Will Berserk Anime Show Be Renewed for Season 3?

Berserk is a dark fantasy anime that was first adapted from the manga in 1989 by the mangaka Kentaro Miura. Miura’s adaptation was mostly a prototype while the first adaptation premiered in 1997 and ended its run in 1998. This adaptation of the manga was well accepted by the fandom according to IMDB as the series is rated with 8.7. The second adaptation premiered in 2016. The 2016 version represents an alterative to the first anime show and was not as well accepted among the fandom if it is to trust the rating of 6.8 on IMDB.

Even though the fandom rated the second version of the anime lower than the first, the fans are still hoping to get season 3, which is not happening for years by far. In the meantime, before the premiere of the second adaptation, Berserk had three feature films released – two parts were released in the same year, 2021, and the third movie premiered in 2013. Berserk manga is one of the most unique dark fantasies, which is why it is no wonder that fans are eager to see the show renewed for another season.

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The story revolves around Guts, a mercenary who used to be a part of the mercenary group called Band of the Hawk. Guts was a part of the group until the Hawk’s leader sacrificed all his comrades to become one of God’s Hands. The leader, Griffith, has a dream of his own, which is to become a ruler of the kingdom. Griffith sacrificed his group along with Guts and Casca, Gut’s lover, within a ritual.

The ritual killed them all except Guts and Casca, however, Casca lost her mind, while both were marked with signs that attract evil spirits. The story is definitely not completed when it comes to the story’s anime adaptation. The second season ended with a message to be continued, which compels fans to believe that they will get the third season. By far there is no news about season 3, while the production is not giving out any hints that season 3 might happen soon, or ever.

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