Zack Snyder Has Plans for Justice League 2

Zack Snyder Has Plans for Justice League 2

Director Zack Snyder is once again happily exercising his freedom of speech after HBO “released him from the chain” and gave him four hours for Justice League’s “Snyder’s Cut.” The director is now revealing that he has ideas for a potential sequel that would build on the mini-series.

In a recent guest appearance on The Nerd Queens YouTube channel, Snyder discussed his version of the film, translated into a mini-series. During the conversation, the director revealed that he already knows how the story unfolds after the series and how the series could build on Justice League 2.

“What could I say to the world on the subject of, say, Darkseid’s coming to earth? What then? Is that happening? Look, it’s true that I did write, devise further, and yes, if you ask me if I know what’s going on. with Darkseid – I know. I know what’s going to happen. I’m just excited to speculate about it,” Snyder reveals.

Darkseid (Ray Porter) will appear several times during Snyder’s Cut. We have already seen him as a pseudo-Orthodox icon in the first teaser, and we can assume that he will surely be a part of the announced flashback in which he and the army of Parademon attack the Greek gods, while he was still called Uxas. Also, he will almost certainly step out of the shadow after the defeat of Steppenwolf.

Darkseid is just one of the many novelties we’ll see in Snyder’s Cut – among other things, Steppenwolf has been completely redesigned and actually looks good, Jared Leto is back as the Joker, but also Joe Manganello as Deathstroke.

All this potential return of faith in DCEU costs an additional 70 million dollars for now.

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