20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

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When we mention the term superhero, we usually think of heroes from comics, TV series, and movies. This includes Superman, Batman, Spiderman, X-men, Avengers, and other famous faces of even more famous world franchises. But we forget that somewhere there are real heroes, most often self-effacing, who do not seek publicity. 

Fortunately, such people do exist, and we tried to find them. Some of them are world-famous people, unlike others who are heroes e. g. in their cities and countries. Here they are!

20. Dex Laserskater

Dex Laserskater does good deeds around Helsinki, Finland by rolling around the city. He is not the one who’s fighting muggers or putting an end to drug deals, he is merely working with smaller goals in mind.

Dex spends his spare time being a superhero who rollerblades around to help tourists and locals alike, assists servers and bouncers at restaurants and clubs, and more. As far as saving the world, Dex probably isn’t having much of an impact, but he is probably making Helsinki just a little better. 

19. The Statesman

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

Self-styled superhero Scott Cooke, a mild-mannered banker who calls himself The Statesman, patrols the streets of Birmingham, England, helping to make its citizens safer.

As a former member of the Territorial Army, he is using some of his boxing skills while patrolling the city, helping to bust up drug deals and prevent burglaries. His girlfriend has no idea about his superhero stuff,  thinking he’s somewhere out playing poker.

Cook’s hero costume is a black Zorro-style mask over a Union Flag T-shirt. Four nights per week, he’s hidden in the shadows, ready to fight injustice. 

18. Arnold Schwarzenegger

That even world-famous people can be heroes in real life, proves the next celebrity actor.

I’ll be back!”, sad Arnold ones and he did, becoming a superhero in his real life. It was the time when he served as the Governor of the state of California in 2004.   

Schwarzenegger and his family were on vacation on the island of Maui where he attended the scene alike the movie. The boogieboarder called for help while he was out on the water because he was cramping and unable to swim. The governor managed to rescue him and bring the man and all of his equipment back to the beach. 

Sometimes it is quite useful to have strong muscles in addition to a good heart and bump up straight to “Terminator”. 

17. Geist

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

This real-life superhero has protected his civilian identity, claiming that only one person knows about his activities. To transform himself into a superhero, he sold off his comic book collection. With his fedora hat, green sunglasses, and vambraces he showed that was a good idea. 

Instead of helping the wealthy, famous, and influential, he concentrates his time and effort on helping the homeless, those who have been abused or who have suffered tragedies, and various other charities. 

Whatever Geist has done to help others in the community, be it handing out supplies to the homeless, taking food and treats to local shelters, or cheering up kids in the hospital, he is humble about the good work he has done. 

16. Danny Trejo

Another one celebrity real-life superhero we picked up for this list is an American actor from the movies Machete, Spy Kids, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, etc. 

Danny Trejo was at the scene of a car accident in Los Angeles on August 7, 2019, when he saw that one vehicle had flipped over and a child was trapped inside. When Trejo saw the boy was trapped in the car, he rushed to get through the broken window and rescue him. No one else was able to help him due to his position, so a passerby stepped in to assist.  

Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else“, said Danny.

15. Thanatos

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

Thanatos Necrium was a Canadian crime-fighter who has operated in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, until his retirement.

He decided to become one of the real-life superheroes right after a Vancouver police officer described homeless people in the city as being devoid of any opportunities to look forward to, only having the option of death. 

This was the reason he based his identity on the personification of Thanatos – Greek god or personified spirit of non-violent death. 

Creating a new superhero identity for himself he has been able to start handing out basic necessities, such as sheets, blankets, and food jars, to the homeless. 

14. The Black Rat

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

Black Rat (his real identity is secret) is a real-life superhero who lives in Sydney, Australia.

It is rumored that his black suit is resistant to knife attacks, as he wore it to blend into the shadows. In addition to the black suit, the Rat has a “Rat-Pack” to help those in need. This backpack contains items such as a fire extinguisher, blanket, and first aid kit.

He has received training in various martial arts, but when on patrol, he tries to avoid using his skills; instead, he will simply call the police and inform them of his mobile phone, his most important weapon in fighting crime.   

13. Redbud Woman

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

Redbud Woman, also known as the Beijing Bauhinia (her real identity is unknown), is one of the few Asian superheroes known to wear a mask. 

