About Us

Fiction Horizon is a passion project by a group of editors that love fiction and everything related to it. We are a group of devoted writers who have dedicated their lives to exploring fiction and modern pop culture.

Our editors are experienced readers who have read and analyzed pillars of modern SF and fantasy literature, as well as all sorts of comic books, be they Marvel, DC Comics, or some other publishers.

We also have writers who are genuine cinephiles that follow all the latest in TV shows and movies. We also have a group of writers that specializes in the topic of anime and Japanese culture. 

Our writers are excellent connoisseurs of all things fiction and pop culture. Our article database includes detailed analyses of certain issues, answers to the most Googled questions out there, official reviews written by accredited film critics, official watching guides for TV shows and film series, as well as in-depth comparisons of certain characters or franchises. 

In fact, our writers are going to cover every topic and every question you might have related to modern comic books. You will find all the information you need about books, comics, TV shows, films, video games, and anime, but also the latest and hottest information about all these topics so you won’t miss anything and be kept up to date with the latest from the world of pop culture. 

We are also active on social networks, so you can follow us there for all the latest content from our site.

You can contact us by email – info@fictionhorizon.com

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