50 Cool Minecraft Builds You Need To Check In 2021

50 Cool Minecraft Builds You Need To Check In 2021

Minecraft gives every player a chance to show their skills. Both forms, survival or creativity, require skills. The creative community of the Minecrafters works day and night to come up with amazing ideas. Players create some amazing builds like pieces of art. There are plenty of builds that are famous in the Minecraft community. So what are the top 50 cool Minecraft builds?

50 cool Minecraft builds in 2021 are based on simplicity and time taken to build. Creative players and YouTubers are making some incredible structures, but some take hours and even days. Therefore we are emphasizing the builds that are easy to make.

These 50 Minecraft builds stand out yet are easy to make. All information is provided in the links. The information about the material used and creator is all present in the links. Some of the creators use their discord for updates about the material so don’t forget to check that as well.

Some of the greatest builds are not possible for the newcomers in the Minecraft world. Therefore the builds that can be created easily are at the top of the list. All these builts can be made easily without any extra effort or time spent.

What are the 50 Cool Minecraft Builds You Need To Check In 2021?

1. Minecraft Treehouse

This amazing build is created by IamPixel. To construct a treehouse you need wood; to make the base and for stairs. All the parts are joined using the slabs. The roof is made up of concrete. You can fill the wooden base with flowers and other materials. To hide it all, place the leaves on the top. To know more about the construction look at the link below for the tutorial. Different materials can be used if you find it difficult to match the material blocks to block.

Created By: IamPixel

2. Fairy Fountain

Minecraft is full of wonders and there are some creations by players that are just jaw-dropping. One of these constructions is this beautiful fairyland fountain. This construction is done by Kelpie the fox. The material required for this construction is Sea pickle, grass block, bricks, and slabs. The full tutorial is present on YouTube. Have a look and start constructing. This can change the look of any village in any Biome.

Created By: Kelpie The Fox

3. Market Stall

Minecraft requires marketplaces for trading and buying stuff. This trade can be between the players with players and entities. To show creative craft Spudetti has created this market stall for various trading. Some of the material used is white wool, red wool, lantern, red banner, and white banner.

The detailed construction is provided in the tutorial by Spudetti. This construction can also be used in survival mode.

Created By: Spudetti

4. Flower Shop

Like the market stall, the next is a flower shop created by HALNY. This famous creator has created this amazing tutorial for the flower shop. It is easy to make and requires only 10 minutes to make. Lanterns glow the whole place up, even at the night, this shop is open for business.

Created By: HALNY

5. Starter House

This starter house is made by IamPixel with very little material. Mainly brick and oak slabs are used. This is a small hobbit-like home with a chimney for wood burning.

Created By: IamPixel

6. Fairytale Potion Shop

This is one more incredible build by Kelpie the fox. This potion shop takes about 40 minutes to build. This shop has a chimney for all the smoke to move out. To know more about the construction, check the video and material, and check the creator’s discord channel.

Created By: Kelpie The Fox

7. Fisherman’s Hut

Fisherman’s Hut is created near any waterbody in the game. It has trap doors for decoration, lanterns, and wooden tables for cutting the fish into pieces.

Created By: IamPixel

8. Mushroom Cottage

This construction looks like a mushroom from outside but it is a cottage built by Kelpie The Fox. The material required to build the mushroom top is red mushroom blocks. It requires a lot of material for construction. Check out Kelpie The Fox’s channel for more info.

Created By: Kelpie The Fox

9. Urban Townhouse/Cafe

This cafe requires a lot of Quartz and smooth sandstone. One more incredible piece by TheMythicalSausage on youtube. This construct requires a mod pack that is available in the description of the tutorial. First of all the pillars are constructed then the blocks are stacked on top of each other to finish the building.

Created By: TheMythicalSausage

10. Minecraft Survival House

What is a survival house doing in the creative world? Well, survival and creativity are not far from each other in Minecraft. Sometimes to survive you have to be creative. There are times in Minecraft survival gameplay that your builds prove to be crucial for surviving for longer durations. One such construction is the survival house.

JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial has more than 2 million subscribers because of the epic structure built by this channel. To build this survival house diamonds are needed, they are hard to acquire in survival but in the creative world, you can use as many as you want. Some of the other material you would need is oak slab, oak log, and oak leaves.

Created By: JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial

11. Fairy Garden Gazebo

This is a very elaborate work by Kelpie The Fox. The material used is crimson roots, cornflower, dandelion, poppy, and blue orchid. Most of the material comprises beautiful flowers that are used for decoration.

Other materials used in the solid structure are stone bricks, stairs, and source fences. The lanterns give the flowers an illumination effect at night. This structure can be placed at the center of any village.

Created By: Kelpie The Fox

12. Mineshaft

This is an awesome construct not only for creativity but survival mode also. It’s made from simple material with a bit of imagination to make it look cool.

