Zoey Kravitz Explains How ‘The Batman’ Will Explore Catwoman’s Origin

Zoey Kravitz Explains How 'The Batman' Will Explore Catwoman’s Origin

Selina Kyle’s past story and how did she become Catwoman will be explained in-depth in the upcoming “The Batman

The long-awaited film “The Batman” directed by Matt Reeves brings us a whole new perspective on the popular hero. The film will have a different tone than the prequels and will show us deeper versions of the characters. Led by Robert Pattinson featuring Zoey Kravitz as Catwoman, this is one of the most anticipated projects of 2022.

According to the Director, Matt Reeves, the film seeks to focus on the darker and more human side of Bruce Wayne after the versions played by Ben Affleck. The main objective of the film itself is to achieve a deeper character development focusing on the stories of their past and finding out how they did become who they are today. 

Recently, actress Zoey Kravitz has made important statements related to this premise. She has explained how the film will give a significant focus on the origin of Selina Kyle. In a recent interview with Total Film, Zoey was excited to talk about possible plot developments. The actress stated how Catwoman’s past is going to be approached in a new way, along with insights into her life and the events that let her become the woman she is today. 

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On the other hand, she has explained that playing this human side of the character has been an emotional challenge that has allowed her to create a deeper connection with the project. According to Zoey, the performances of previous Catwoman as Anne Hathaway and Michelle Pfeiffer were unique, powerful, and show different outlooks on Catwoman’s life. Her characterization will be inspired by Anne and Michelle’s previous work. 

Furthermore, the conversations about a sequel are already on the table. The actress doesn’t deny the possibility of working on a new installment of the project. Some of her specific words were: “To see a person like Selina get in touch with her power and become Catwoman? That is a journey that I am very interested in exploring.”

In addition, Robert Pattinson expressed that he would love to work with Zoey Kravitz again. He also revealed that he has already seen the project and his words on the matter were: “I think people will be quite shocked at how different it is.”

Undoubtedly, The Batman will bring many surprises and a narrative arc that will captivate more than one. A new Bruce Wayne, played by the incredible Robert Pattinson, and a journey through Catwoman’s past are the most anticipated elements of the film. The Batman will be available in theaters on March 4.

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