Why Undead Unluck Is Still Not Getting Its Anime Adaptation?

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Undead Unluck is a relatively new manga series penned by mangaka Yoshifumi Tozuka and that was published in January 2020. During the two-year period since the official release of the manga, the series became rather popular, which is why the fandom is wondering why there are no anime adaptations of Undead Unluck. Analyzing the manga and following the story of Andy Undead and Fuuko Izumo, any anime and manga fan probably considers Unluck Undead to be a great story for an anime adaptation with a natural appeal.

Then fantasy series is entering the second year of weekly publications via Shonen Jump Weekly, following the story of Andy and Fuuko. The series starts with Andy, who can’t die, making him the Undead in the title, and Fuuko who wants to commit suicide, making her Unluck in the title. Andy saves Fuuko and prevents her from killing herself, which is when the girl embarks on a supernatural journey with Andy.


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Andy is also obsessed with the idea of ending his own life, making him extremely suicidal and a wild car in the series, however, he is not able to die due to the Undead factor. Andy can also regenerate so he can use parts of his body as weapons. Andy also has a card in his head, which when pulled reveals Victhor, Andy’s second personality. Andy and Fuuko are both Negators, which are people with special abilities, which is how they end up in a group that goes on different missions in accordance with the Apocalypse book.

Fuuko’s ability makes anyone that touches her skin, die after losing all their luck, which is why she wanted to kill herself in the first place. What may be an even more compelling reason to end her own life is accidentally killing her family when her Negator ability Unluck activated.

Together with the group they encounter, Andy and Fuuko are hunting Unidentified Mysterious Animals (UMA), which are creatures created by God to create the Apocalypse. The group also has to fight another group of Negators who oppose their mission.

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