororo.

A remake of the series was released in 2019 in the production of MAPPA and perhaps achieved more popularity than the original anime series. The series aired from March to June 2019, with 24 episodes, concluding the story of Hyakkimaru and his search for demons who took his body parts, including his sight and speech. The story is set in a Warlord Japan where the states are in constant conflict, as well as having trouble with drought and hunger.

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A Japanese warlord, Hyakkimaru’s father promises to give the twelve demons in the temple of Hell anything in return for power as his wife is giving birth to his son that will later be named Hyakkimaru. The demons devour almost the entire newborn, leaving him only with a head and a torso. Years later, Hyakkimaru is represented as a mysterious warrior with no sight or hearing, wearing prosthetic limbs for the missing body parts. He is given a part of his body every time he slays a demon.

As Hyakkimaru is on a mission to find as many demons as possible, he meets a child thief, Dororo, who becomes his friend and follows him around. The story unveils more complex stories related to both Dororo and Hyakkimaru, also covering their fates. The series’ end kind of leaves some room for another season, however, MAPPA never renewed the show for season 2.

It is less likely that Dororo will get another season since there is no original manga that would provide source material for the second season.

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