‘365 Days: This Day’ Ending, Explained: What Happens to Massimo and Laura?

365 Days: This Day

Here comes the 365 Days franchise once again to dominate the Netflix algorithm. The first movie 365 Days made a big splash back in 2020 and now the sequel finally arrives at Netflix. The polish production is one of the most anticipated Netflix films of the year, and its audiences are ready to devour it. So, even if the critics are being a bit harsh with the film, the audience is there, and they want to know what happens with the protagonists Massimo and Laura.

365 Days: This Day, shows us how Massimo and Laura finally get married. Everything seems perfect; the perfect husband, the perfect wife, lots of money and also the hottest night is Sicily. However, Massimo’s line of work keeps him away from Laura, and she gets mad about it. When Laura sees Massimo cheating on her, the perfect marriage is broken, and sadly, even Laura gets shot.

Wait, that sounds very sad. Why would Massimo cheat on a perfect woman like Laura, why is Laura in the first place being so unreasonable about Massimo’s work? Those are all great questions, and they all have answers. Let’s see what happens to Massimo and Laura after they apparently had their happy ever after.

Did Laura Die At the End of 365 Days: This Day?

How does Laura get shot at the end of the 365 Days: This Day. The road to that conclusion is a complicated one, but it all starts as a happy tale. We see that finally, after the events of the first movie, both Massimo and Laura get married. The ceremony is as beautiful as it can be. All the characters that we met in the first movie are there and when the time comes for Massimo and Laura to consummate the marriage, they do it in the hottest way possible. One night, Massimo confesses he has a brother.

After the marriage ceremony comes the honeymoon, and both Massimo and Laura get to travel to some of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. The honeymoon feels like a dream, and Massimo and Laura take advantage of their time together. However, the happy couple gets reminded that Massimo is a mafia boss and the honeymoon finishes with Laura getting angry with Massimo, as she doesn’t want to be controlled.

365 Days: This Day

Laura has no other option and goes back home with Massimo. Thankfully, she always has Olga, her best friend, next to her. Olga manages to keep Laura’s moon high, but there is just so much the best friend can do. She cannot fix what is bothering Laura the most. Massimo keeps working and running his family. He is expanding, and has tons of meetings with other mafia members, but Laura doesn’t like it.

Between getting upset and spending her time with Olga meets Nacho. A handsome, mysterious man that works as a gardener at Massimo’s mansion. One night, Laura and Massimo go to an important party where Massimo is going to meet with other important leaders of the mafia. Laura is more upset than ever, and Massimo leaves her alone. When Laura goes searching for him. She finds him in bed with another woman.

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Laura cannot believe it and in a rushed decision she asks Nacho to take her away. They leave the party and Laura thinks her marriage is over. She spends more and more time with Nacho, and they start falling for each other. Nacho presents Laura to his family and everything seems to be going well. However, Nacho gets nervous when it is time to meet her father.

Massimo, who has been looking tirelessly for Laura, is forced to attend a meeting. When he arrives, he realizes that Nacho is actually the son of another Mafia boss, and they are holding Laura as a hostage. However, Nacho informs his father that he thought Laura had already left with Massimo. They go to find her together.

365 Days: This Day

Meanwhile, Laura has been deceived, the man in front of her is not Massimo but his twin evil brother. He was the one she saw at the party with another woman. A woman who had a previous relationship with Massimo and is looking for revenge. Nacho and Massimo arrive, and they all point their guns at each other, getting stuck in a Mexican stand-off.

The tension rises, and the guns start shooting. Laura gets in the middle to protect Massimo from a bullet and gets shot herself. Nacho and Massimo prevail. Nacho decides not to turn on Massimo and leaves him alone holding the body of Laura.

Will there be a sequel to 365 Days: This Day?

Thanks to the way 365 Days: This Day ends, we can be sure that there is going to be a sequel. Laura is the main character of these movies, so killing her and continuing without her would be a very strange creative choice. Anything can happen, of course, but this option seems a bit a far stretched.

Also, the movie finishes in a very strange way. There is really no resolution at all when it comes to the storylines of our main characters and even the ones from important supporting players like Olga. Ending a movie series with an ending like that would be crazy. Take this ending for what it is, a cliffhanger to get people excited about what is going to happen in the next one.

When will this sequel get released? Hopefully, soon. 365 Days doesn’t seem to be a franchise that relies on visual effects or a lot of post-production, so filming a sequel fast and loose can fit the creator’s schedule quite easily.

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