Zack Snyder’s Upcoming ‘Twilight of the Gods’ Anime-Style Series Sets Release Date on Netflix

Zack Snyder's Upcoming 'Twilight of the Gods' Anime-Style Series Sets Release Date on Netflix

Movie lovers will know that Zack Snyder is a very divisive personality in the world of cinema, as you either love his movies or you hate them. With Snyder, there is no in-between; his vision is so specific that you will either like it completely and enjoy his movies or think it completely ridiculous and consider his movies a failure. There are many examples of that, including his to-date controversial adaptation of Watchmen, his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the currently talked-about Rebel Moon series.

But, while the Rebel Moon series has been panned by critics as Snyder’s worst work (yes, worse than Sucker Punch), it seems that the filmmaker’s collaboration with Netflix is still strong, as it has recently been confirmed that Snyder’s other project with the streaming service will premiere this year!

The project we are talking about is an anime-style streaming series titled Twilight of the Gods, and it has been confirmed that the project will be released on Netflix in Fall 2024, although a precise release date has not yet been given. It has also been confirmed that the series will have its first screening at the Annecy Animation Festival this June, so if you’re there, you will be able to check out the first scenes from the series.

We do not know how well Snyder is going to do in an animated outing, but we assume that his narrative style might be better suited for an animated format. The series itself is going to be inspired by Norse mythology, probably by the events of Ragnarök, as the title of the series is an English translation of Wagner’s famous opera, Götterdämmerung, which also focused on the events of Ragnarök.

All that we know at this point is that the series is going to be heavily influenced by anime and that it is going to be drawn using an anime style, but we don’t have any details for you, so we’d advise you to not expect Vinland Saga, but rather Castlevania with a Nordic setting. Still, the series might turn out to be great, and it seems that Netflix has a lot of confidence in Snyder, despite the failure of Rebel Moon, as per the quote by John Derderian, head of anime programming at Netflix:

“Zack Snyder’s innovation in visual storytelling has pushed the industry forward and established him as one of the most distinctive filmmakers of his generation. We are beyond excited to partner with him and his exceptional team to bring the iconic characters and stories of Norse mythology to life in his inimitable style.”


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