Will Tom Hiddleston Return as Loki in the MCU?

will tom hiddlestone return as loki to the MCU

Season 2 of ‘Loki’ wrapped up with what could be considered the most epic conclusion in the entire MCU. The character’s storyline took some intriguing turns, suggesting that Loki might be sticking around in his current capacity indefinitely—time pun intended. Given the significance of his newfound responsibilities, it raises the question: Is Tom Hiddleston bidding farewell to playing Loki post-Season 2?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The status of Tom Hiddleston reprising his role as Loki in the near future remains unconfirmed.
  • What we can affirm is that the conclusion of Season 2 marks the end of the entire ‘Loki’ series.
  • There’s a possibility that Hiddleston might make a cameo return as Loki in the future, contingent on the unfolding narrative of the larger MCU.

‘Loki’ series ended in the best way possible’Loki series ended in the best way possible

Throughout the years, Loki has seen various endings to his character, having faced death multiple times. Although the Loki in the ‘Loki’ series is distinct from the one who cheated death in ‘Thor: The Dark World’ or the one who perished in ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ Tom Hiddleston has embodied this role for nearly fifteen years.

In Season 2 of ‘Loki,’ Hiddleston masterfully portrayed the character’s emotional journey, revealing a deeper side to the former villain. Loki’s honesty about his desires and fear of loneliness added complexity to his persona, even as he maintained his trademark boastfulness about being burdened with a glorious purpose.

Loki god of stories 1

The culmination of this burden unfolded dramatically in the Season 2 finale. Trapped in a perpetual loop with the fate of his friends hanging in the balance, Loki realized that He Who Remains always emerged victorious. The Temporal Loom, initially thought to be a failsafe, served only to restore He Who Remains to power.

In a heroic moment, Loki sacrificed himself to become the new regulator of timelines, replacing the old Temporal Loom. Seizing the throne at the end of time, he fulfilled his glorious purpose by safeguarding the multiverse’s timelines, thwarting He Who Remains, and granting freedom to his friends.

The conclusion of Season 2 painted a picture-perfect ending for ‘Loki.’ Now stationed at the end of time, Loki ensures the oversight and regulation of diverse timelines. Despite expressing a desire not to be alone, he bears the burden alone, providing a poignant closure to his character’s development—a full-circle journey that solidifies his place in the MCU.


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There were no plans made after Season 2

It appears that Loki’s storyline has reached a definitive conclusion. Successfully saving his friends from the clutches of He Who Remains and the Temporal Loom, Loki now embraces the glorious purpose he always believed was his in life. Despite any reservations about the outcome, he recognizes the significance of his newfound role.

Considering Loki’s character development, resurrecting him in the future or featuring the same character in another MCU project may seem contradictory. Marvel Studios has yet to confirm whether this marks Tom Hiddleston’s final MCU project, and any announcements on that front seem unlikely in the near future.

Loki’s sacrifice, serving as the regulator of timelines and overseeing the multiverse as a true god, appears to be a permanent development. Bringing him back would undermine the depth of his character progression and the purpose he now fulfills.

Things are rarely certain in the MCU

In the ever-unpredictable world of the MCU, certainty is a rare commodity, particularly when actors haven’t explicitly stated their departure from their roles. While some actors have definitively ruled out returning to their MCU characters, Tom Hiddleston has yet to make such declarations.

Thus, the prospect of Hiddleston’s return remains uncertain, mirroring the unpredictable nature of the MCU, with its myriad timelines and universes. Given the upcoming multiversal event, set to unfold in a few years, the possibility of characters resurfacing in various forms looms large. Loki’s return, despite his newfound role as the overseer of time, may not be entirely implausible. Ultimately, the decision rests with Tom Hiddleston himself, as he alone can determine whether or not he will reprise his role as Loki in a future MCU project.

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