She is Beijing’s real-life superhero who is assisting those who need it the most. Even on the cold winter nights, her selfless acts often coincide with the Christmas period when she donning a skin-tight black outfit, a bright blue mask, and a flowing black cape. 

She spreads some festive cheer by handing out coats and food to the homeless. Before she even walked the streets, she had over 7000 followers on her microblog, which she used to communicate with the general public. 

Recently, her reasons for helping have come under attack, and it has been widely reported that she has not been seen in action in quite some time. For these particular reasons, the conclusion is that she has been retired as a superhero. 

12. Entomo

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

Entomo was the first superhero known to have been born in Italy, acting in Naples (Napoli). He is also known as the “Insect Man” (he has a logo called “Broken Time”) because he takes on criminals and vandals as well as protects the environment. During his first patrol out in costume, he was first identified in March 2007, but his activities as an unknown masked activist date back to May 2003.

Despite his secret identity, he is still active today and in 2008 he even formed his own Italian crime real-life superhero fighting team called “Theta Force”. 

He has appeared on multiple TV shows and done many interviews, as well as being filmed by a team doing one of his night-time patrols.

He’s almost always dressed in black and green, and the only known weapons he possesses are his fists. Having trained in the Israeli martial art Krav Maga, he has remained involved in the fight against crime today.

11. Seven

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

Seven is another masked vigilante from Italy who made his debut in 2014. He claims that his name is meant to be a reference to the seven deadly sins, and naturally, his mission is to vanquish those sins. 

In the Italian small town of Mantova, he patrols the streets looking for drug dealers and sexual abusers, especially chasing pedophiles to catch them before they strike. He has dedicated himself to training in several different martial arts, including kickboxing and Krav Maga, which have both prepared him for a fight.

Despite his desire to give authorities a warning, he will, under extreme circumstances, use martial arts, handcuffs, shuriken, and his telescopic polycarbonate sticks which he prefers the most. 

Like the character from the movie Judge Dredd, he even has his own catchphrase: “I am Seven, and I am the law.”

10. Captain Australia

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

A celebrity criminal fighter from Brisbane, Australia, is known as Captain Australia. He wears clothes that are very similar to Captain America’s, but instead of red, they are bright green and yellow, and there is a @ symbol on his chest. 

Before these vigilant escapades, he had his own YouTube channel and a website that documents his exploits. At night, he walked the streets, taking care of his family as a stay-at-home dad. Utility belt, mobile phone, and flashlight are the only items he has on hand, but as stated on his website, his major objectives include patrolling and intimidating criminals, solving crimes, demonstrating moral excellence, and of course shocking or amusing people.

In September 2016, he was diagnosed with invasive head and neck cancer. Doctors gave him 6 months to live, but he started with chemoradiation and finally won.

One of the worst things about his cancer treatments was seeing a lot of children waiting for the same treatment. This was the thing that really shocked him and also woke him up – to do something and be useful, instead of self-pitying.

Therefore, this amazing man decided to take another BIG WALK project (the first time he has done it when he was 15 years old and escaped from home) to raise funds and awareness for the Kid’s Cancer Project.

He is going to leave on 26 December 2021, walking from Brisbane to Melbourne (about 2000km). 

9. Dark Guardian

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

With his own superhero academy, Dark Guardian is real-life superheroism. We consider him as unique on this list because he does not use a mask or have a secret identity.

Dark Guardian is known as Chris Pollak, a man from the real world who owns a school for martial arts, and teaches self-defense alongside teaching children heroic ideas and values. Instead of lecturing children on how to deal with bullies, he educates them on how to be community leaders.

As a result of his best friend’s mother’s death, at age 16, he decided to dedicate his life to helping the people of New York City as a member of the New York Initiative, including fellow superheroes Spider and Zero. As one of the supposedly skilled martial artists trained in the use of various martial arts, he may have received training in disciplines including boxing, kickboxing, Filipino stick, and knife fighting, grappling, Shotokan karate, and Kenpo.  

8. Shadow Hare

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

Shadow Hare was another American unknown real-life superhero, born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This man has received martial arts training in Shōrin-ryū karate and mixed martial arts, so he keeps handcuffs, mace, and a taser for personal protection. Sometimes he shows up at public events with his catchphrase, “I see the shadows of shadows,” while trying to protect people from violence. 

