10 Stupid Things People Do in Horror Movies

10 Stupid Things People Do in Horror Movies

It’s weird. No one likes to be scared, but everyone, or almost everyone, likes to watch horror movies. Our guess is that this is related to the many sensations and a bunch of emotions associated with this particular genre of movies.

No matter how good the horror movie story is or how good the ‘jump scares’ are, there are always pieces of total nonsense, which always leads us to ask ourselves “Why would they do that ?!” Well here, we decided to make a list of the 10 dumbest things people can do, probably only in horror movies.

10. Continue to live in an obsessed house

Yes, buying your personal home is a dream come true. However, it is only logical to run away from home if it is haunted by evil spirits. You can even go a step further and set fire to the house! It would certainly be 100% better than being touched by an invisible or terrifying monster.

In most horror movies, looking after your family is certainly of the lowest priority, even when children are thrown around the house, obsessed. Seriously!

9. Visit the haunted house, INTENTIONALLY!

Well, as reckless as it is, people do it on purpose in horror movies. It’s like they want to be brutally murdered. Horrible, when I see a haunted house that looks like it was built by the devil himself, my first instinct is to just get out of here and not even look at it directly.

8. They don’t stick together

You are in an abandoned house or deep forest. It should also be emphasized that you should not actually be there at all. Then one genius decides to explore that space by spreading you all out. Of course, everyone agrees with this phenomenal idea, leaving the killer with ample opportunity to kill each one at a time. There is no end to nonsense.

7. Forget how to run

Sad to say, but Jason explained it best in the picture above. Forgetting how to run while being chased by a masked monster must be the worst kind of selective amnesia known to mankind. If one thing is for sure, it is that the characters will always run and fall, on a smooth surface! Seriously, a haunted place is the last place for someone to learn how to run.

6. Running towards a dark, creepy street or upstairs

Running towards a dark alley to get away from a horrible killer is straight eleven on a scale of one to ten – ten is the highest possible stupid.

First, they forget how to run, and when they remember, the only place they find comfortable and safe is the stinky, creepy, dark alley. Without sounding emotionless, that character could have simply forgotten how to run and saved us a good 2 to 3 minutes of uninspiring agony.

The situation is identical with the stairs, where interestingly they mostly do not fall, no, the script gave them space, intelligence, and strength, to go upstairs, from which there is no way out and wait for the killer to come for them.

5. Hiding in the most obvious places

If you’re a killer looking for easy prey, the first place you should look is under the bed or in the closet, which are the favorite places to hide most dumbasses in horror movies. It seems like these characters are so bored with their lives that they don’t want to put in the effort to find a good place to hide.

4. The loudest person ever

Usually, the characters run around houses, forests, and other dangerous places or call out to someone and make unbearable noise. This of course leads us to a very familiar scenario of running, getting stuck, falling, running again, but in a dark street, and of course, dying.

3. They believe the killer is dead

Immediately after inflicting a deadly blow on the killer, they sit right next to him, remembering the good old days of murder. Really?

This monster wanted to kill you and probably dismember you, eat you or something third, and you have no common sense at all to make sure he’s dead (with a few more punches if possible), really! Not to mention that such occasions call for running as if there is no tomorrow.

2. Trust a crazy person

Guy: I think we’re lost.
Girl: Shall we call someone? I have a cell phone.
The creepy guy passes by the car: Cell phones are irrelevant. Let me take you home.
Guy: Hey, he looks reliably.
Girl: He has a knife. It’s ok,… probably to slice some tomatoes.

* They drive away *

How reckless do you have to be to ignore all the red flags and trust that kind of stranger? The answer, pretty stupid.

Haven’t your parents taught you not to talk to strangers, not to take anything from them, and especially not to sit in a car with one who is both suspicious and has a pretty big knife.

The same goes for sleeping in a rest area decorated with the heads of the dead, stuffed animals and such.

1. They say they are coming back

Will you? Are you really going back? One thing is for sure, the person who says in a horror movie that he is coming back dies next.

This dialogue hits our ears in almost every horror we’ve watched and will watch in the future. The outcome is always the same: a lot of screaming followed by relentless killing. Sometimes it pays to stay sober.

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