15 Movies Without Female Characters You Should Watch

Movies Without Female Characters

Even though we might think that there are always male and female characters in every movie, even for a short period of time, maybe in a guest role or passing by, this is not true. Believe it or not, there are movies without female characters in them. You might get surprised by this list since it contains a number of famous and unforgettable movies where we would have never imagined the lack of female touch in them. This is a very interesting list of some of the most memorable movies of all time, all with only male characters in them. Here you will find the 15 movies without female characters you should watch.

The Thing (1982)

This science-fiction classic and one of Carpenter’s and Russell’s most famous movies deals with an expedition in Antarctica where a group of scientists encounter a dangerous creature, a shape-shifting alien that has the ability to assume the appearance of its victims.

Atmospheric and eerie, this movie will definitely give you chills and probably make you search for some other Carpenter’s masterpieces. You won’t be disappointed and you might actually come to the conclusion that the majority of his movies have mostly male characters, at least in the leading roles, besides his most iconic, Halloween.

The Great Escape (1963)

This brilliant antiwar movie has one of the most extraordinary cast ever, and also one where we encounter only male characters. From Steve McQueen’s unforgettable “The Cooler King” to James Garner’s “The Scrounger” and Charles Bronson’s “Tunnel King”, this movie is one of the greatest escape movies of all time.

And there are no female characters, indeed, which can be quite understandable since the movie is set in a German camp where they keep allied war prisoners during World War II. Nonetheless, the movie is among the ones we enjoy watching several times and even start quoting some of its lines.

12 Angry Men (1957)

If someone told you that they can make a movie with twelve actors locked in a room and make them talk for one hour and a half, without any action, change of scenery or other dynamic situations, you might think they are crazy. 

But this is exactly what Sidney Lumet did in his black and white masterpiece with a stellar cast and even more brilliant story and execution. Literally twelve men, members of the jury who need to make a verdict and get in a puzzling situation when only one of them doesn’t agree with the majority and their votes. Henry Fonda, Jack Warden and Lee J. Cobb and many more star in this masterpiece that is a must-watch for everyone who calls themselves a movie lover.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)

Another excellent movie without any female protagonists is this interesting adventure drama about a strict British captain who, during the Napoleon Wars, forces his crew of men only to risk everything in pursuit of a French war vessel somewhere in South America.

Another brilliant storytelling, great directing by the gifted and beloved Australian Peter Weir and a cast that everyone would dream to have Master and Commander, will certainly keep you on the edge of your seats. Led by Russell Crowe, this only male cast is an ensemble that we really enjoyed watching.

First Blood (1982)

Maybe more popular by the name of its main character, Rambo, First Blood is a great action movie, definitely one that many have been based upon. A classic in its genre, it is also a movie with a male cast, with Sylvester Stallone as the leading role and a number of other excellent actors who will pursue him into the mountains and try to kill him.

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A war veteran is arrested by a mean local Sheriff and after he manages to escape from the county jail, he will have to find a way to disappear into these mountains, before the Sheriff and his deputies catch him. Known for its escape and action scenes, Rambo is a true homage to a man’s strength and persistence.

My Dinner With Andre (1981)

Not only is this movie one with only male characters, it is also a movie with only four male characters, two of whom being completely irrelevant for the story. It is a great comedy drama about two old friends who meet for dinner in a restaurant.

Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory star in this interesting drama, based only on dialogue and leaning on the actors’ ability to interest the audience. While one of them is retelling memorable anecdotes from his life, the other is starting to realise how different the two of them are, with completely opposite worldviews and mindsets.

No Escape (1994)

There is always something intriguing in deserted and remote islands where a group of people find themselves for various reason. In this action thriller with an outstanding only male cast, we follow the story of a soldier who is sent to an isolated island after being convicted of murdering his commanding officer.

He finds himself among two groups of convicts, in a prison that you leave after you die and where there is only one rule: The strongest men are in charge. It is a prison for the worst prisoners who have the freedom to create an environment without limitations and boundaries. 

