‘Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp’ Releases First Trailer, Premieres in April on Netflix

'Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp' Releases First Trailer, Premieres in April on Netflix

On November 25, 1940, the character of Woody Woodpecker first appeared in the short cartoon “Knock, Knock”. Created by Walter Lantz and Ben Hardaway, Woody has become one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in history. Since then, numerous adaptations starring or featuring Woody Woodpecker have been produced, thus turning the initially-anthology character into a proper brand. And while it has been some time since we’ve seen Woody on the big screen, Netflix is slated to bring us a new animated / live-action crossover adaptation titled Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp, which is set to premiere on the streaming service on April 12, 2024. Ahead of the movie’s release, the first trailer has finally been released.

The movie was actually announced back in 2021 and is actually a sequel to the 2017 Woody Woodpecker movie, although Eric Bauza, the voice of Woody, is the only returning cast member from the 2017 movie, so there won’t be a proper connection between these two movies. In February 2024, Netflix confirmed that the movie would be released in April on its streaming platform, describing the movie as follows: “After getting kicked out of the forest, Woody thinks he’s found a forever home at Camp Woo Hoo — until an inspector threatens to shut down the camp.”

As we have confirmed, the first trailer for the movie has been released, revealing that we’re in for a comedy-driven, action-packed experience. The movie revealed some new visuals, as well as the characters from the upcoming movie. You can check it out for yourselves:

As stated, Bauza will reprise his role as Woody, but the movie will also introduce his nemesis, Buzz Buzzard, who will be voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, as well as Wally Walrus, whose voice will be provided by Tom Kenny. Mary-Louise Parker, Chloe De Los Santos, Josh Lawson, Esther Son, Evan Stanhope, and George Holahan-Cantwell have all been cast in unspecified roles. Jon Rosenbaum is directing the movie.

As stated, Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp will be released on April 12, 2024, on Netflix. Until then, keep following us for more updates.

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