Will Princess Leia Appear in Andor? (& Can We Expect Her)

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We all know that one of the most iconic rebels we have ever seen in the history of Star Wars is Leia Organa, who was one of the original protagonists of the movie franchise. She has always been a favorite rebel among different fans of the entire franchise, but we know for a fact that she has also appeared in a few productions outside of the mainline Star Wars movies. Of course, the current Star Wars series that fans have been tuning into is Andor, which follows the story of the rebel named Cassian Andor. So, Is Leia in Andor?

It is unlikely that Leia will appear in Andor because the series takes on a darker tone that looks at the darker side of the Rebellion. Of course, while Leia was a Rebel, she was more on the lighter side of the Rebellion and was not willing to do the things that the Rebels in Andor had been doing.

The thing about Andor is that this series is a lot darker than the usual Star Wars production that we have gotten used to. It doesn’t have the lighthearted approach that some Star Wars movies and series have, and that means that it follows darker characters as well. This is the reason why we don’t think Leia will be in Andor. Still, let’s talk about this in greater detail.

Is Leia In Andor?

Throughout the entire history of Star Wars, one of the most lovable and iconic characters is Princess Leia Organa, who was the adopted daughter of Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan but was actually the daughter of Anakin Skywalker. In that regard, Leia was one of the greatest assets of the Rebellion because her leadership skills and ability to inspire people allowed the other Rebels to fight hard for their cause.


Speaking of the Rebels, we know for a fact that Andor, which is the newest Star Wars series, focuses a lot on Cassian Andor before he became the hero of the Rebellion during the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. That means that the Rebels are front and center in Andor. So, does that also mean that Leia, one of the best Rebels in history, is also in Andor?

At this point of the series, Leia Organa isn’t in Andor, even though we are already halfway through the first season. That’s because the focus of Andor is on the titular character himself and the new characters that he met along the way. And it is also worth noting that the type of Rebels that Andor has met so far aren’t exactly the ones that we saw in the other Star Wars productions.


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In Andor, most of the Rebels that have appeared in the series are the ones who have ulterior motives. This isn’t the same kind of Rebellion that we saw in the Star Wars movies and even in the Star Wars: Rebels animated series. Instead, these Rebels are darker and are more inclined to follow their own personal agenda in a harsh galaxy that requires them to be as harsh as they possibly can so that they can also survive the reign of the Empire.

There is also the fact that the characters we’ve seen so far are also new to the Star Wars continuity, and that means that the series is looking to establish their characters first instead of trying to establish a character that we are all familiar with already. Of course, we are talking about Leia, whose entire character has already been established in the original Star Wars trilogy, the sequel trilogy, and even in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. As such, considering that season 1 of Andor focuses on building the characters of the new faces that were introduced in the series, Leia isn’t in it.

Can We Expect Leia To Appear In Andor?

While Leia isn’t in Andor at this point in the storyline of the series, fans are still hoping to see a familiar face that has always been a favorite among different avid Star Wars followers. So, does that mean that we can expect Leia to appear in Andor?

We don’t believe that Leia will appear in Andor because of the fact that she isn’t the type of character that would appear in this kind of a series. The thing about Andor is that it carries a darker tone that is similar to the tone that we saw in Obi-Wan Kenobi but is a lot more serious because of how it allows us to see how the Rebels aren’t exactly the same kind of good guys that the other Star Wars movies and series that we’ve seen. Of course, this all goes back to what kind of a person Andor is. 


In Rogue One, Cassian Andor was introduced as a Rebel that did some of the dirty work that the other Rebels weren’t able to do or weren’t willing to do. He was not only a spy but also an assassin that worked for the Rebel Alliance. That was why he was one of the best assets that the Rebels had.

The Andor series is set to allow us to get to know more about Cassian Andor and the things that he went through to become the kind of person that he became in Rogue One. In Andor, Cassian is seen as a selfish rogue that only wants to survive the harsh world instead of doing things for the sake of altruism. That means that the different experiences that he will go through in the series will develop his character into someone who actually wants to take on the Empire for altruistic reasons but in a manner that’s darker than how the other Rebels operate.


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Meanwhile, we all know that Leia is on the lighter side of the Rebellion, as she does things the right way and doesn’t resort to espionage or assassinations. Instead, she works by leading the Rebels as an inspirational figure. She also tends to fight on the frontlines instead of fighting in the dark, which is the specialty of Cassian Andor, as he has always been one of the most secretive operatives for the Rebels. 

There is also the fact that Leia is still just around 14 years old in Andor, whereas all of the characters that Cassian has met are already adults that have their own ulterior motives and reasons for wanting to Rebel against the Empire. She is also based in Alderaan, which is her home planet.

Meanwhile, even though Andor takes place on different planets, it mostly allows us to see the more political side of the situation in Coruscant. That means that there is little to no chance for us to see Leia somewhere down the line in the series. 

But we are not dismissing the possibility that she could appear in the series. Remember that Andor focuses on the character development of Cassian from a self-centered mercenary to a true Rebel. And it is possible that he will meet some people who could help develop his character, and one of these people could be Leia, who has always been regarded as a true leader and an inspirational figure among the Rebels.

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