10 Anime Like Super Crooks You Need to Watch

10 Anime Like Super Crooks You Need to Watch

Super Crooks is an anime drama superhero television series based on the comic book of the same name written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu that premiered on Netflix on November 25, 2021. According to Millar, the series takes place in the same fictional world as his other series, Jupiter’s Legacy, but it focuses on some villains from the series. In light of the series’ premiere, we have decided to bring you a list of the best anime like Super Crooks you need to watch.

The list is going to contain a total of 10 titles that are, in one way or the other, similar to Super Crooks. So, if you want something similar to this great and intriguing show, we have prepared a list of the best anime like Super Crooks you need to watch.

Anime like Super Crooks

The list is going to contain a total of 10 titles, ranked in random order, i.e. the ranking does reflect the quality of the show. We have tried to pick the best shows that reflect either the genre, the style, or the spirit of Super Crooks so that you might enjoy them like you did the original one. You’re going to get some basic production information on each of the shows, as well as a brief synopsis.

My Hero Academia

10 Anime Like Super Crooks You Need to Watch

Original Run: April 3, 2016 – present
Number of Episodes: 113 + 5 OVA

In a world where 80% of the world’s population has superpowers, here called “Alters”, we follow the adventures of Izuku Midoriya, “Deku”, one of the few humans who does not have an Alter. Despite this, Izuku dreams of joining the super-heroic branch of the great Yuei academy and one day becoming one of the greatest heroes of his time. One day, Izuku had the chance to meet his lifelong idol, All Might, the number 1 superhero. This one will bequeath to Izuku his Quirk, the One For All.

Fairy Tail

10 Anime Like Super Crooks You Need to Watch

Original Run: October 12, 2009 – September 29, 2019
Number of Episodes: 328

In the kingdom of Fiore, there are among the common people men and women who manipulate magic: they are called mages. To better control them, guilds – places where mages meet and do work in order to earn jewels (Fiore’s currency) – have been created and put under the responsibility of the council of magic (through the masters of guilds).

Besides the need to control mages, this network has other uses. Indeed, it allows to provide a wide choice of mages to the client, and many missions to mages through classified ads. Among the many guilds, one of them is particularly talked about, whether by the actions of its members, but also and especially for the material damage caused by the latter with each mission they carry out. This is Fairy Tail.

Hunter × Hunter

10 Anime Like Super Crooks You Need to Watch

Original Run: October 2, 2011 – September 24, 2014
Number of Episodes: 148

Gon Freecss is twelve years old, and dreams of becoming a hunter. Hunters are elite citizens authorized to do almost anything they wish on simple presentation of their membership card: they can thus acquire free of charge any object for sale on the funds of the association; requisition all vehicles, accommodation and tools for their work; and are de facto entitled to exercise all trades in the world, being able to become bounty hunters, chefs, archaeologists, zoologists, vigilantes or consultants in various fields as well.

His father, Ging Freecss, whom he does not know directly, is considered one of the greatest hunters of his time. It is also to find him that Gon wants to become a hunter.

High School DxD

10 Anime Like Super Crooks You Need to Watch

Original Run: January 6, 2012 – July 3, 2018
Number of Episodes: 49 + 6 OVA

Issei Hyoudou is a second year high school student, very sensitive to female forms. Her life is turned upside down during her meeting with Yûma, a charming young girl who turns out to be a fallen angel. At the end of the day, Issei is taken to a small park and Yûma asks him if he wants to make his wish come true. He expects to receive a kiss, but she asks him to die for her by resuming her true appearance.

The boy is brutally attacked and killed by Yûma. Issei wakes up the next morning, believing in a dream. The next day after suffering a second attack from fallen angels, he notices Rias Gremory, a third year student in his high school, naked in bed. She reveals her demon identity to Issei and tells him that she has reincarnated him as a demon to live as a servant of the Gremory family.

