‘Yuru Camp’ Movie Reveals TV Ad, Series of Candid Visuals of Cast Members


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The Japanese manga Yuru Camp, also called Laid-Back Camp, is a series written and illustrated by Afro. It was first serialized in 2015 and currently has 12 volumes. Since then it has been adapted into a TV anime, a game, and now an upcoming movie. 

On January 6, the official website of Afro’s Yuru Camp posted two teasers: a TV commercial and a candid photo visual. 

Here’s the video clip if you’d like to watch it: 

Yuru Camp follows the adventures of a group of friends as they travel around Japan visiting different campsites. The series is a lighthearted outdoor comedy. According to the official website, a series of off-shot or candid visuals of the main cast will be shared with fans until the movie’s release sometime this summer.


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The first candid photo captures the protagonist Nadeshiko Kagamihara on her veranda looking out at the horizon with the breeze blowing her bright pink hair and camping gear. This is the first of the multiple candid visuals the staff of the movie will be releasing in the following days. 

Unlike what we see in a lot of manga to movie adaptations that tend to deviate from the original work, Afro confirmed that the movie staff consulted with him from the earliest stage production. Afro was thrilled with the staff’s extra effort in sticking to the script and character designs. 


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The Yuru Camp movie is set to premiere this year in early summer. The exact date is yet to be announced. 

Source: Official Website, Comic Natalie 

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