Will We See Zombie Scarlet Witch In Doctor Strange 2?

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Zombies have always been one of the most interesting things in the world of movies and TV shows, and Marveltook the zombies route in What If…? as we saw an entire episode dedicated to zombies. One of the best characters in that episode was the zombified Scarlet Witch. Considering that we might see zombie Strange in Doctor Strange 2 and that Wanda is one of the main characters, will we see zombie Scarlet Witch in The Multiverse Of Madness?

There is a possibility that zombie Scarlet Witch will be making an appearance in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. This comes from the huge possibility that the dark and hideous Doctor Strange we saw at the end of the trailer is actually the zombified version of Stephen Strange from What If…?.

The thing about Doctor Strange 2 is that this is a movie that explores the multiverse, and that means that there are plenty of possibilities that Marvel explored. One such possibility was for the different universes of What If…? to clash with the main MCU timeline. And that means that the universe of zombie Scarlett Witch in What If…? could possibly make an appearance as well.

Who Is Zombie Scarlet Witch?

One of the best episodes of Marvel’s What If…? included a zombie episode called What If… Zombies?!. Now, those who have only seen the main Marvel movies and not the Disney+ shows may end up getting confused with this.

Basically, What If…? is an animated Marvel series on Disney+. This series revolves around a cosmic being called The Watcher. What The Watcher does is that he explores the different timelines in the multiverse, as such universes have events that differ from that of the original MCU timeline. One such episode is the aforementioned zombies episode.


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If you can remember, at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp, Hank Pym went to the quantum world to recover his wife. In What If… Zombies?!, the same thing happened. However, instead of bringing back his wife alive, he bought back a zombified version of her as she was infected by a zombie virus in the quantum world. This led to an entire episode dedicated to zombies, as even the Marvel superheroes got infected by the virus.

Iron Man2C Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw zombies

In one of the scenes, the survivors were able to locate Vision. However, they discovered that Vision was contacting survivors so that he could feed them to a zombified version of Wanda Maximoff.

This zombified version of Scarlet Witch got a good amount of screen time, as she used her powers against the surviving characters in a fit of rage after Vision “died” in the episode. Think of the Scarlet Witch that nearly tore Thanos apart in Endgame but with the ferocity and mindlessness of a zombie.

Later in the series, the same zombie Scarlet Witch made another appearance in a different universe, as Ultron was taking over the multiverse in an attempt to subdue all of the universes. They actually fought one-on-one in a scene wherein a portal to the zombie universe appeared.

How Powerful Is Zombie Scarlet Witch?

What made the What if… Zombies?! episode so intriguing was that, after the superheroes got infected by the virus, the way it spread throughout the world increased rapidly because of the very fact that the heroes were able to retain their abilities even after transforming. And the heroes that didn’t have superpowers were still able to use their weapons and tech to full effect.

Considering that the zombies were able to retain their powers and abilities, the same goes for zombie Scarlet Witch, who was able to keep her powers. Basically, the zombified version of Wanda Maximoff didn’t have new powers, as she was only able to keep the same powers she had when she was fully human.


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However, what made her completely dangerous in What If…? was the fact that she was an unhinged and uninhibited version of herself that could release her full power at will. And we know what Scarlet Witch can do with her psionic energy manipulation whenever she is unhinged.

In Endgame, an enraged Wanda confronted Thanos all on her own, especially considering that, for her, it had only been moments since the Mad Titan destroyed Vision. Her enraged version allowed her to completely overpower Thanos, who was severely outmatched to the point that he had to tell his subordinates to use his ship to bomb the battlefield in an attempt to escape the possibility of getting torn to shreds by Wanda.

This is the very same Wanda that we saw in What If… Zombies?! as she was visibly unhinged and uninhibited in her zombie form to the point that she overpowered the surviving superheroes with ease using her psionics. And she could even stop bullets using her telekinetic powers.

As mentioned, the very same zombified Scarlet Witch appeared near the end of the series when the heroes of the multiverse were tasked to fight an Infinity Stones-powered Ultron. Zombie Wanda, at one point, nearly overpowered Ultron due to her uninhibited powers.

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However, Ultron was already a transcendent being at that point and was able to destroy zombie Scarlet Witch and the rest of the zombies that made their way to that universe.

How Could Zombie Scarlet Witch Fit Into Doctor Strange 2?

Now that we have talked about zombie Scarlet Witch in length, we have to talk about the possibility of her appearing in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. After all, this is a movie that will focus on the multiverse, and that means that there are plenty of different possibilities that the director and the writers explored.

Considering that the What If…? events are canon to some extent but happened in universes that are entirely different from the main MCU timeline, it could be possible that the zombie universe could make its way to the movie as well, especially when we consider that there was a scene in the trailer that suggested that possibility.

Near the final part of the full-length Super Bowl trailer of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, we got to see a glimpse of a hideous and dark version of Steven Strange. This Strange variant had a deformed face as he was performing a spell that resembled the Images of Ikonn except for the fact that the spell looked shadowy and a lot darker.

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The current consensus among fans is that this is the zombie version of Doctor Strange that came from the same zombie universe where zombie Scarlet Witch came from. And zombie Strange could have made his way to the movie when the different universes collided with one another and opened a portal to the very same universe of the What If… Zombies?! episode.

So, considering that zombie Doctor Strange could be making an appearance in the film, it won’t be a stretch to say that zombie Scarlet Witch could also be making her way to Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. After all, Wanda Maximoff is one of the central characters of the film, and it would be interesting to see how well she would perform against her uninhibited zombie counterpart.

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