Why Can Trinity Fly in The Matrix Resurrections?

Why Can Trinity Fly in The Matrix Resurrections?

The Matrix Resurrections might not be the sequel we have waited for so long, but it did surprise us on several occasions. Now, the majority of the setting remains the same and the characters slowly grow back into their roles, but some of the characters have now become bigger and have been updated from their previous selves. Trinity is the best example of this, as The Matrix Resurrections elevates her role in the story and also gives her more powers, including the ability to fly.

The answer to why Trinity can fly has never been explicitly revealed in The Matrix Resurrections. Still, it is assumed that when the Analyst tampered with their code and realized the dual importance of Neo and Trinity, the latter received at least some part of Neo’s original code, thereby gaining access to the Prime Program and, thus, being able to use some of Neo’s original powers.

The rest of this article is going to further elaborate on this fact, as we are going to reveal more information about Trinity’s ability to fly. The information is very scarce, we have to be honest, but we have done our best to be as informative as possible. In addition to that, we have to warn you that the article is going to contain spoilers so be careful how you approach it.

Why Can Trinity Fly in The Matrix Resurrections?

In The Matrix Resurrections, Trinty, after awakening to her true identity, begins to develop similar reality-altering powers to Neo in the Matrix, causing the Analyst to panic. This includes her own ability to fly. When she touched Neo in the middle of a crowd, her hands lit up, creating a shockwave that knocked back any nearby enemies.

This, honestly, came as a surprise for everyone, as Trinity was not a character that was, in the original trilogy, portrayed as being able to access the powers of the Prime Program. Sure, she was essential to the plot, but it had always been about Neo. Now, with the changes taking place in universe, Trinity’s role in the story has grown and she also got new powers.

The exact reason was never revealed, but we assume that Lana Wachowski and her writing team wanted to increase Trinity’s role and give the franchise a strong female lead as well. This was executed brilliantly and it makes sense in the universe, as her connection to Neo within the reconstructed Matrix was further deepened, meaning that she has become almost as important as him.

How Did Trinity Get Neo’s powers?

Now, we know that Trinity’s role has increased and we’ve seen that she actually got the ability to fly, as well as some other abilities that she now shares with Neo. So, how exactly did that happen? We don’t know. The movie never bothered to explain it directly and although it’s a very neat trick that makes sense if you consider the fact that Trinity’s role has been increased in the movie.

Still, the screenplay does offer some clues and hints that might point to how this exactly happened. Namely, when the original Matrix was reconstructed, Neo’s original code, including his connection to the Prime Program, has been preserved. The Analyst realized, at one point, that Neo’s power is great, but that his true potential in the new Matrix is awakened only in liaison with Trinity.

This means that Trinity has become one with Neo and that the two of them form a single, powerful entity. Now, during the course of reconstructing the Matrix, Trinity has obviously received some of Neo’s code and has, thus, gained the ability to access the Prime Program herself. This, in turn, allowed her access to the same powers (or at least part of them) that Neo had in the original trilogy.


Why Can Neo Fly but Agent Smith and the Others Can’t?

Now, as we’ve said, this is not an official version but based on what we know about The Matrix franchise and the inner intricacies of the works, we think that it is very close to the truth. The Analyst is really to blame for all of this; had he not tampered with the original coding, Trinity would probably not have gained these powers, as she did not have them in the original trilogy.

So, when he actually realized how big of a threat Trinity has become, it was already too late to reverse the process, which is why he tried so desperately to keep her under his control.

What Are Trinity’s Other Powers?

Over the course of the Matrix franchise, Trinity is shown to have numerous abilities both inside and outside the Matrix, including martial arts, handling computers, using firearms and other weapons, and operating a number of motor vehicles.

Some of these skills can be downloaded from outside the Matrix when needed, such as when Trinity flies a helicopter in the first film. Other abilities are trained or innate.


Why Is Thomas Anderson (Neo) Called Neo?

Trinity proves to be particularly adept at handling cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles, even compared to other hackers. In the first film, she pilots a Bell 212 helicopter and manages to maintain control even after the hydraulic system is damaged.

In The Matrix Reloaded, she brings the Keymaker to safety in a high-speed chase through oncoming traffic on a Ducati 996 motorcycle.

Armed and unarmed combat is another area where Trinity excels. A master of kung-fu fighting and a skilled markswoman, Trinity can take out an entire room full of armed enemies without harming a hair on her head.

Trinity was also able to defeat many of Merovingian’s superhuman thugs with little to no difficulty, going toe-to-toe with one of the twins almost. She was even able to go toe-to-toe with Agent Thompson briefly but was eventually defeated by him.

She managed to kill an agent before Neo did, making her the first Redpill of her generation to accomplish this. However, she accomplished this feat through a surprise attack, shooting the agent down at close range while his attention was on Neo. In the real world, she was able to free herself from the hands of Bane (Agent Smith), leaving him with a few injuries to his face.

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