Created By: Noobika

13. Lighthouse

To build this lighthouse white wool, diorite, dark oak, glass, stairs, and dark oak fence. This is a timeless piece that is easy to build.

Created By: Ector Vynk

14. Woodland Mansion

This is a medieval woodland house constructed by Jeracraft after hours and hours of hard work. Everything is elaborate and aesthetically pleasing. This is an elaborate construction with huge halls and big rooms. 

Created By: Jeracraft

15. Large Wooden House

This structure is huge and requires a large number of blocks. Some of the material required is spruce blocks, oak stripped logs, and dark oak. TheMythicalSausage starts this built-in tutorial by laying out the structure periphery. From there the structure is built by placing one block over the other. Lanterns are used both inside and to light up the surroundings. This mansion looks amazing and enticing.

This structure requires time and a lot of effort to construct. But once you will be able to make it, you will learn a lot about construction in the Minecraft world.

Created By: TheMythicalSausage

16. Mansion

This is a modern-looking building with a swimming pool and is surrounded by fences. It is created by Brandon Stilley Gaming. The material used is quartz stairs, diorite, grey concrete, and dark oak wood stairs. The tutorial is present on the YouTube channel of Brandon Stilley Gaming. Check it out and start construction work.

Created By: BStill TV

17. Tuscan Village

BlueNerd Minecraft is known for building these awesome structures that are unique and beautiful. He is also known to take part in construction competitions. In this build, spruce wood is used extensively. This incredible structure is built near the water body with a small bridge on the side.

The is a colorful project for creative mode.

Created By: BlueNerd Minecraft 

18. Greenhouse

There is plenty of material required for every build but there is always one main key component in every build. This one requires glass as the main component for the roof and various portions to let the heat through light enter the structure and stay trapped inside. 

You can experiment with different plants inside the structure to make your material for trading and food. This kind of greenhouse is also handy when it comes to survival. Keep growing the crops, keep creating the emeralds!

Created By: One Team

19. Greenhouse For Crops

Use the greenhouse for growing potatoes, carrots, and beetroots. Combine them to get emerald and trade stuff. Farms, especially greenhouse farms can be a constant line of income for establishing flourishing villages in creative or survival modes.

Created By: Zaypixel 

20. Tree Nether Portal

Nether is the strongest material that can be used to make armors that have the highest damage-taking capabilitiesMinecraft. This is very hard to get your hands on in survival mode, but here in the creative domain make your nether portal. Use as much as you want to use. This design is fresh and colorful by IamPixel once again.

In this tutorial, many variations of this portal are designed. The portal is somewhat hidden inside the tree with a door. On a map, you can create this portal and hide it with the help of flowers or leaves around it.

Created By: IamPixel

21. Nether Portal

After the nether update, the creative realm of Minecraft is bombarded with nether portals. Many creators got on the job of making some cool nether portals that can take you to the other dimensions or parallel worlds. Don’t let your imagination rest, keep it moving and keep exploring. Some of the portals stand out, others are just common.

Created By: Goldrobin

22. Modern RV Truck House

Wiederdude has 9 million subscribers on Youtube, which means his builds have traffic off the roof. One of the builds that are cool with the application is a modern RV truck with everything required to live inside. This construct looks so realistic that it appears to be from some other game, not Minecraft.

Created By: WiederDude Projects 

23. Helicopter

There are ways to fly in Minecraft but if you own a world why not build your craft to fly. For those new to the Minecraft world, it is just a notion this chopper won’t fly. It’s just another build for structure only. A lot of Iron, stone slabs, and a welding torch are required for this build.

Make it large enough to put a bed and this can be used in the survival mode as a house.

Created By: ElioDt

24. Subway Metro Train

This modern high-tech train is built by ManDooMiN the Youtuber from South Korea. The project is started by building a tunnel and a metal track for the train. If you look at the tutorial this project gets all the things right with the ventilators on the top and windows on both sides.  

This is a realistic-looking metro train ready to take the passengers.

Created By: ManDooMiN

25. Combine Harvester

Combine harvester performs two tasks of thrashing and winnowing. This machine is built with a dark oak slab, concrete, and nether brick slab. Very handy equipment for farming on the farmlands.

Created By: Virtilise

26. RV/Camper

Created By: Keralis

27. Camper Truck

Created By: Keralis 

28. Walmart Semi Trailer Truck

These Walmart truck tires are made of gray wool, and the base is made from quartz slabs.

Created By: CraftyFoxe

29. Runaway Train

We have already seen the modern metro subway, no it’s time to build a runaway unstoppable train with the conventional engine and Railtrack.

Created By: CraftyFoxe

30. Ambulance

This construction requires a block of quartz, quartz stairs, quartz sand, and stone brick slabs. Start by creating the layout and building your ambulance. 