All Is Lost (2013)

You must really be an outstanding actor to carry the whole movie on your soldiers and even though we knew Robert Redford is an incredible talent, he definitely proved it with this adventure drama. He plays a sailor who finds himself alone on the sea after a collision with a shipping container. 

He is now faced with extreme danger and he will have to make peace with himself and accept that he might die very soon. He embarked on a solo journey in the Indian Ocean and now he is somewhere in the middle of nowhere and has to face all the danger the sea hides. And we know that they are countless.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

One of the greatest classics of all time, a seven time Oscar winner and a movie everyone has probably heard of, Lawrence of Arabia hasn’t got any female protagonists in it. It is the story of T.E.Lawrence, an English officer who was the leader of Arab tribes during World War I in a fight against the Turks.

With one of the most iconic casts ever, featuring Alec Guiness, Peter O’Toole, Anthony Quinn and Omar Sharif, Lawrence of Arabia is a three and a half hours long biographical adventure that will stay with you long after you’ve finished with it.  

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

Even though there is a short scene with a woman in this excellent crime drama, it is still considered to be a only male movie and one with the greatest cast of all time. Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin, Ed Harris, Kevin Spacey and Alec Baldwin in one of his most memorable roles will face us with the problems and troubles inside a real estate office.

This is a real story of what sales looks like, a realistic portrait of the ones in front and behind the firm’s face and the challenges all of them meet and have to deal with if they want to be successful in their line of work and stay where they are.

1917 (2019)

This interesting war drama directed by Sam Mendes was one of the biggest hits in 2019 with a great number of Oscar nominations and three wins. It is the story set in the middle of World War I where two soldiers are faced with the mission of their lives.

They are assigned to deliver a message and stop an infantry battalion from entering a death trap after they find themselves deep in the enemy territory. The movie is emotional and very realistic and its cast of British newcomers such as George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman and veterans such as Colin Firth are one of the reasons to watch it.

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Billy Budd (1962)

Peter Ustinov as the director and the leading man in this war adventure drama showed already in 1962 that there can be a movie without any female character in it. And what a movie! One of the greatest in its genre.

It is the story set on a ship with British soldiers who are headed to fight against a French fleet in the Napoleon Wars. There is an order on the ship, mostly thanks to Captain Vere and his sadistic Master-at-Arms John Clagger whose dominance is shattered after the arrival of a new seaman, named Billy Budd, an easy going and happy-go-lucky young man.

Lord of the Flies (1963)

One of the most famous children’s books of all times is William Golding’s Lord of the Flies which is probably better understood after a few years, when faced with the adult world and its problems and cruelties. It is a story of a group of boys who find themselves stranded on an isolated island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

They are left alone and have to accept the responsibilities that no child should ever do. Soon the differences between the boys will come to surface and two groups are going to be made. One led by Ralph who wants to gather food and build shelters and the other led by Jack whose only wish is to party and have a great time. Slowly, this discrepancy will soon show how some situations effect certain individuals and give us an excellent insight into human’s mindset.

Sleuth (1972) 

Another movie with a cast of only few actors, this time Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine in this psychological game between a man who invites his wife’s lover to meet him. Andrew Wyke is a famous author of detective novels who is approached by Milo Tindle who wants him to divorce his wife so he can marry her.

Even though Wyke’s feelings for his wife are already non-existant at this instant, he still decides to challenge Tindle to play a game with him, one which might have potentially deadly consequences. This masterful mystery thriller was an enormous hit, due to its brilliant story, but mostly thanks to the great performances by Olivier and Caine.

The Outpost (2019)

Another war movie and therefore pretty obvious without female protagonists (besides one small instant), The Outpost tells the story of a small team of U.S. soldiers who go into battle against Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

It is an interesting story about a group of soldiers who find themselves in a valley underneath the mountains where they try to befriend the country’s elderly and gain their trust in order to try and stop all these fights and constant attacks, This all male cast includes some of today’s most promising young actors such as Scott Eastwood, Caleb Landry Jones and Milo Gibson. 

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