Why Does Mjolnir Have Blue Marks & Cracks in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Why Does Mjolnir Have Blue Marks & Cracks in Thor: Love and Thunder?

The trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder is now out, and we got to look at a lot of different scenes that seemed entertaining. Of course, a lot of those scenes also allowed us to ask plenty of different questions regarding the story of this upcoming Thor movie. One such scene revealed Jane Foster wielding Mjolnir, which doesn’t look like its old self because it has blue marks and cracks. So, why does Mjolnir have blue marks and cracks in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Mjolnir has blue marks and cracks because this is the Mjolnir that Hela, the original wielder of the hammer, shattered back in Thor: Ragnarok. As such, this is a repaired version of the main timeline Mjolnir, and that’s why there are cracks and blue marks. The blue marks represent the power coming out of the hammer.

Jane Foster wielding Mjolnir is something that comes straight out of the comics, but the MCU might take a different route in explaining how she was able to get her hands on it. Mjolnir has been shattered and repaired many times before in the comics, and it’s interesting to see how the movie will explain the enchanted hammer’s return in Thor: Love and Thunder. 

What Happened To Mjolnir?

Since the introduction of Thor into the MCU as the third member of the big three of the Avengers, he has been portrayed to be a godlike character that wields a magical hammer called Mjolnir, which is what allows him to channel his powers as the Norse god of thunder. In the first Thor film, an enraged Odin placed an enchantment on the hammer so that only those who were worthy could wield it. This was a test to see if Thor could mature enough to be ready to wield the hammer.

As Thor proved that he was indeed worthy of Mjolnir, the hammer had been his trademark weapon throughout his time in the MCU until the events of Thor: Ragnarok, which is the fifth movie in which Thor appeared in the MCU. 

In the events of Thor: Ragnarok, the death of Odin allowed Hela, the goddess of death, to escape her imprisonment. She was revealed to be the older sister of Thor before he was even born and when Odin was still conquering the realms that Asgard controlled. Thor attacked Hela by throwing Mjolnir at her, but she caught the hammer with one hand not because she was worthy of it but because she was the original wielder of the weapon long before Thor was even born. And without any effort at all, Hela shattered Mjolnir into tiny pieces.

Why Does Mjolnir Have Blue Marks & Cracks in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Without Mjolnir, Thor went on throughout the entire movie, learning how to harness his powers as the god of thunder. But, during the events of Avengers: Infinity War, he needed to have Eitri the dwarf forge a new weapon because he couldn’t defeat Thanos without one. This allowed Thor to acquire Stormbreaker, an axe that is said to be more powerful than Mjolnir. Stormbreaker has since been Thor’s signature weapon.

Is This The Same Mjolnir In Endgame?

While the original Mjolnir that Thor used in his first five appearances in the MCU was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok, we did see the return of the hammer in Avengers: Endgame. This happened when Thor and Rocket returned to the past to retrieve the Reality Stone that was using Jane Foster as a vessel during the events of Thor: The Dark World.

Before Thor and Rocket returned to their timeline, the god of thunder held his hand out and was surprised to see that the Mjolnir from that timeline came to his call as he was able to prove that he was still indeed worthy. This allowed him to take Mjolnir back to his timeline and then use it in conjunction with Stormbreaker in the battle against Thanos.

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Meanwhile, when Thor was in a bind against the Mad Titan, Steve Rogers wielded Mjolnir to prove Thor’s hunches that he was indeed worthy. Captain America was able to momentarily give Thanos a hard time. He also went on to use the hammer in the big battle against Thanos’ army. So, considering that Mjolnir did indeed return in Endgame, is the Mjolnir in Love and Thunder the same Mjolnir in the last Avengers movie?

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers was seen wielding Mjolnir when he was about to return to the past to put the Infinity Stones back in their correct timelines so that they won’t alter the events of history. However, when he was later seen as an old man, Mjolnir was visibly absent. This suggests that he also returned the Endgame Mjolnir to its original timeline. As such, the Mjolnir in Love and Thunder is not the same as the one in Endgame. 

How Was Mjolnir Fixed In Thor: Love And Thunder?

Considering that the Mjolnir in Thor: Love and Thunder is not the same hammer we saw in Endgame, the only logical conclusion is that this is the Mjolnir that belongs to the original timeline and the very same one that Hela shattered in Thor: Ragnarok. If that’s the case, how was Mjolnir fixed in Thor: Love and Thunder?

It still is a mystery why Mjolnir is fixed in the events of Love and Thunder, considering that we all know that the only remaining character that could manipulate Uru metal is Eitri, who no longer has the use of his hands. As such, he couldn’t have been the one who fixed Mjolnir. And even if he could still use his hands to fix Mjolnir, there was no way for Jane Foster to know who Eitri was, where to find him, and how to get to him.

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Meanwhile, in the comics, there were plenty of times when the hammer was destroyed and repaired. Nevertheless, there seems to be no indication of how the hammer gets repaired in Love and Thunder based on what we know about the movie right now.

Why Does Mjolnir Have Blue Marks & Cracks in Thor: Love and Thunder?

In that regard, the only theory that we can possibly come up with at this time is that Mjolnir was fixed by Jane Foster herself, considering that she is the current wielder of the hammer. It might be possible that she fixed the hammer without even wanting to when she came across its shattered pieces. Considering that she is capable of using the hammer and that she has the power of Thor, Odin’s enchantment is obviously still in play, as the enchantment allows the wielder to wield not only the hammer but also use Thor’s power. As such, being worthy of the hammer, her presence might have allowed the shards to piece back together to form Mjolnir once more.

What Are Those Blue Marks And Cracks Mjolnir?

As seen in the trailer, Mjolnir has cracks and blue marks that we didn’t see from the original Mjolnir. So, what are those blue marks and cracks on the hammer? 

For starters, Mjolnir has those cracks and blue marks because it is a pieced-back version of the hammer. The cracks represent the fact that the hammer has been pieced back together and is no longer the one-piece hammer that we saw in the previous films.

Meanwhile, the blue marks that you can see on the hammer are coming from the ceases on the cracked areas. Those blue marks are obviously the thunder powers of Thor coming from the hammer.

Going back to what we said, Odin’s enchantment allows the wielder of Mjolnir to have the power of Thor, and that means that the hammer has a share of Thor’s ability to control thunder. We saw this when Steve Rogers wielded the hammer and was able to use thunder.

In that regard, considering that the thunder powers come from the hammer and not from the person wielding the weapon, the blue marks represent that the Thor-like powers that the wielder can use are coming from the hammer itself and not from the person wielding Mjolnir. Jane Foster, in this case, is completely reliant on the hammer for her powers because she is just a regular human that was deemed worthy by Mjolnir to be able to wield it. 

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