People have said that he works closely with the Allegiance of Heroes and that he has been known to help other heroes when they require assistance. He has also been known to hand out meals to the homeless, to catch criminals in the act. 

Also known to have suffered multiple injuries while out protecting the world, such as breaking his collarbone while preventing a robbery, this courageous hero will not let even a minor injury prevent him from helping citizens, and will often be seen helping local law enforcement officials by performing citizen arrests.  

7. Master Legend

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

One of the most eccentric superheroes on this list, and one of the most well-known, is probably Master Legend. From the little that is known about him, it appears that he has done everything, helping the homeless, organizing toy drives, and getting physical when the situation calls for it.

As is usually the case with the world’s greatest superheroes, Master Legend has faced a lot of difficulties – some of which he has attributed to having previously died and others to a greater level of understanding and wisdom he gained after his latest death.

This masked crusader who hails from Orlando, Florida, is well-known for his big personality as well as crime-fighting teams. He founded two teams called the Justice Crusaders and Team Justice. 

In addition to fighting crime, he is well known for having been seen on the streets giving out water to the homeless during hot days, for having spearheaded toy drives for local hospitals, and for having participated in charitable endeavors for the elderly. 

Following the article published in Rolling Stone magazine on the real-life superhero culture in America, he came to international fame as the first person to don the superhero mask publicly at the age of 16.

His abilities he is most known for are Martial Arts (he has trained in a variety of fighting styles including Judo, Wrestling, and Military Combat) and First Aid (trained in Red Cross and CPR). 

6. Terrifica

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

Terrifica is one of the first documented female real-life superheroes. This young woman dressed in purple and pink tights, a blond wig, a gold mask, and a Valkyrie bra made this decision after she encountered some unpleasant interactions with men. 

Her tasks were simple: patrolling bars and keeping an eye out for women who have had too much to drink and were vulnerable to sexual predators. The least she could do was call them a cab that would take them to the safety of their homes.

Her real name is Sarah (she is not revealing the last name to protect her anonymity and her normal life), a simple young girl who was working for a computer consulting company. Beyond that, she showed great solidarity with the women who needed help.

Although she is “retired” from being a real superhero, she fulfilled her purpose to believe in herself and help other women do the same. “When a woman falls prey to a man who is willing to seduce her for one night or a lifetime, she is destroyed”, says Sarah/Terrifica.


What Makes a Superhero?

5. John Barrowman

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

In November 2011, “Doctor Who” / “Torchwood” /”Arrow TV star John Barrowman became a hero, as awesome as his characters. 

He happened to be staying in a hotel in Glasgow when he heard a woman screaming for help, and it was revealed that someone was breaking into her room. In a matter of seconds, Barrowman had ordered the concierge to go after the boy and block all the staircases. Grabbing the assailant’s ankles, Barrowman then proceeded to drag him to the ground and into the hallway. 

But it didn’t end there. Barrowman speculated that the robber was most likely around 14 or 15 years old, and might be on drugs. Although the child was a little difficult, the actor felt the need to help him: he offered him a part in his summer play. Now that’s a real hero.

4. Tom Cruise

Despite this famous actor having a stunt double, he is the most recognizable for doing a majority of movie scenes (the especially dangerous one) by himself. He is not much different in real life either.

In 1996, Tom Cruise repeatedly donned his stretchy unitard, adjusted his generous codpiece, and donned his heroic hat to save lives on three separate occasions. 

First, when he saw a hit-and-run in Los Angeles, he summoned an ambulance, joining the parade to the hospital. When Tom learned that the victim did not have insurance, he decided to pay her medical bills.

Still the same year, Cruise was on vacation on the Italian coast with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. He saw the smoldering sails of a burning sailboat. While the boat sank, Cruise immediately organized his stuff and send them to rescue the passengers who were floating on the raft. 

Finally, following his Mission Impossible: Part 1 promotional tour of England, Cruise witnessed two little boys getting crushed by the swarming masses while seeking his attention. When he noticed a 7-year-old boy trapped beneath the steel barricade, he went to try to help him but found he was unable to do so. So, he called a policeman who rescued the boy. Within a few minutes, he had to repeat the same for an older boy.

Great job, Tom! We would give you the 1996 Oscar for being the real-life superhero.

