Will Grogu Become A Jedi Or A Mandalorian?

Will Grogu Become A Jedi Or A Mandalorian?

Back in episode 5 of The Book of Boba Fett, we were teased about a possible conflict between two sides for Grogu. Episode 6 made it a reality when Luke Skywalker made Grogu choose between Yoda’s old lightsaber and the Mandalorian armor that Din Djarin had The Armorer make for him. Luke was clear that he only needed to choose one or the other. So, will Grogu become a Jedi or a Mandalorian?

From the looks of things, Grogu will most likely become a Mandalorian. Luke told Grogu that he wouldn’t see Din Djarin for years if he chose to become a Jedi, and not having Grogu in season 3 of The Mandalorian probably isn’t a direction that the showrunners would go with for the future.

It is important to note that the events of the era of The Mandalorian may have an effect on Luke Skywalker’s rebuild of the Jedi Order, which ended up failing due to Kylo Ren. So, in a way, Grogu’s ultimate choice will have an impact on Luke’s own story moving forward. And the fact that we never heard about Grogu in the third trilogy means that he might have chosen a different path.

Will Grogu Become A Jedi Or A Sith?

Since Grogu’s introduction as The Child or Baby Yoda back in the first episode of The Mandalorian, it was becoming clear that his path in life was to be brought back to his people, which is the mission of any Mandalorian that has found a foundling. And The Armorer told Din Djarin that Grogu was a Jedi and was supposed to be brought back to the Jedi.

From then on, Din Djarin’s mission for two seasons was to look for the Jedi so that he could return Grogu to his people. He achieved that mission back in the final episode of season 2 of The Mandalorian, as Luke Skywalker took over Grogu’s care and told Din Djarin that he would be trained into a Jedi.

But The Book of Boba Fett may have hinted a few changes to that plan of Grogu becoming a Jedi when Din Djarin gave him a Mandalorian armor and Luke Skywalker had him choose between the armor and the lightsaber that once belonged to Master Yoda.

Then again, we also know that being a Jedi is not the only path that someone who is strong in the Force can take. We know for a fact that anyone who is strong in the Force but chooses attachments and emotions over a life of detachment can fall to the dark side and may become a Sith. So, will Grogu become a Jedi or a Sith?

If Grogu does indeed choose the lightsaber (which we doubt, as we will explain later), the strong attachment he has to Din Djarin may prove to be his downfall, and that can end up leading him to the dark side of the Force. 

But you also have to understand that, at that moment in time, the Sith did not exist because the order was presumed to be extinct due to Darth Vader’s death and the apparent “death” of Darth Sidious or the Emperor. There can only be two Sith at a time, and without a Sith Lord luring Grogu over to the dark side, he cannot be a Sith.


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Then again, you can still fall to the dark side without necessarily being a Sith as long as you forsake the ways of the light side of the Force and then choose a life of attachments and emotions. So, if Grogu will indeed hold on to his attachments in life once he chooses to become a Jedi, there is a good chance that he will end up falling to the dark side, much like how Anakin fell due to his attachments to his mother and Padme.

Will Grogu Become A Mandalorian?

As mentioned, Luke Skywalker gave Grogu a choice between the Mandalorian armor that Din Djarin gave him and the lightsaber that once belonged to Master Yoda. He could only choose one over the other, and that means that he will be choosing his path in life when he makes the decision to choose between the two gifts. So, if Grogu chooses the armor, does that mean that he will become a Mandalorian?

Technically speaking, Grogu is already a Mandalorian because he is a Mandalorian foundling, according to the beliefs of the Mandalorians. It’s the same case with Boba Fett, who is a Mandalorian by extension because his father was a Mandalorian foundling as well. So, if we are talking about technicalities, Grogu is already a Mandalorian regardless of his choice.

But, if we were to strictly talk about him choosing to be the kind of Mandalorian that Din Djarin is, we are leaning toward the possibility that he will choose the Mandalorian armor and continue to travel with the Mandalorian upon making his choice.

The reason why we believe Grogu will become a Mandalorian is related to Luke’s rebuild of the Jedi Order. In the third trilogy, we found out that Skywalker tried to rebuild the Jedi Order with a few students but ended up failing when he lost Kylo Ren to the dark side and got all of his students killed in the process.

Given the fact that we were never hinted at the possibility that Ren killed Grogu and that we never heard anything about Grogu in the timeline close to the era of Kylo Ren’s fall to the dark side and the rise of the First Order, we are leaning towards the little guy choosing a life with Din Djarin as a Mandalorian.


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Of course, if we were to look at it from a marketing perspective, Grogu is a cash cow for Disney and Lucasfilm. He is one of the most popular characters during the era of The Mandalorian. And ditching him so that he can train to become a Jedi will potentially make Disney lose a lot of money on the merchandise sales that they could make with Grogu and his Mandalorian gear.

But, even if we weren’t going to take profits into consideration, we are still leaning towards Grogu becoming a Mandalorian from a narrative standpoint because it fits the plot of the greater narrative of the Star Wars galaxy. 

Grogu choosing to become a Mandalorian means that he isn’t boxed into a role he was given just because he was born strong with the Force. That also means that Star Wars is giving us the message that attachments in life aren’t as bad as the Jedi tend to look at it. 

Remember, in the third trilogy, Luke Skywalker told Rey that he made a lot of mistakes when he rebuilt the Jedi Order. Being too stringent with the Jedi’s rule on attachments in life might be one of the mistakes that he was pointing out. And that mistake could’ve potentially cost him Grogu.

When Will Grogu Become A Mandalorian?

It was in episode 6 of The Book of Boba Fett that Luke Skywalker gave Grogu a choice to become either a Mandalorian or a Jedi. As mentioned, we are leaning towards him becoming a Mandalorian. But when will he be making that choice?

Since The Book of Boba Fett will only be seven episodes long, we are leaning towards the possibility of Grogu making his choice sometime during the final episode. However, we can also speculate that his choice will be revealed during season 3 of The Mandalorian, given the possibility that episode 7 of The Book of Boba Fett might switch back over to Boba Fett and his war with the Pykes as the central plot of the series.

So, with that said, showing Grogu in The Book of Boba Fett and revealing his dilemma could be what opens up the plot for season 3 of The Mandalorian. We may end up seeing Grogu ultimately choosing the Mandalorian armor in season 3, and that will set us up for a reunion between the Mandalorian and The Child.

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