Will Tommy Miller Die in the Last of Us? Here’s What Happens to Him

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While we do know that HBO’s The Last of Us focuses on the stories of Joel and Ellie, who are on a journey across America, one of the characters that we met quite early in the storyline was Tommy Miller, who is actually another one of the important characters in this series. Tommy plays a huge role in the lives of both Joel and Ellie. But what happens to Tommy Miller in The Last of Us, and does he die?

Tommy Miller is very much alive in the events of The Last of Us, both in the video games and the series. According to what Joel learned about his brother, Tommy has been staying in Wyoming after he left the Fireflies when he became disillusioned by the group years before the events of the main story.

The beginning of the storyline of The Last of Us actually focuses on Joel’s journey to find his brother, Tommy, while taking Ellie along for the ride as he is looking to deliver her to the Fireflies. In that regard, Tommy is a central part of the entire storyline of Joel and Ellie, as he is right in the middle of things for the duo. That is why it is important for us to talk about what happens to Tommy in The Last of Us.

Who Is Tommy Miller In The Last Of Us?

During the opening scenes of the prologue of The Last of Us, we met one of the most important characters of the storyline. Of course, we are talking about Joel Miller, who is the main protagonist of The Last of Us. But it was also during the prologue that we met Tommy Miller. Of course, as their family names suggest, Joel and Tommy are siblings, as the latter is the younger of the duo.


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Tommy was introduced during the breakfast scene involving Joel and his daughter, Sarah, as the younger brother suddenly barged into their home to eat breakfast with them. Sarah went to school after that, and she tried to have her father’s watch fixed after her class as a birthday gift for Joel. But after the father-daughter duo fell asleep, Joel was awakened by a phone call from Tommy, who was sent to jail after a brawl when he saved a person from getting attacked by someone who just suddenly went violent.

As such, Joel went out to go bail his brother out, as Sarah was left alone at home. It was during the time that Sarah was alone that one of their neighbors turned violent as she was exposed to the Cordyceps Brain Infection (CBI) pandemic that had caused the world to suddenly changed in an instant.

sarah and joel

Joel and Tommy saved Sarah from the attack as the trio made their way out of their Texas home to try to find shelter somewhere. Tommy, however, got separated from Joel and Ellie due to a car accident. The father and daughter duo thought that they were lucky when they stumbled upon a soldier, who wanted to know whether or not they were sick. Despite the fact that neither Joel nor Sarah was infected, the soldier was ordered to kill them on sight as he shot them.

Tommy saved Joel from getting shot, but they were both surprised to see that Sarah had been shot by the soldier. She was dying from her gunshot wound as Joel was putting pressure on it to stop the bleeding. Tommy, however, said that Sarah was going to die, as Joel did indeed have to live with the fact that her daughter had passed away from a fatal gunshot wound.

Will Tommy Die In The Last Of Us?

Twenty years went by after the events of the prologue as Joel is now living in a Quarantine Zone (QZ) in Boston and now has an entirely different life. His daughter died 20 years before, and Tommy wasn’t even around him during that time. So, did Tommy die in The Last of Us?

It was revealed during the early part of the storyline that Tommy was still alive but was somewhere out there for Joel to search. Tommy used to be associated with the rebel group called the Fireflies but somehow left the group a few years before the events of the main storyline of the series. As such, it had been a while since Joel and Tommy were together despite the fact that the brothers were able to survive the first few years of the CBI outbreak by working together.


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However, Tommy, who Joel describes has a hero complex, wanted to do something more with his life instead of merely surviving each day. That was the reason why he joined the Fireflies. Still, he left the group due to a possible falling out. As such, Joel is now on a mission to find his brother but now has to deal with the fact that he has to deliver Ellie to the Fireflies first, as this is an important mission that he and Tess need to undertake.

Joel last heard from a contact in Boston that Tommy was in Wyoming. As such, there is a good chance that he is on his way to Wyoming, especially because this was one of the missions that he and Ellie undertake after they found out that the Fireflies that were supposed to take Ellie were already dead.

Tommy is set to play a huge role in the future of HBO’s live-action version of The Last of Us, as we all know that he is one of the most important characters in the journey of Joel and Ellie. In fact, Tommy survived not only the events of the first game but the second game as well, and that means that he was still alive after the events of The Last of Us 2.

In the second game, Tommy didn’t die, but he came close to dying. There was a point where the player was made to believe that he was killed, but he still ended up surviving the encounter. But he was left severely injured to the point that he could no longer fight the way he could, and that meant that Tommy had become a shell of his former self.


Tommy was the first to set out after Abby, who was responsible for killing Joel in the second game. That was what brought him to Seattle, as he was able to track down Abby and her allies. Nevertheless, he was stabbed and pushed into the ocean before he could kill Abby.

He survived his wounds and was rendezvoused with Ellie and Dina. They arrived at the theater that Ellie and Dina were using as a base as Abby arrived. Tommy, however, got shot in the leg and the head but managed to survive both of those wounds. He was the one responsible for returning Ellie to Jackson. 

Despite the fact that he survived his wounds, the shot in the leg caused mobility issues. Meanwhile, he lost an eye after he got shot in the head. That means that he is no longer capable of fighting despite the fact that he survived the events of the games.

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