Why Does Gorr Hate Gods & Wants to Kill Them All?

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The newest trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder has finally been released, and it gives us a good look at Christian Bale’s Gorr, the God Butcher character, who is set to become the newest antagonist in the Thor movie franchise. Gorr’s very reason for existing is to kill all gods, as that is probably where the movie will focus on. However, why does Gorr hate the gods so much, and why does he want to kill all of them?

Gorr hates all of the gods because he experienced a tough life before he became the God Butcher. Back on his home planet, his entire family ended up dying due to hunger and calamity despite how devout and religious they were. He ended up vowing to kill all of the gods after what had happened to his family.

In a way, what drives Gorr, the God Butcher, is his personal resentment towards the gods. This is a personal vendetta that he wants to exact on all of the deities all over the galaxy because he believes that all of them are the same. So, with that said, let’s take a good look at why Gorr hates all of the gods and vows to rid the universe of all of the deities.

Why Does Gorr Hate Gods?

We saw a quick look at what Thor: Love and Thunder will be all about after we saw the first trailer, which was just merely a teaser. However, in the second trailer, which is essentially the official trailer of the movie, we were able to see so much more of what the movie will be all about as it introduced new sights, sounds, and characters. And this was where Gorr, the God Butcher, was introduced.


Gorr The God Butcher: Origin, Powers, Weakness, & His Death

The teaser dodged Gorr as Marvel Studios probably wanted to make the big reveal in the official trailer, which allowed us to see more of Christian Bale’s upcoming God Butcher character in the Thor: Love and Thunder storyline. This is one of the most interesting characters in the entire MCU because of the fact that he is powerful enough to kill countless gods all over the universe and even wipe out entire pantheons.

We know that Gorr’s modus is very simple, and that is to kill all of the gods in the universe. Then again, why does he even hate all of the gods? That’s something that can be answered by looking at the character’s life back when he was still living on his home planet.

Gorr lived on a harsh planet where everyone needed to fend for themselves to survive. His family was poor when he was born, and that meant that they struggled to find food on a regular basis. Shortly after that, both of his parents died, and he was left all alone. He had to fend for himself in a harsh world where food was scarce, and people were dying one by one due to starvation and sickness.

After surviving his harsh early life, Gorr found a mate and fathered some children. Gorr’s entire family was religious as they regularly prayed to the gods to help them out in their tough situation. His mate, however, ended up dying due to a natural calamity while she was pregnant. Forced to take care of his children all on his own, his kids ended up dying one by one until he was left with only one son.

Gorr’s final son died as the grief-stricken father declared outright that there were no gods. But he was soon banished by his people because of how religious and devout his species were. As such, he was forced to wander alone in the desert, hoping to die.

It wasn’t until he saw two figures fighting that he realized that gods did actually exist. One was a god clad in black, while the other was wearing gold armor. The gold god defeated his opponent but ended up suffering a mortal wound in the process.


How Powerful Is Gorr the God Butcher’s Black Sword?

As the god begged help from Gorr, he got enraged because a god was asking for his help now when he himself had been asking for help from the gods for years. His anger awakened the black substance from the other god as it bonded with him to form a sword called All-Black, which is symbiotic in nature and is capable of giving Gorr incredible strength. With this sword, Gorr vowed to kill all gods throughout the universe.

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In a way, Gorr’s hatred towards the gods stemmed from his rough life as he lived in a place that was desolate and harsh but full of religious people who were praying to the gods for help. But because he lost everything he held dear in his life without the gods even bothering to help them, he developed a deep hatred towards them.

Why Does Gorr Want To Kill All The Gods?

Gorr’s hatred towards the gods was so deep that it developed into a vow to kill all of them after he acquired the power to slay gods using his All-Black sword. But why did he even want to kill all of the gods throughout the universe?

In a way, Gorr’s mission to kill all of the gods throughout the universe stems from the fact that he hates them so much that he believes that all gods are alike. He believed that the gods only cared for themselves because they never even bothered to help him and his family out when they needed their help most. In that regard, he went on to believe that the gods don’t even serve a purpose if they aren’t even going to help the people who worship and pray to them.

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With his newfound powers, Gorr finally had a way to exact his revenge on the gods. As such, he wanted to kill them all not only because he had a vendetta that he wanted to settle with them but also because he now had the capacity to kill them. His sword not only grants him incredible strength but also allows him to absorb the power of the gods that he kills, and that was what allowed Gorr to scour the entire universe to kill different gods on different planets.

It seems like the Thor: Love and Thunder version of Gorr also has the same kind of deep hatred towards the gods because the plot appears to be focused on Thor and company stopping him from wiping out entire pantheons all over the universe. But, as to what his motivations are, that’s something that we are yet to find out, as Marvel Studios does have a habit of changing origin stories here and there.

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