Why Was There a Daredevil Mask in Luke’s Office?

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Episode 5 was all about Jen Walters’s own battle in court regarding the use of the She-Hulk name, which was trademarked by Titania. Of course, she also had a few battles outside of court as she needed to improve her fashion sense. That was where we were able to see her getting her new suit from the superhero fashion designer named Luke, who carried an uncovered box with a mask belonging to a familiar Marvel hero. So, why is there a Daredevil mask in Luke’s office?

The Daredevil mask found in Luke’s office because Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil, could be one of his clients. As he said, there should be confidentiality regarding their clients because of the fact that some of them want their identities to be anonymous. And that client could possibly be Daredevil himself.

Before the release of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, fans were already thinking about the possibility of Daredevil appearing in the series because of his status as a lawyer/superhero. As such, it is possible that we are going to see him anytime soon, especially now that the series has crossed its halfway mark already. Now, with that said, let’s look at what we know about the Daredevil mask.

Why Was There A Daredevil Mask In Luke’s Office?

The previous episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law focused more on the court battles that Jen Walters had to fight to defend the clients that she represented. However, episode 5 was more of a personal battle on her part because, as we learned at the end of episode 4, she was being sued by Titania for the use of the She-Hulk name that the superpowered influencer had trademarked for herself.

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Of course, episode 5 also had a more personal battle on the part of She-Hulk. While she was being represented by Mallory Book in court, Jen also needed to improve her wardrobe because no one in the series thought that she actually looked good in any of her suits. That was when her paralegal, Nikki Ramos, went out of her way to find a person that could design clothes for a superhero.

Nikki, with the help of Pug, was able to trace her way to a superhero fashion designer that had an exclusive list of clients. Initially, the fashion designer, named Luke, did not want to work with Nikki and Jen until he was told that she was an Avenger. But after he learned that Jen was a lawyer, Luke changed his mind once more and opted not to work with her.


However, Nikki convinced Luke that this was his only chance to work with a Hulk, as Jen showed him that she struggled to find a suit that could fit her regular form and her She-Hulk state. That was when Luke saw it as a challenge to design a suit that could adapt to both of Jen’s forms. And after Jen finally won her court battle with Titania, she returned to Luke’s office so that she could finally upgrade her wardrobe.

But in the middle of Jen trying her new suit on, Luke noticed that a box containing a costume shouldn’t have been left out there. He told one of his assistants, Tinsley, that they should respect client confidentiality. Then again, we were still able to get a glimpse of what was in the box. 

The costume in the box was a mask belonging to our favorite blind superhero named Daredevil. So, why was there a Daredevil mask in Luke’s office?

Considering that Luke works as a secretive fashion designer who only designs costumes and suits for a select clientele of superheroes, there is no doubt that he was working on a suit for Matt Murdock, who we also know as Daredevil. Of course, he probably already knew that Murdock was Daredevil himself but opted to keep it a secret because he respected client confidentiality, which is part of his job as a superhero fashion designer.

So, in other words, Matt Murdock personally came to him to ask him to make him a suit that was designed to handle the rigors of his work as Daredevil. And considering that the box already contained the mask and probably the rest of the suit, Luke’s staff and assistants were probably already on their way to deliver the suit to Murdock himself.

Is Daredevil Going To Be In She-Hulk?

At this point, it is already all but certain that Daredevil will be appearing in She-Hulk anytime soon. We believe that the next episode will be his official MCU debut, although we have seen Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Of course, Daredevil’s introduction in She-Hulk was already teased as early as several weeks ago when leaks of his costume came out.

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Of course, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Daredevil will be in She-Hulk. As we all know, Matt Murdock himself has the same profession as Jen Walters, as he works as a lawyer. Nevertheless, while Walters is based in Los Angeles, Murdock is known more for his work in New York.

In that regard, the reason why he probably had a suit designed by Luke was the fact that he was in town for a while and probably didn’t have the suit that we saw him wearing in the Netflix Daredevil series. Of course, at this point, we aren’t even sure if the Netflix Marvel shows are actually canon to the MCU, but we are already aware of the fact that Matt Murdock is now in the MCU.


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We do believe that Matt Murdock will only be in Los Angeles for a while, as his true calling has always been New York. He must be in LA for his work as a lawyer, and that’s why he needed a suit so that he could continue his night job as Daredevil.

Of course, we don’t know how Matt Murdock will fit in all of the legal stuff happening in Jen Walters’s life, but it is quite possible that they will end up clashing in court in one of the next episodes, considering that they are both lawyers and that they have their own court battles to fight. And a possible case involving both Jen Walters and Matt Murdock on opposite sides of the court should be a good way to introduce Daredevil in the MCU.