Created By: TSMC – Minecraft

31. Sorting System Fully automatic

The material required is hopper, chest, blocks, and repeater. This is super easy to built and takes only 3 minutes to complete.

Created By: Shulkercraft

32. Starter Water House

Starter houses are small houses that are generally built at the start of any creative mode in Minecraft. After the substantial experience with the materials and various blocks, players can move onto the bigger more complex structures. 

This starter house is built by Grian on top of a waterbody. The base is created by constructing the log pillars inside the water. The height of each pillar is made up of the surface of the water. On the pillars, a base is created which now acts as the ground for the following construction. This house is safe and secure from all sides. Helpful in surviving against the enemies.

Created By: Grian

33. Fishing Shack/Hut

Fishing shacks are made near the water to the body to catch the fish and use them. But this shack is right inside the water. The same principle is used as before. The pillars and on top of them the base for the house. Dark oak blocks are used for the pillars and the base.


34. Survival House

This house is made up of oak wood. This is one more build by A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT.


35. Small House Stable

The main component used is the oak log. This is a great building for smaller mobs on a farm.

Created By: These Tutorials Tho

36. Horse Stable

Collect the following material if you are playing in survival mode: stone bricks, source trapdoor, and oak leaves. For all the other material required check the youtube link of the creator to finish the work and learn how to build it.

Great build for a few farm horses.

Created By: WalkTheWaffle

37. LiveStock Barn

For this small barn materials required are oak leaves, spruce fence, and splash potion. Hang the lanterns for light.

Created By: SEVEN Micra Architecture 

38. Minecraft Starting Base

Created By: Dmitry Skrynnik

39. Scarecrow

Every farm needs a scarecrow. But do Minecraft farms have scarecrows? Yes, they can now. To build this scarecrow all you need is a source fence, hay blade, and carved pumpkin as that of Halloween.

Created By: Tinycraft

40. Barn

The material required for this construction is dark oak log, dark oak slab, dark oak slab, trap door, and lantern. 

Created By: TheMythicalSausage 

41. Cow Pen

To build a cow pen only two-three types of material are required. Fencing is the most important part so that your cows don’t wander away. This cow pen helps the use of passive mobs in the creative world. You can practice keeping your animal farm going and use these skills in survival mode as well. 

Created By: Fresh Joy 

42. Bee Powered Crop Farm

Farming is essential for growing carrots, potatoes, and beetroots. All these crops are used to make emeralds that are essential for trading. So not only creativity but survival skills require farming.

There are beehives and flowers inside this farm. It makes it easier for the bees to make honey when their hives are so close to the flowers. 

Created By: TheMythicalSausage 

43. Fairytale Bridge

Kelpie The Fox is a master of building fairy-style structures. This one is a bridge to not just crossing a river but to relax amongst the flowers and greenery. Lanterns make it safe to use at night as well. Material required is Oak planks, Oak stairs Vines, tall grass, granite, and peony.

Created By: Kelpie The Fox

44. Rope Bridge

JayLythical built this bridge for both survival and creative modes. Ropes make it compatible for use between tree houses or high structures, not only the rivers or water bodies. Some of The material required is spruce wood, spruce wood slabs, dark oak wood, and torches.

Created By: JayLythical

45. Torch House

ManDooMiN used stripped oak, stone, spruce wood, three types of concrete, and wool to build this structure. The whole tutorial is available on the youtube channel, check the link.

Created By: ManDooMiN 

46. Garden

Use the natural material blocks. For aesthetics use lanterns and oak blocks. For small structures outside use bricks and cobblestones.

Created By: IamPixel

47. Rose Tower

This multi-floor rose tower has stairs both outside and inside the tower. The info about the construction material and mod pack is given in the description of the tutorial. The construction starts with making the tall hollow tower with solid blocks. The staircase is made in a spiral way from the bottom to the topmost part of the tower.

Created By: Kelpie The Fox

48. Epic Wooden House


49. Base/Survival House

Created By: Smithers Boss

50. Basic Farm House

Created By: Virucraft 

Some of you might be new to the Minecraft world and after reading about these fascinating builds you might want to do it yourself. Or create something new on your own. So how to start building stuff in Minecraft?

To build anything in Minecraft you have to first download and install the game and choose the creative option. You can download Minecraft on your Pc from the official website.

In the survival mode, you have to collect everything or trade stuff to start building. This open-world of survival sometimes won’t give you time to build megastructures. To build something that takes time and resources that are hard to get. Play the creative mode.

Simply start the game and choose the option of ‘Single player”. Create a new world and start building. The major advantage of this world is that you have unlimited time and resources to show your craft. You don’t have to worry about enemies or entities. You have full control over this world. You can build structures and spawn villagers and entities. 

You can get any block from diamond to netherite, anything you want. Just name your world and start creating it.

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