Will There Be a Sequel to Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil?

Will There Be a Sequel to Netflixs The School for Good and Evil

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Every time someone adapts a book or comic book series to the silver screen, there is always a question of the continuation and more projects in the future. When it comes to The School for Good and Evil movie coming out on October 19th, the fans have been really excited, and the trailers and teasers “helped” the hype even more. While waiting for the movie to come out, some fans and critics already started speculating about the School for Good and Evil sequel. This article will discuss whether Netflix‘s The School for Good and Evil will have a sequel.

We cannot say if The School for Good and Evil will have a sequel since nothing has been confirmed yet by Netflix. However, it seems that the streaming platform is waiting for the movie to be released, seeing the traction it gets, and ultimately deciding on future projects. There is definitely content available – Soman Chainani’s book series has two trilogies, The School Years, and The Camelot Years.

We will discuss this topic more by mentioning all of The School for Good and Evil books and speculating using what we know if Netflix will truly create another The School for Good and Evil movie. If you are interested, stay with us until the end of the article.

A short introduction to The School for Good and Evil book series

We briefly wrote about The School for Good and Evil in our previous articles, but we will dedicate this section a bit more to the books that became quite notable with children and teens in the last few years.

The Netflix movie is based on the double trilogy or hexalogy of books by American writer Soman Chainani. The first book was released in 2013, and since then, the writer has garnered success with his works.

The first trilogy of books is called The School Years, which closely follows young girls Agatha and Sophie. The duo are best friends but lead vastly different lives, with Sophie wanting to become a princess and attend the School for Good, while Agatha just wants to lead a simple life.

The latter lives with her witch mother, and combined with her living in the graveyard and being ugly, Agatha is a perfect candidate for the School of Evil.

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The village Gavaldon is surrounded by the mysterious and dangerous Endless Woods, where young girls are kidnapped and taken to the School for Good and Evil every four years. The kidnapping is a fearsome event amongst the villagers, Agatha among them, but her friend Sophie is willing to go.

After the kidnapping of Sophie occurs, Agatha tries to save her, and both of them end up going to the School, but there is a catch – Agatha ends up in the School for Good, while Sophie ends up in the School for Evil.

From that point, the first book’s plot begins, and the girls must get out of their “shells” and find who they truly are. The books were praised for their great worldbuilding and plot, but the characters are what carry this series – the layered, complex themes any teenager is struggling with in their lives.


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The characters are relatable despite being in the fairytale world, which is a big plus and a test for Netflix to overcome. The other trilogy of the books is called The Camelot Years, where the girls are out of School and are trying to establish themselves as adults in the fairytale world.

We won’t talk about the second trilogy that much since it’s not relevant to the movie, but we can confirm there is a lot to work with if Netflix decides to continue to “dish” more The School for Good and Evil projects.

Will there be a sequel to Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil?

Over the years, we had many successful children to young adult book series on the market. The first that come to mind are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Divergent, Hunger Games, Twilight, and many more.

These popular book series were adapted to the movie screens, some more and less successful. On the 19th of October or next Wednesday, we will witness the release of The School for Good and Evil movie that will be aired on Netflix. 

The excitement around the movie has been present since last year, and Netflix’s announcement about its release made the movie one of the most exciting Netflix releases in 2022.

Do not get us wrong, the excitement is there for a good reason – the source material is really good, the loyal fanbase is present, the cast and crew look promising, and Netflix made sure the movie has funds.

school for good and evil 1
Even before the release of the movie, critics and fans are already talking about The School for Good and Evil sequel.

Of course, even before the movie’s release, the rumors of Netflix picking up the sequel for The School for Good and Evil started to surface everywhere. Netflix did not announce the sequel, but here is what we think is happening.

Netflix is known for “tying” itself to multiple sequels before the movies were even released. To All the Boys I Loved Before comes to mind, and The Kissing Booth, which got two more movies in the end.

Despite some questionable reviews, the first movies gained some success, but the points still stand – Netflix loves extending some movies despite their critical score, and new characters and faces look to be more important for the streaming platform.

It seems to me that Netflix is really careful with The School for Good and Evil movie since it is a successful children’s book series, the fans are already rallying behind the movie, and most importantly, the potential is enormous. 


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If the critics and some fans saw this movie being the staple of the future popular fantasy franchise for this generation like Harry Potter was, Netflix definitely sees that as well. 

They already invested a lot of resources in the project, cast great talent, and employed a capable staff, including the book series author Soman Chainani, so Netflix all needs to do is wait and see what the public will say about the movie.

We hope it is good, sets a good foundation, and ultimately gives us hope for the sequel of The School for Good and Evil. We just need to wait and see.

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