3 Best Enchantments For Shield In Minecraft (2021)

3 Best Enchantments For Shield In Minecraft (2021)

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A shield can be enchanted with three different enchantments. It is used to block any attack and avoid any damage by the opponent during combat. Being a protective item in Minecraft, it holds great importance for the player and is a must-have to survive among the hostility and dangers within the game.

Shield has only 3 enchantments in Minecraft namely; Unbreaking III, Mending I, and Curse of Vanishing I.

Shield helps the player avoid any damage by blocking an attack from the antagonistic mobs or enemies. It can block all the attacks within 90 degrees from each side of a player. The damage from attacks such as Melee attack, arrows, flaming arrows, tridents, an explosion from Creepers, and bee stings are blocked. While the damage from arrow enchanted with piercing, beam attacks from a guardian or elder guardian, TNT from a blocking player that lit themselves or TNT that a stone mechanism lit cannot be blocked.

Now let’s see what benefits and strength does it gain from the enchants.

How Many Enchantments Can A Shield Have?

3 Best Enchantments For Shield In Minecraft (2021)

As we already mentioned a shield can have the following enchantments in Minecraft:

  1. Unbreaking III
  2. Mending I
  3. Curse of Vanishing I

Every item has certain important qualities for which it is used. A shield is a protective gear hence it needs to be stronger, durable, and easily repairable. The enchants that a shield requires are such that it can be hard-wearing against the enemy attack while also keeping the shield last long amid the brutal fights.

For this purpose, the Unbreaking is a useful enchant. It keeps the weapon lasting longer than its normal duration. The durability of the weapon increases by 4 or 5 times, helping the player immensely during the combat. The Unbreaking enchant extends the life of the weapon as when struck during the melee attack or from distance the life of the shield doesn’t reduce much.

Mending enchants repairs the damage that occurs to the item with the help of experience orbs that the player has earned in the game. A shield is a weapon used in fighting so mending enchantment is important for maintaining its life. It not only preserves the shield’s life but also saves the hassle of repairing the shield at an anvil.

The curse of vanishing is not an enchantment that needs to be used because it is the only unusable enchant in the game. The only thing that it does is disappear the item when the player dies in the game. The items ghost in the air after the player is killed even if it was enchanted with some other enchantment.

What Are The Best Enchantments For A Shield?

The best enchantments for a shield are Unbreaking and Mending. There are a total of three enchantments that can be applied to a shield of which these two are must-haves. The other enchant is Curse of Vanishing but that is almost useless with any item.

So, the best enchantments for a shield that we will discuss here are:

1.    Unbreaking

2.    Mending

Let us learn in detail what benefits these enhancements provide to the player.

1.    Unbreaking

The durability of a shield is 337. Every time you use the shield for protection in a fight, it loses its durability and if all 337 points are lost then the shield will disappear. This is an important thing to keep in mind when it comes to shield enchants.

To increase the durability of any item Unbreaking is the best enchantment that you can use. It increases the durability considerably depending upon the item and also prevents the item from losing its health quickly.

When in between any fight or combat the weapon may lose its health when used excessively and, in that case, the unbreaking enchant is extremely valuable.

2.    Mending

Mending uses the XP to repair the damage that has taken place to any item. 1 XP increases the life of the shield by 2. This allows you to extend the life of a shield and hopefully, you can use one shield for a whole lifetime.

In the case of shields, you need to collect many XPs because when used in a fight it may take substantial damage depending upon the enemies that can crash on you.  Hence, more repairs may be needed in quick succession.

Mending is hard to get in Minecraft and the best way to get it is by trading with villagers. Obviously, you need to trade in a large amount because the health requirement for shields is more.

Other ways of obtaining this enchant are through fishing and enchanting books.

What Is The Best Enchantment Combo For A Shield?

3 Best Enchantments For Shield In Minecraft (2021)

Well, there is not much to say here. As we have already learned in this blog that there are only two useful enchants for shields and both of them are equally important.

Unbreaking and Mending are two great enchantment combos for the shield as both are used for extending its life.

Best Enchantments For Netherite Shield

Netherite is in itself a strong quality substance in Minecraft. Using a Netherite shield with Unbreaking and Mending will make it even stronger and prolong its life to a far higher level.

What Is The Most OP Shield In Minecraft With Enchantments?

The iron shield is the most OP shield in Minecraft and with the Unbreaking enchantment, it becomes almost unbreakable. The shield is protective gear hence, it ought to be strong in order to provide a cover for the player to dodge himself against the enemy attack.

What Is The Hardest Shield Enchantment To Get In Minecraft?

Mending is the hardest shield enchantment to get in Minecraft. Firstly, it is difficult to get, and secondly, it is a very costly enchantment for a shield. You have to spend a lot to trade it with villagers after you find anyone to trade.

Other ways to obtain the mending enchant is through fishing, but that also mostly depends on luck. You have to spend hours just hoping to get it. Mainly the villagers are the best bet to get the enchantment after you have traded enchant books with them.

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