Why Does Titania Hate Jen So Much in She-Hulk?


When She-Hulk was announced, it was made clear that one of the antagonists that she would clash with was Titania, who is a superpowered influencer. Of course, this rivalry between Jen Walters and Titania became apparent when they consistently clashed with one another during the entire series. Of course, Titania made sure to make Jen’s life a living hell by constantly harassing her. So, why does Titania hate She-Hulk so much?

Titania revealed in episode 6 that she hated She-Hulk so much because Jen was getting a lot of attention from everyone due to her status as She-Hulk. Of course, this didn’t sit well with Titania, who wanted to be the one people talked about because her entire life revolves around being the center of attention.

The fact that Titania hates Jen so much because she is getting a lot of attention is a reflection of the way our society works nowadays in a day and age where influencers basically live off of attention. This shows that there isn’t really anything too complicated when it comes to the reason why Titania hated She-Hulk. In that regard, let’s look at the deeper reason why Titania hates She-Hulk.

She-Hulk and Titania Rivalry Explained

Like any superhero, She-Hulk needed a supervillain that she had to have a rivalry with because that is what it means to be a comic book superhero. In that regard, when it was announced that Titania was going to be a recurring character in the She-Hulk series, it was clear that the character was going to be Jen Walters’s rival in the storyline. And this rivalry immediately took off.

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Right at the end of episode 1, Jen Walters showcased her Hulk transformation for the first time when Titania broke the walls of the courtroom she was in as she caused a problem in the court during one of Jen’s cases. 

That was when Jen hulked up and defeated Titania in a battle that she easily won. It was also that battle that forced the District Attorney to fire her because she was a library to their office. As the series went on, it was revealed that Titania was a superpowered influencer. Meanwhile, Jen tried to continue her career as a lawyer instead of becoming a superhero.


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Nevertheless, Jen found work in GLK&H when she was given the task of heading the new Superhuman Law Division. After that, Jen’s story focused more on her new role. But it was at the end of episode 4 when Titania made a big return when she filed a trademark infringement case against Jennifer Walters for the use of the She-Hulk name, which Titania had trademarked.

A court case involving Jen and Titania was at the center of episode 5, as the superpowered influencer used the tradename for her new line of cosmetics. It was clear that she was simply harassing Jen Walters with that case, as she was out for revenge on the Jade Giantess. But we all know how that court case turned out as Jen won it when it was proven that she had been using the name She-Hulk as her identity before Titania trademarked it.

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After that, Titania told Jen that their fight was not yet over. That was when it was clear that she wanted to destroy Jen and She-Hulk for something much bigger than just the courtroom fight they had in episode 1. And that became apparent in episode 6 when Jen went to the wedding of a high school friend named Lulu.

Jen was surprised to see that Titania was at the same wedding that she attended, and she wondered why the superpowered influencer was even there at all. That was when Titania said that she was the plus one of the guests. It became clear that she merely dated that person so that she could get invited to the same wedding that Jen was attending and find a way to ruin and humiliate her.


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A drunk Jen Walters got sucker punched by Titania outside the wedding venue. As soon as Titania goaded Jen into transforming, that was when a fight between She-Hulk and Titania broke out. Of course, being the much stronger character, She-Hulk won the fight and even broke Titania’s teeth. The influencer walked out of the venue humiliated, and Jen continued to enjoy the wedding and even flirted with her newfound friend Josh.

Why Does Titania Hate Jen So Much?

As clearly shown, Titania wants to destroy Jen Walters so much that she had to file an infringement case against her and even attended the same wedding that Jen attended. So, why does Titania hate Jen so much?

During the scene wherein Titania goaded Jen into transforming so that they could fight, she actually revealed a hint to the reason why she hated She-Hulk so much. And it was all related to the fact that Jen was getting a lot of attention from different people due to her status as She-Hulk.

Ever since Jen revealed that she was also a Hulk in her fight with Titania in the courtroom, it became clear that she was on her way to becoming a celebrity. She was getting a lot of attention from different people all over the world, even though all that Jen wanted to do was to continue her career as a lawyer. Of course, this attention that Jen was getting did not sit well with Titania at all.

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As an influencer, Titania was thriving off the attention that people were giving her. The more attention she got, the wealthier she got. Of course, getting attention from people also allowed her to feel powerful about herself. And considering that she was a woman with superhuman strength, she could not accept the fact that a stronger superhuman was out there getting more attention than her.

Titania even said that she felt that She-Hulk didn’t deserve the attention she was getting. That was when it became clear that she was merely out there to harass and destroy Jen’s image so that she could become the center of attention once more. She wanted to ruin She-Hulk’s image so much that she was willing to go to any length to humiliate her and make her image look bad to everyone around the world.


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In that regard, this is a reflection of how our modern society is. We put so much importance on the lives of social media influencers that some of these influencers only thrive and succeed whenever they are getting the attention that they need to earn money and improve their standing. And that is exactly what Titania is in the She-Hulk series and why she wants to ruin Jen’s image, as she believes that doing so would allow her to get more attention.