Highschool of the Dead

10 Anime Like Super Crooks You Need to Watch

Original Run: July 5, 2010 – September 20, 2010
Number of Episodes: 12 + OVA

The world was contaminated on April 13, 2010 by a deadly disease of unknown origin which struck the same day in major cities, transforming humans into living dead and leading to the decline of civilization. In Japan, several students from Fujimi High School, as well as a school nurse, came together to survive this apocalypse. The story follows Takashi Komuro, one of the few students who survived the first attack.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, and More

Original Run: October 3, 2020 – ongoing
Number of Episodes: 24

The plot of Jujutsu Kaisen takes place in a world where plagues are created from the negative emotions of Humans. Thus, to protect places with a high concentration of these emotions such as schools or hospitals, these infrastructures have a relic, receptacle of a plague, because we can only fight against plagues with a more powerful plague.

These are invisible to human eyes except for a handful of people, for example exorcists. The exorcist’s job is to eliminate the plagues and thus protect the people from them, but this is not without risks, because these plagues can be more or less powerful.

One Piece

How Many Episodes Of One Piece Are There & How Long Would It Take To Watch Them?

Original Run: October 20, 1999 – present
Number of Episodes: 1,000

The story of One Piece takes place in a fictional world dominated by the oceans, where some pirates yearn for an era of freedom and adventure known as the “Golden Age of Piracy”. This era was inaugurated following the last words spoken by the pirate king, Gol D. Roger, nicknamed Gold Roger before his execution. Roger announces to the world that its inhabitants were free to seek all the riches he had accumulated during his entire life, the One Piece.

Cowboy Bebop

20 Best Anime Like Cowboy Bebop You Need to Watch

Original Run: April 3, 1998 – June 26, 1998
Number of Episodes: 26

In 2071, the crew of the Bebop spacecraft travel the solar system in search of bounties. In the slang of the time, these bounty hunters were called “cowboys”. Most episodes revolve around a bounty; however, the center of the story is each character’s past and more general old events, which connect as the series progresses. The first story is that of Spike Spiegel, a former member of a criminal organization, the Red Dragons, who is haunted by a love triangle he experienced with his former Red Dragons teammate, Vicious, and a mysterious woman named Julia.

One-Punch Man

10 Anime Like Super Crooks You Need to Watch

Original Run: October 5, 2015 – July 2, 2019
Number of Episodes: 24 + 12 OVA

Saitama is an unemployed, depressed young man with no deep purpose in his life. One day, he meets a crab man who is looking for a young boy “with a chin slit like an ass” in his words. Saitama ends up meeting this young boy and decides to save him from the crab man, whom he manages to beat with difficulty. From then on, Saitama decides to become a superhero and trains for three years very seriously: 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups and 10 km of running every day and there are no heating or air conditioning conditions.

At the end of his training “so intense that he loses his hair”, he notices that he has become so strong that he now manages to beat all his opponents with one punch. His disproportionate strength is a source of problems for him, since he cannot find opponents to his size and is bored in his job as a hero because the fights no longer give him any sensation or adrenaline.

Although he has put an end to a number of threats, each more dangerous than the next, no one seems to notice Saitama’s incredible ability, except for his friend and disciple Genos, a young man turned cyborg.

Bungō Stray Dogs

10 Anime Like Super Crooks You Need to Watch

Original Run: 7 April 2016 – present
Number of Episodes: 36 + OVA

The story centers around certain individuals with supernatural powers who use them for different purposes like running a business, solving mysteries, and carrying out armed detectives agency missions against the port mafia. It revolves particularly around the members of the “armed detective agency” and their everyday life.

The story revolves around a detective agency, each member of which possesses supernatural powers. This particular characteristic gives them the right to resolve investigations that are too perilous for the police. Nakajima Atsushi, a young orphan on the verge of starvation by a river, accidentally finds himself having to save a man from a suicide attempt. This one is none other than Dazai Osamu, a member of this strange agency.

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