10 Best Marvel Mobile Games (Android & iOS) in 2023

best marvel games android ios

Marvel Comics features some of the most well-known and powerful characters in fiction. Combine that with awesome lore, and you have a perfect recipe for video games. Even though Marvel doesn’t exactly have a massive presence when it comes to PC and console gaming, there are few gems to be found on smartphones. This is why we decided to dig out the ten best games based on Marvel characters and stories on Android and iOS platforms.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in November 2023 with the hottest new releases in mobile gaming.

1. Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of champions 1

Platforms: Android, iOS
Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Get ready for intense battles as you summon iconic Marvel superheroes and villains to engage in cosmic showdowns. Captain America vs. Iron Man, Hulk vs. Wolverine, and Spider-Man vs. Deadpool are just a taste of the epic matchups you control. Join forces with friends, build powerful alliances, and strategically assemble a team of Champions like Iron Man, Hulk, and Spider-Man to take on dangerous foes.

2. Marvel Future Flight

Marvel future flight

Platforms: Android, iOS
Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Marvel Future Flight is an action-packed RPG with iconic Marvel characters, including The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, and more, as you recruit over 200 superheroes and Villains to save the universe. Nick Fury sends an urgent message from the future about the destructive convergence, prompting you to defend your world, complete missions, and compete with others to become the ultimate hero. Upgrade and level up characters, assemble classic teams, and engage in thrilling Epic Quests to unleash unique superpowers, all while participating in PvP Arena modes for intense battles.


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3. Marvel Strike Force Squad RPG

Marvel strike force

Platforms: Android, iOS
Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Engage in epic battles alongside Marvel Super Heroes and Villains in the free-to-play turn-based RPG MARVEL Strike Force. As Earth faces an assault, assemble a powerful squad featuring characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Deadpool to defend the universe. Evolve and strengthen your heroes, strategically form squads with synergies, and experience dynamic chain combos in 5v5 battles, making it a standout among single-player games in the RPG genre.

4. Marvel SNAP

Marvel Snap 1

Platforms: Android, iOS
Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Discover the Mobile Game of the Year, MARVEL SNAP, a fast-paced collectible card game loved by millions worldwide. Build a deck of 12 cards featuring Marvel Super Heroes or Villains with unique powers, engaging in 3-minute matches that focus on strategy and outsmarting your opponent. With no waiting, energy barriers, or ads, play at your own pace, earn new cards, and explore 50+ iconic Marvel Universe locations, offering diverse gameplay experiences in this innovative mobile game.

5. Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

Marvel Puzzle Quest

Platforms: Android, iOS
Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Dive into the original Match 3 Super Hero Game, MARVEL Puzzle Quest, with over 250 Marvel characters to choose from and a community of 20 million players worldwide. Engage in battle role-playing with a unique match-3 puzzle twist, participating in exclusive campaigns, daily quests, and epic event stories.

6. Marvel Collect! by Topps®

Marvel collect by topps

Platforms: Android, iOS
Availability: Free with in-app purchases and ads

Marvel Collect leads you on a collecting adventure where you can collect and trade your favorite Marvel characters from comics, films, and Disney+ series. Enjoy the thrill of ripping digital collectible packs daily, claiming free collectibles and coins, trading with Marvel fans globally, and completing sets for rewards.


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7. Marvel HQ: Kids Super Hero Fun

Marvel HQ

Platforms: Android
Availability: Free with in-app purchases

Marvel HQ is actually a collection of Marvel-themed games. You can play exciting challenges like coding Hulk’s maze path and solving puzzles, watch TV series and specials, meet your favorite heroes and villains, read digital comic books, and unleash your creativity by coloring Marvel characters and exploring learn-to-draw videos. Whether engaging in challenges, exploring facts, or enjoying digital comics, Marvel HQ offers a dynamic and ever-updating app for continuous entertainment and learning.

8. LEGO ® Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO ® Marvel Super Heroes

Platforms: Android, iOS
Availability: Paid ($4.99)

In LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril, embark on an original story that spans the entire Marvel Universe, featuring iconic characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Wolverine. Battle against Loki and other Marvel villains to prevent the creation of a world-destroying super-weapon. With over 91 playable characters, 45 action-packed missions, and the ability to unlock character families, experience fast-paced combat, activate Super Moves, and switch between “Console” and “Touch Screen” controls for a customized gameplay experience.

9. Marvel Super War

Marvel super war

Platforms: Android
Availability: free with in-game purchases

Marvel’s first mobile MOBA game, Marvel Super War, offers a dynamic and faithful recreation of the Marvel Universe on mobile screens. With new Space War costumes for Iron Man and Captain Marvel, experience epic 5v5 real-time super battles featuring iconic matchups like Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel and X-Men vs. Avengers. Choose from over 50 unique Super Heroes and Villains, and engage in fair and balanced combat.

10. Guardians Of Galaxy: Gamora

Guardians Of Galaxy Gamora

Platforms: Android
Availability: free with ads

Engage in the free Puzzle Game with Guardians of the Galaxy Picture Match Three, where the gameplay involves matching three same images in a row, either vertically or horizontally, to solve puzzles featuring characters from the hit movie series. Fulfill targets to progress and complete levels, choosing between Random Matching Puzzle with targets and time rush mode for an enjoyable experience.

11. Guardians of Galaxy Coloring

Guardians of Galaxy Coloring

Platforms: Android
Availability: free with ads and in-app purchases

Guardians of the Galaxy is a relaxing paint-by-numbers game designed for adults, featuring well-crafted drawings and coloring pages. With a simple and easy-to-follow process, the game offers a stress-relieving experience, allowing you to create beautiful artworks and share them on social networks, providing hours of fun and relaxation anytime, anywhere.


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lego duplo marvel

Platforms: Android, iOS
Availability: free with in-app purchases

Join Spidey, Captain America, and other MARVEL heroes inexciting pretend-play adventures and learning experiences. Each play pack offers open-ended play, problem-solving challenges, and the opportunity to build structures with virtual 3D LEGO DUPLO bricks, fostering imagination, self-confidence, curiosity, creativity, and reasoning skills for your child’s development.

13. Marvel: Color Your Own

marvel color your own

Platforms: iOS
Availability: free with in-app purchases

Marvel: Color Your Own is offering over 1000 coloring pages from various Marvel series and exclusive tools. Enjoy free daily downloads, weekly additions, and premium brushes & content with the Ultimate Access subscription, allowing you to bring your artistic choices to life in the Marvel Universe through realistic coloring and innovative features.

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