Why Did Echo Leave Bad Batch & Will He Be Back?


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We all know that the members of the Bad Batch in Star Wars: The Bad Batch all have their own specialties and uniqueness. Echo, for one, was a regular clone that ended up getting altered by the Separatists to the point that he felt that he was no longer the same as he used to be, and that was why he was taken in by the Bad Batch. However, in episode 8, Echo left the team. So, why did Echo leave the Bad Batch?

Echo had to leave the Bad Batch because he needed to go on an important series of missions with Captain Rex after the Senate passed the Stormtrooper bill and made the clones obsolete. At that point, Rex needed all the help he could get to assist and help as many clones as possible.

The fact that Echo left the Bad Batch affected Omega so much that she couldn’t move on from it in episode 9. Of course, Echo didn’t leave for selfish reasons, as he thought that the other clones all over the galaxy needed his help after the Empire made it clear that there was no longer any room for clones. So, with that said, let’s look at why Echo left the Bad Batch.

Why Did Echo Leave The Bad Batch?

Even though he was never one of the original members of the Bad Batch, Echo was always an important part of this group, especially because of the unique skills that he acquired. In Star Wars: Clone Wars, Echo was a regular clone that worked alongside Captain Rex. However, he got captured by the Separatists and was modified so that the droids could use his brain as a way for them to learn the secret tactics that only clones would know.

While Echo was rescued by Rex and the members of Clone Force 99, he felt that he no longer had a place among the regular clones due to what the Separatists did to him. That was when Clone Force 99 adopted him and made him a new member of the Bad Batch. Since then, he started traveling with the Bad Batch and even welcomed a new member in Omega during the events of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

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In episodes 7 and 8 of season 2 of The Bad Batch, the focus shifted to the Senate as we were able to see how the Empire was trying to push the agenda of making the clones obsolete so that they could make way for the Stormtroopers that would form the bulk of the army that the Empire was trying to create. When Rampart was arrested for destroying Kamino, Empire Palpatine entered the fray to stress the importance of a new army due to the fact that the clones were obedient enough to listen to Rampart despite the fact that they knew that his actions were wrong.

As such, it became clear that the clones were now on their way out of the Empire and were no longer needed. Even though Senator Chuchi tried her best to ensure that the clones were well-taken care of after being forced out of service, the consensus was that the Empire no longer cared about them and was about to make them obsolete. And that was when it became clear that Captain Rex needed to do something about the condition that his fellow clones were about to find themselves in.


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During the events of episode 8, it was clear that the clones were still in trouble because regular clones were hired to kill their own, especially if the targeted clones knew too much about what was happening within the Empire. Rex needed to be more active in helping his fellow clones. However, because there weren’t a lot of reliable and trustworthy clones left in the galaxy, he was in dire need of help.

That was when the members of Bad Batch, except for Omega, said their farewells to Echo. It was clear that Echo was ready to leave the Bad Batch to go on a new mission that required his expertise. So, why did Echo leave the Bad Batch?

As mentioned, Captain Rex was working hard to make sure that he could find a way to help all of the other clones that had found themselves displaced due to the recent actions of the Empire regarding their status as soldiers. However, this was a dangerous mission that required Rex to have help due to the fact that some were after the clones as well. That was the reason why Echo needed to go with him.

Before he even started working with the Bad Batch, Rex and Echo were close friends that worked together under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker during the clone wars. As such, Echo owed Rex a lot because he was also the one who never gave up on him and rescued him when he was under the control of the Separatists. And it was time for him to pay back by helping Rex in his mission to assist all of the other clones that needed their help.

Will Echo Return To The Bad Batch?

In episode 9 of season 2, Omega was clearly affected by the fact that Echo was no longer with them. The Bad Batch itself also felt Echo’s absence when it was clear that they were one man down and needed everyone on the team to contribute well enough to make sure that Echo’s spot would be filled. But will Echo return to the Bad Batch?

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At this point, we aren’t really sure whether or not Echo will rejoin the Bad Batch anytime in the near future. That’s because it appears that Echo’s mission with Rex seems to be more important than rejoining his brothers to go on bounties. As such, Echo is likely to prioritize helping his fellow clones by assisting Rex in his mission.


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However, Tech and the others told Omega that Echo never left them. Instead, he just went on a mission that was different from the ones that the Bad Batch went on. As such, while they were kind of softening the blow so that Omega would understand the situation, they were still hinting that Echo could return to them sometime in the near future once he completes his mission with Rex. After all, he never left the team, unlike Crosshair, who clearly decided to part ways with Clone Force 99 by staying loyal to the Empire.

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