3. Mr. Extreme

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

A common man with the legal name, Clark Stark, hides behind Mr. Extreme. By day, he works as a security supervisor, and during the nighttime, San Diego native Mr. Clark takes on the character of Mr. Xtreme — saving the downtrodden, thwarting criminals, and patrolling the streets in costume. 

While it’s true that he does appear as a vigilante in a garish outfit that consists of mismatched body armor, a helmet, and goggles, he avoids using violent methods in his work.

Involving personal experiences, like when he was a child and he was bullied and mugged, Mr. Xtreme is using all his resources to help improve his community. Whether it’s by helping to organize charity events for the homeless, conducting brief patrols, or participating in various volunteer activities, he’s contributing everything he can.

Since he was a child, Clark has always dreamed of being a superhero that’s because he decided to join the Guardian Angels, a well-known New York City community protection squad, when he was just 22 years old. 

Clark still wanted to be like Superman and do more, so he formed the so-called Xtreme Justice League in his home city of San Diego in 2006. The crime-fighting group’s founding was inspired by the “Crusaders” comic book series. The group has only one goal: fighting for truth, justice, and peace, to help others.

2. Superbarrio

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

Superbarrio is a real-life Mexican superhero from Mexico City, who is inspired by the Luchador Wrestler El Santo. 

There are some speculations about his real identity: because of the fact his character was developed by Marco Rascón Córdova, who organized the events at which this superhero became famous throughout Mexico, some people thought Marco is the one. 

Others said the opposite – the real guy in the Superbarrio suit is someone else whose name is kept a closely guarded secret for the public.

He uses non-violent means to fight crime and corruption with protests, civil disobedience, and political action. His costume is a famous red and yellow wrestler’s mask in the tradition of the luchadores complete with a red and yellow suit and cape emblazoned with an “SB” in a pentagon-shaped shield.

He is one of the first known superheroes. Unlike many other superheroes, he is a non-violent person, instead preferring to use his image to organize petitions, protests, and rallies. 

Superbarrio, as an anti-corporate activist, is also a character in the Pat Mills and Carlos Ezquerra comic book series Crisis, who attempts to keep multinational corporations from exploiting the economies of Latin American countries.

Despite the fact, Superbarrio has not been seen since 2007, and his real identity has never been discovered, he will remain the character the Mexican people will not forget.

1. Phoenix Jones

20 Real-Life Superheroes You Need to Know About

Phoenix Jones, the famous mixed martial arts fighter who is also a superhero, is perhaps the most famous real-life superhero in the world, because of his career in the World Series of Fighting. 

When he was just wearing a ski mask to shield himself from the cold, his costume has evolved into a full-body black and gold superhero outfit. His motivation for donning the mask after his son was injured in a car accident and multiple witnesses doing nothing to help was what inspired him to do so. 

He quickly realized that his son’s leg was slashed open and their car had been broken, with shards of glass scattered throughout the interior of the vehicle. 

Without having a phone nearby, Fodor called a man across the street and tell him to call 911, however, the man replied, “I can’t, it will ruin my video.” To think that someone witnessed an incident and did nothing to help infuriated Fodor, and he had an idea to ensure that it would not happen again.

Soon, a new event occurred that allowed Fodor to implement his plans. Fodor went out one night when one of his friends was brutally attacked. As soon as Fodor got to his car, he realized that the mask that was found in his glove box belonged to the robber. He put the mask on, ran after the robber, and detained him until the police arrived. Thus, Phoenix Jones was birthed from this event.

Phoenix Jones has been active since 2009 and patrols the streets of Seattle daily. 

His actions as a vigilante have been controversial, and he has himself been arrested on at least one occasion after attacking a fellow superhero using his pepper spray. 

This American real-life superhero comes from Seattle, Washington and he is a real person. His real name is Benjamin (Ben) Fodor. Ben is a mixed martial artist signed to World Series of Fighting, where he has fought at two catch weights, which included fighting his older foster brother UFC, Strikeforce, and ONE Championship fighter Caros Fodor.

Ben Fodor began his amateur MMA career in December 2006. Over the next four years, he gathered a record of 15 wins and 2 losses. Speaking of his professional career, Fodor made his MMA debut in November 2013 for the Cage Warrior Combat promotion based in his native Washington state, leaving with a record of 5 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss.    

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