Why Does Maura’s Father Want the Boy in 1899? What Does He Want with Him?

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Like any good series, Netflix’s 1899 needed an antagonist that the protagonists had to go up against with, and this antagonist came in the form of Maura’s father, who was a figure that was initially shrouded in mystery and was seemingly the one in control of everything that was happening. Of course, Maura’s father wanted something of value the entire time, and that was why he wanted the boy that Maura found on the Prometheus. So, why does Maura’s father want the boy in 1899?

Named Henry Singleton, Maura’s father wanted the boy named Elliot, who was actually Maura’s son the entire time, because he possessed the black pyramid that allowed anyone who had it and Maura’s key to exit the simulation. That’s because, like everything else, Henry was stuck in the simulation as well.

While it did look like Maura’s father was the one in control over everything that was happening in the events of 1899, the truth was that he was just like everyone else in the sense that he was stuck in this simulated world as well. As such, he was desperate to try to escape it and return to the real world. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Henry Singleton and why he wanted the boy.

Who Is Maura’s Father In 1899?

One of the shows that will keep your mind working the entire time is 1899 because of the fact that this series will keep your head full of questions that will have to wait until the very last second of the series to get answered. Of course, the reason why this is a mind-numbing series is the fact that there are plenty of different mysteries and twists that happen along the way.

1899 is a series that will make everyone feel like they were fooled from the very start, as the things that the storyline reveals are simply just surface-level information that is still hiding deeper twists and mysteries under more layers of twists and mysteries. If you’ve seen a few episodes of 1899, you would know that the characters are on a ship called the Kerberos, as Captain Eyk of this ship found a missing ship called the Prometheus, whose only survivor was a mysterious boy with a black pyramid in his possession.

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From then on, more mysteries started piling up on top of more mysteries, as everything seemed to be connected to Prometheus and the boy that was found on that ship. Maura, who is the main character of the series, seems to believe that the events that have been happening to them, such as the mysterious deaths of the passengers of the Kerberos and the disappearance of the passengers of the Prometheus, are all connected to her father. So, who is Maura’s father in 1899?

During the middle portion of the series, Eyk said that the Prometheus and the Kerberos were both owned by the same shipping company that was owned by a single man as well. This man was Henry Singleton, who happened to be Maura’s father. And Maura also revealed to Eyk that she was Henry’s daughter and that she was trying to solve a mystery that was related to the whereabouts of her brother, who she believed was on the Prometheus.


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Maura also believed that Henry had somehow altered her memory because she had bits and pieces of information related to her being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. She also believes that the passengers also had their memories altered in some form. As such, after she found out that the pyramid that the boy possessed allowed them to travel from one portal in the ship to another, Maura was convinced that she needed to find her father because he could be the one who was in control of everything that was happening in the ship.

However, it was later revealed that Henry was just like everyone else in the sense that he wasn’t in control over anything but was simply observing everything from a remote area that Maura believed was the psychiatric hospital that she had in her memories. In that regard, Henry was just as trapped as everyone else in what was happening all over them. The only advantage he had was that he was aware of what was happening and that his memories weren’t altered. This allowed him to gain the advantage, and he also had help in the form of the First Mate named Sebastian.

Why Does Henry Want Elliot?

As can be seen throughout the entire series, Henry was seemingly looking for the boy that Maura found in Prometheus. This boy was later revealed to be named Elliot. He is the son of Maura and Daniel, who revealed himself as Maura’s husband of 12 years. 

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It was also Daniel who revealed to Maura that everything that had been happening was the result of a simulated world. That is why they could use the pyramid to access different realms in this world, as this was all just a simulation that was created by someone in the outside world. Nothing was real as far as they were concerned, as everything that was happening in 1899 was simply just an illusion happening in the minds of the people who were trapped in this simulation.

Daniel also revealed that the entire simulation had been going on in a loop for a long time and that they were merely repeatedly living every single event. And every time the loop played, the end result was still the same.


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Henry was aware of this as his memories were seemingly unaltered in a single loop. As Daniel said, Henry was just as trapped as everyone else in this simulation, as he didn’t have any control over what was happening. But he did know that there was only one way out of the loop, and that was the pyramid that Elliot possessed.

As such, Henry wanted Elliot because he had the pyramid that he was using to stop time and travel from one realm in the simulation to another. It was only through this pyramid that Maura’s father could escape the loop and return to the real world. However, he also needed the key that was in Maura’s possession because it was only by using the key that the pyramid would allow those who possessed it to return to the real world.

But, as revealed in the final episode, Daniel was successful in altering the simulation as he changed the code and made the black pyramid useless. Instead, he created a new pyramid that Maura used to leave the simulation, as Daniel told her to stop her brother, who was the one who had been controlling the simulation from the outside in the year 2099.

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