Will Homelander Be In ‘Gen V’? What About the Rest of the Seven?

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The storyline of ‘Gen V’ has already picked up in its first few episodes, and it seems like this is going to be one of the most engaging storylines in the universe of ‘The Boys’. But the storyline of ‘Gen V’ follows a new breed of supes who are now a lot younger than their counterparts in the main storyline. Of course, the main supes, specifically Homelander and the Seven, still exist in this universe. But will Homelander be in ‘Gen V’?

  • Article breakdown:
  • Homelander is unlikely to show up in ‘Gen V’ due to the possibility that he is in the middle of a tough situation after the events of ‘The Boys’ season 3.
  • However, we have seen Homelander and the rest of the Seven in cameo appearances on TV, although they never appeared in person in the ‘Gen V’ storyline.

Homelander is unlikely to appear in ‘Gen V’

We know that the new ‘Gen V’ series is a spinoff of ‘The Boys,’ which is the main series that’s set in the same universe. The events of ‘Gen V’ also take place after the third season of ‘The Boys,’ which means there is no confusion regarding the timeline of this series. But while it takes place in the same universe, ‘Gen V’ follows an entirely new cast of characters who are unrelated or connected to the characters we met in the original ‘The Boys’ series.


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Of course, in the mainline series of this universe, the biggest presence has always been Homelander, who we know is the main antagonist in ‘The Boys.’ It also goes without saying that Billy Butcher has his hands full about Homelander, as he still has yet to find a way to kill him and take revenge for what Homelander did to him.

But while that may be true in the storyline of ‘The Boys,’ the storyline in ‘Gen V’ is quite different as it follows the individual storylines of young adults who are just trying to make their way through college while uncovering a secret regarding their school and the supes.

So, in that regard, it is unlikely that Homelander will appear in ‘Gen V’ as he doesn’t have anything to do with the characters’ stories. In ‘Gen V,’ most of the problems are related to things that young adults and older teenagers often go through in their lives as college students. They also try to uncover a secret proving how messed up Vought and Godolkin University are. And nothing in this storyline is remotely connected to Homelander’s own storyline in the main series.


Of course, in one of the episodes of ‘Gen V,’ there was a clue related to what Homelander may be going through at this point in time. Specifically, he has become more unhinged than ever, especially after killing a protestor in cold blood. In ‘Gen V,’ there was a clue pointing to the possibility that Homelander might be facing trial for his actions, so he probably won’t appear in the series anytime soon.

There’s also the fact that allowing Homelander to appear takes the spotlight away from the main characters, who are just in the early parts of establishing their individual storylines and journeys. As such, it would be unwise to suddenly insert Homelander in this story, especially because there’s nothing about ‘Gen V’ that’s remotely connected to Homelander’s storyline in ‘The Boys.’

However, we can’t say the same about the other the Seven members, especially because both A-Train and the Deep were graduates of Godolkin before they were drafted into the Seven. And that’s why there’s a good chance they might get involved in the storyline of ‘Gen V,’ depending on how their own stories go.

Homelander and the Seven appeared, in a way

So, while we did establish that Homelander is unlikely to show up in ‘Gen V,’ we do know that he and the other members of the Seven have already appeared in one form or another. This is related to the fact that these characters are still real-life celebrities in the world of ‘The Boys.’


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We are saying here that they have actually appeared in one form or another during the events of ‘Gen V.’ Homelander, of course, was shown on TV in relation to the legal problems that he is facing and in the promotional materials involving the members of the Seven. As to the other members of the Seven, they have appeared in ‘Gen V’ but not in person.

For example, A-Train was featured early in the storyline when it was shown in a flashback scene how he was drafted into the Seven after graduating from Godolkin University. But he wasn’t shown in person.

a train

The same can be said about the Deep, who also appeared in a cameo scene in ‘Gen V.’ He appeared in a video that commemorated the recently deceased Professor Brink after Golden Boy murdered him. There was a fundraiser gala attended by the main characters of ‘Gen V,’ and the Deep, in a video, was one of the heroes who spoke about his fond memories of Brink when he was still a student of God U.


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So, in short, the Seven members were only shown in cameo scenes. But they were never shown in person at all. Meanwhile, the other members of the Seven were only mentioned a few times, especially Queen Maeve, who was believed to be dead and was set to have a replacement on the Seven. Starlight was also referenced a few times as well but was never shown in person, just like all of the other members of the Seven in the mainline series.

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