Why Is The Show Called The Book Of Boba Fett?

How Old Is Boba Fett In The Book Of Boba Fett The Mandalorian And Rest Of The Star Wars 00

The Book of Boba Fett is one of the shows that keep on opening new opportunities for questions while delivering more answers each and every week. But while there are still plenty of unanswered questions regarding this series, one of the biggest unanswered questions still remains. And this is in relation to the title of the show. So, why is it even called The Book of Boba Fett?

The show is called The Book of Boba Fett because it is a show that explores the life of the titular character, who used to be a famous bounty hunter but has since left that life to pursue a new one as the head of a family in Jabba’s former territory. In a way, we see Jabba’s life chapter per chapter in this “book.”

As you may have already noticed, every episode in The Book of Boba Fett is called a chapter, and that is precisely because of the fact that the show is a “book.” Of course, Bobba’s life itself is also a book, especially if we look at how we have been following different chapters of his life from his time during the Attack of the Clones, the Clone Wars, the Return of the Jedi, and now as a daimyo.

Why Is It Called The Book Of Boba Fett?

When Boba Fett was revealed to be alive in The Mandalorian, wherein he made appearances in a few episodes to retrieve his armor from Din Djarin and to help the titular character recover the child Grogu from Mof Gideon, it was soon announced that there was going to be a spin-off series starring the legendary bounty hunter himself.

It was later revealed that the spin-off show about Boba Fett would be entitled The Book of Boba Fett. Since premiering, The Book of Boba Fett has become nothing short of success because of its amazing storyline and the host of different interesting characters that have been introduced to us from the first episode up to the latest. 

Of course, The Book of Boba Fett continues to present answers to old questions every episode, all while opening up more opportunities for people to come up with different questions as well. But there has always been one question that hasn’t exactly been directly answered. And this question has been around ever since the title of the show was revealed. So, why is it called The Book of Boba Fett?

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Despite the fact that there hasn’t been any real reason given by John Favreau and Robert Rodriguez, two of the main guys behind the show’s inception, we can easily speculate that the show was entitled as such because it looks at Boba Fett’s life as something similar to that of a book.

Aside from the fact that every episode in The Book of Boba Fett is called a chapter instead of simply an episode, we can also say that this series is a book that tells us the story of Fett in a manner that has been consistent with the previous Star Wars films and the Marvel-published Star Wars comics. Of course, we can also say that this is a book that shows a new chapter in the famed bounty hunter’s life.

Over the course of the entire Star Wars series, we have become witnesses to Boba Fett’s life. In Episode II: Attack of the Clones, we saw Boba as a child tagging along with his father, Jango, who was the “original” Fett and the man that the clones were based on. We also saw Boba in the animated Clone Wars series. Of course, we were first introduced to Fett during the first Star Wars trilogy when he was the one responsible for capturing Han Solo and imprisoning him in carbonite.


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But while we have seen a lot of things about Boba Fett’s life over the course of his journey, The Book of Boba Fett presents him to us in a way that allows him to be more human. We see him trying to open a chapter in the book of his life after he realized that he needed a tribe of his own, thanks to the Tusken Raiders that took him in following his near-death experience at the hands of the Sarlacc in Return of the Jedi.

That said, this is a show that is more of a book about Boba Fett’s experiences in life and how he finally decided to turn away from his old life as a bounty hunter to establish a family under his own leadership and protection. In a way, he is opening a new chapter in his book.

What Is The Book Of Boba Fett Based On?

The events in The Book of Boba Fett are entirely original and are written by a group of writers and producers led by Robert Rodriguez and John Favreau. That means that there was no book about The Book of Boba Fett written before the development of the series.

However, even if The Book of Boba Fett is entirely original, there are some allusions to previous works, such as the Star Wars comic books published by Marvel. For example, it introduced the black Wookiee Black Krrsantan, who is an original character that made his debut in the comics. Then, in episode 4, when Boba Fett said that Bib Fortuna double-crossed him, he was saying that in reference to what Jabba’s right-hand man did to him in the comics and not the movies.

So, while The Book of Boba Fett may not be based on any book, it stays true to the Star Wars continuity by making references to the previous works that were written about the franchise.

What Does The Book Of Boba Fett Mean For The Mandalorian?

mandalorian boba fett

As mentioned, The Book of Boba Fett was first introduced as a “spin-off” miniseries for The Mandalorian. However, it has since become its own masterpiece regardless of whether or not it has a connection to The Mandalorian.


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Then again, it is hard to say that the events in The Book of Boba Fett won’t affect the future events in the upcoming seasons of The Mandalorian, given the fact that both of these shows happen at the same time and are closely related to one another.

In The Book of Boba Fett, we are now beginning to realize that Fett’s ultimate nemeses in the show are the members of the Pyke Syndicate, a group that mainly smuggles spice throughout the galaxy.

However, while Fett may be gearing up for an all-out war with the Pykes, there is a good reason to believe that a bigger name is behind this Syndicate. Your guess is as good as ours, as we may be looking at the Crimson Dawn as the possible group pulling the strings of the Pykes.

Of course, following the end of Din Djarin’s story of bringing Grogu to his people in The Mandalorian, there is now a huge gap in the show because we don’t know where it is heading now that the central issue of the first two seasons has been resolved. As such, we are looking at the possibility of Din Djarin getting involved with the Crimson Dawn, which has a long history with Mandalore during the time of the Clone Wars when Darth Maul first established the group.

That said, given the possibility that Boba Fett might be clashing with the Crimson Dawn, which might be the next enemies in The Mandalorian, we could be seeing another collaboration between the two Beskar-clad warriors.

Of course, there is a good chance that this collaboration will come in the next episode, especially now that Fett is looking for some muscle for the fight against the Pykes. He may have already hired Black Krrsantan, arguably the scariest dude in the show, into his private army. But he needs more than that.


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To that end, Fennec Shand told him that a lot of credits can bring in some muscle into their group. And as the episode ended, we hear a riff of the theme song of The Mandalorian. This could be an allusion to the possibility that Shand was telling Fett to hire Din Djarin. After all, Djarin is still a bounty hunter.

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