10 Best Superhero MMOs (2021)

10 Best Superhero MMOs (2021)

Ever since the MMO genre became more popular, the number of fans only kept growing. One of the most popular genres of the game is the one revolving around superheroes. I mean who wouldn’t want to play a game set in their favorite superhero universe while interacting with their favorite character? Because of this, there are quite a few superhero-centered MMOs. As with any other time you are faced with a choice the only question left is which ones are worth checking out.

The article goes through a few established fan favorites MMOs as well as some upcoming projects you should check out. To figure out what you should play and what to look forward to, keep reading this article.

1. Champions Online

10 Best Superhero MMOs (2021)

Champions Online is a free-to-play MMO. It is a role-playing based game that was first released in 2009 by Atari after it was developed by Cryptic Studios.

Although a game is quite outdated now it is still a fan favorite since it was the first moo of its generation which was more heavily oriented towards action. Although the game is primarily an MMO game there is a region in the game called the underground circuit which allows player-on-player contests. 

The objective of the game is to take down the enemies as the game goes on. Once an opponent has been defeated they drop orbs which the player level up. The highest level is 40 and at that point, the player gets some additional content and skills.

2. Marvel Heroes 2016

10 Best Superhero MMOs (2021)

Marvel Heroes, also known as Marvel Heroes Omega is a free MMO first released in 2013 by developing companies Gazillion Entertainment and Secret Identity Studios. The game was primarily released for PC but an Omega version is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It’s an action role-playing MMO. The game features more than 100 playable Marvel heroes and villains. Each of them has different skills and strengths which the player can upgrade to a certain level as the game goes forward.

The game also features a number of characters that are not playable but can be acquired during the game and summoned to your assistance as you play.

Due to a conflict between Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment, the game was shut down in 2017 and the game’s website was taken offline to the disappointment of the game’s fan base.

3. DC Universe Online

10 Best Superhero MMOs (2021)

DC Universe Online is free to play action combat MMO. The game was first released in 2011 by Daybreak Game Company in associations with WB Games.

The game is set in a functional DC universe where the players play through an original character they create. After the player’s character has a name, determined appearance, and a basic idea of a personality it is thrown into a tutorial mission.

After finishing it the character becomes a member of the Justice League or The Society and from there on the player continues the game.

The objective is to complete as many missions as possible and to level up your character while you interact with and play against established DC characters. 

The game is extremely interactive and features different storylines, some of which come directly from the pages of DC’s most popular comic books.

4. City of Heroes

10 Best Superhero MMOs (2021)

City of Heroes is an MMO developed by Cryptic Studios and first published in 2004 in America. The game got a European release a year later in 2005.

The game starts once the player creates an original character which then enters the playable universe. The characters move through the game’s different zones fighting other opponents and leveling up.

The interesting thing about Citi of Heroes which sets it apart from other MMOs is the cooperative playing feature. The game featured several options such as the Sidekick feature, which allowed the players to go throughout a portion of the game together.

5. City of Villains

10 Best Superhero MMOs (2021)

City of Villains is another MOO game, released in 2005 as a standalone expansion to the earlier released City of Heroes. The game works on the same premise except for the fact that the player’s character is a villain rather than a hero.

The expansion featured five additional levels and access to different new maps available only to the players of City of Villains. The new addition to the game was a PVP Zones of the game such as Arena.

It could be accessed with the City of Heroes subscription account or purchased separately. 

6. Ship of Heroes

10 Best Superhero MMOs (2021)

Ship of Heroes is an upcoming MMO game set to release in 2021. The game is centered on a group of heroes playing in space. The players will be able to play as a character that comes from one of the five types of fully customizable characters.

The main objective of the game is still a bit unclear but from the given hints and released content; we can conclude it will revolve around fulfilling missions contributing to protecting Apotheosis City from different treats.

Although the game is still in development it is set to be released soon and by the looks of it, many people are excited to see how the game turns out and have high hopes for this project.


10 Best Superhero MMOs (2021)

SEGS, also known as The Super Entity Game Server is an attempt to rewrite the City of Hero’s code to achieve a better game and connect with game assets players already own.

With the revival of the game, the developers tried to rewrite this project it seemed like the end of this project is inevitable, however, the developers are still going strong and they even released a pre-alpha version of its engine.

A lot of people are extremely eager to see how this project turns out; however, there seem to be some legal issues with the owner of the original game which is why a lot of people worry this project may not be released. 

8. Valiance Online

10 Best Superhero MMOs (2021)

Valiance Online is a MOO currently in development by SilverHelm Studios. As of now, the game is in the alpha stage of development, however, the expectations for it are set quite high.

The game is envisioned as being set some time at the end of this century in a fictional city named San Cielo. The players will be able to take on the role of either a superhero or a villain.

Using the superpowers the players will fight the opponents, trying to best them through technology-aided fights. The developers set the bar really high creation over 25 Zones in the game ranging from different earth biomes and cities, underground maze, and even space.

This extreme diversity and released content are what originally brought in interested fans that are now eager for a release date.

9. City of Titans

10 Best Superhero MMOs (2021)

City of Titans is another upcoming MMO centered on superheroes. The release date is still pending but a lot of people are excited for the release since the already released content seems extremely promising and the game so far looks extremely interesting.

Despite the fact that the game is in the alpha stage of development the released avatars received a lot of praise from different fans, effectively bringing more attention to the project.

As of now, the game is set to be playable for free, without any subscription and the developers promised that the people who donated a certain amount to the Kick-starter would receive some additional content once the game is released. 

The game is set to be a sort of successor to City of Heroes despite being developed by a completely different team of people. The game will have a similar premise and taking COH’s huge success it would be no surprise if this project turns up just as popular.

10. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

10 Best Superhero MMOs (2021)

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is an MMO released by Gazillion in 2011. The game is extremely entertaining despite being aimed towards a younger audience.

The game is free to play, supported by in-game purchases and monthly subscriptions. The game’s main objective is to play different games using a team of superheroes you chose to be on your team and increase their powers.

The game is separated into different zones which are associated with different popular Marvel characters such as Spiderman and Thor.

Although the game was shut down in 2017 it still remains one of fan-favorite since it resonated with a wide array of fans creating a massive audience. 

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