A 50-Hour Mega Movie Made Up of All Marvel Movies in Chronological Order

A 50-Hour Mega Movie Made Up of All Marvel Movies in Chronological Order

A few weeks ago, a post appeared on Reddit regarding a 50-hour movie that collected all the Marvel movies from the so-called Infinity saga in one film, edited to follow the sequence of events chronologically.

The film begins with the dark elves from Thor: Dark World as these events are chronologically located thousands of years back and continues with the other scenes as they unfolded chronologically. As part of this mega montage, there are also some unpublished scenes, as well as scenes from the Disney + series that came out after the movie Avengers: Endgame.

Behind this organizational madness hides a man whose nickname on Reddit is Pizzabryon. It is a 30-year-old man from California who works as an editor and cameraman. Needless to say, he is a fan of the Marvel movie universe. In August 2020, someone posted a scan of events in Marvel movies on Reddit in chronological order, so he thought it was not difficult to edit, so he combined his skills and resources and created the 50-hour mega film we are talking about. Check it out below.

The man worked for about eight months on the first version of the project, on weekends or at night, thanks to a pandemic that allowed him a lot of time to work at home. As prey to his perfectionism, he edited the film twice, the first time only with films that were published in cinemas, without other content. But then he watched his work on TV and the picture quality was not high enough.

Later, while browsing Blu-Ray movies to find high-resolution files, he went through deleted scenes. He told himself that a few more minutes would not make any difference in a film that had been going on for so long, that in the end, he would actually add 5 hours of erased scenes.

He later added scenes from the Disney+ series as well as from the movie Black Widow in the third version. Both versions were published on the Internet without much fanfare, but only when the third was published, perhaps because he wrote “50 hours” and “final edit” in the title, did this news explode on the Internet.

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Given the size of the project, even spreading it online without losing image quality was complicated. The first montage was 500 gigabytes, and only the author and his friends saw it. Later, Pizzabryon found a way to compress video so that it took up only 100 gigabytes without losing much on image quality.

The author himself states that he had no other intentions than personal satisfaction. Some Reddit users have accused him of illegal actions, but he himself states that his project has no economic ambition, but is a work of passion and affection for the content he likes.

Pizzabryon aims to make this version official and hopes that the people of Marvel will adopt this project and that its version will be released as official. But he still hasn’t received any response from them. He also states that he will update the film with scenes from Marvel movies and series that are yet to be released.

For those who are wondering how to get to this version of the film, all you need to do is contact the author at the e-mail address theinfinitysaga2020.auto@gmail.com.

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