Just like anime and manga, video games come in the most diverse shapes and sizes. From simple 8-bit games to complex MMORPGs, the world of gaming is an incredible source of material that our writers can write about. Our Gaming section writers are passionate gamers with years of experience, from the simplest of games such as Tetris, to modern wonders such as World of Warcraft and God of War. We play console games, PC games, mobile games, online games… every possible type you can imagine, our writers have played it, and this is what makes them so experienced and why their texts are so great.

What we provide you with in this category is a lot of things, actually. You’ll find the simplest of guides, but also the more complex strategy guides brought to you by experienced players. You’ll also find guides on how to do something in a game, but also other stuff like lists of best and similar games, reviews and other comparisons. The gist of this category is that it is written by the players themselves, which is a great thing for all readers because they know that they can trust the information they have.