Will Cal Kestis Appear in ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 4?

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One of the Star Wars characters that are now becoming more popular is Cal Kestis, who is the star of the Star Wars Jedi video game series. The series has now reached two games and is set to see a third one, depending on what Lucasfilm and EA have in store for the character. Of course, we’ve also seen a lot of different popular characters appearing in the hit series The Mandalorian. So, will we see Cal Kestis appearing in The Mandalorian?

As of this writing, Cal Kestis is unlikely to appear in The Mandalorian season 4. That’s because we don’t even know what Cal’s fate is and whether or not he will live through the entire era of the Empire. As such, we can’t really say whether or not he will appear in The Mandalorian in the future.

At this point, Cal Kestis’ story is yet to be concluded, and that means that anything is still possible in relation to what will happen to him in the future. That’s why we’re not entirely dismissing the chance he will be in The Mandalorian. So, with that said, let’s look at this topic in greater detail so that you would understand why he probably won’t be in The Mandalorian.

Cal Kestis’ Storyline Is Unrelated to The Mandalorian

If there’s one thing that we know about the world of Star Wars right now, it’s that a lot of different Star Wars characters and personalities have been appearing in the hit series The Mandalorian, which follows the story of Din Djarin and Grogu while they take on different adventures around the galaxy. We’ve seen the likes of Bo-Katan Kryze, Ahsoka Tano, and Luke Skywalker appearing in The Mandalorian. All of those characters lived during the time of the Empire and were able to survive Imperial rule. Of course, there’s one more character that’s not entirely related to the Skywalker Saga but was around during the time of the Empire.

The character we’re talking about is Cal Kestis, who survived the events of Order 66 and became a terrorist to the Empire during the Imperial era. Cal is the star of the hit video game Star Wars Jedi, which has already seen two installments. Because Cal has become quite popular among different fans, some wonder whether he will follow the path of the other popular Star Wars characters that made cameo appearances in The Mandalorian.

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At this point, it is very difficult to tell whether or not there’s a good chance that Cal Kestis will be appearing in The Mandalorian. That’s because Cal’s story is entirely unrelated to the events in The Mandalorian. In Fallen Order, Cal’s focus was to ensure that the Empire would get its hands on a Jedi Holocron containing the location of Force-sensitive individuals around the galaxy. Then, in Survivor, his journey took him on a mission that allowed him to build a safe haven for those on the run from the wrath of the Empire.


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In that regard, Cal’s story doesn’t seem to be related to The Mandalorian because of his fight against the Empire and what the Imperials were doing to innocent people and Force-sensitive individuals all over the galaxy. On the other hand, the storyline of The Mandalorian, especially moving forward into the future, focuses more on the adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu as a duo of Mandalorians that take on different jobs against the remnants of the Empire.

The current trajectory of The Mandalorian is heading toward a collision course with the Imperial remnants that are now about to re-organize the Empire into the First Order. On the other hand, assuming that Cal is still alive after the Empire’s reign, he is likely living with the people he helped save and trying to build a home far from the peering eyes of both the Empire and the New Republic.

Cal Kestis’ Fate Is Still Unknown

Of course, the biggest reason we can’t say that Cal is likely to appear in the fourth season of The Mandalorian is that his story is yet to conclude. The other characters that made their cameo appearances in The Mandalorian already had stories that allowed us to see that they actually survived the events of the Imperial era. But we can’t say the same about Cal Kestis.

For instance, Ahsoka survived the Imperial era as she appeared in the final episode of Star Wars: Rebels, which allowed us to see the Rebels celebrating the victory over the Empire. The same can be said for Bo-Katan. And Luke was the one responsible for the downfall of the Empire.


However, Cal’s story is yet to see a conclusion because he survived the events of both Fallen Order and Survivor. The events of Survivor take place nine years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Meanwhile, we know that the Empire was destroyed four years after that. That means Cal must survive for 13 straight years to make it out of the Imperial era.

There’s also the fact that Cal was one of the characters that actively worked to try to bring the Empire down, as he actually teamed up with Saw Gerrera. However, nothing was mentioned about him working with Saw’s faction during the events of Star Wars: Rebels, Andor, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. That means that if Cal did indeed survive the events of the Empire, he should have fought together with the other Rebels during the events of the Rebellion, as he was always a champion of the weak and innocent.


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In that regard, it is likely that Cal Kestis died before the Rebellion’s events, which explains why he wasn’t around when the Rebels were actively fighting the Empire. Then again, it is also possible that he decided to put his lightsaber down to build a life far away from the fighting going on in the galaxy. And that is a possibility when you look at the ending of Survivor, which saw him trying to rebuild a community with the refugees that ran away from the Empire.

As such, there’s no way we can tell whether or not Cal will be in any future seasons of The Mandalorian because we don’t even know whether or not he survives the Imperial era. But our money is on the possibility that he will perish before the Rebellion. And that’s why it is unlikely that he will appear in The Mandalorian soon.

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