‘A Little Water’ Ending Explained: What Is Happening Between Charles and Molly?

A Little Water Ending Explained 3

Welcome to the Ending Explained for “A Little Water,” a new drama written and directed by Molly Montgomery and Charles Warburton. The pair also stars in the film as half of the main roster of characters, alongside Greg Cohan and Frances Eve. The film tells the story of two couples who spend one weekend in a cabin to celebrate the anniversary of a terrible tragedy that changed their lives forever. The film deals with the classic tropes of conflict in relationships, secrets, grief, and more. The film is an independent production but can be seen on Prime Video, Tubi, and other services.

A Little Water isn’t a particularly good film. Not because the actors are bad or the subject matter is uninteresting, but because there is so little story here that it doesn’t deserve to be stretched out into a feature film.

Maybe the creators felt they needed to push this into a feature film length to sell it; no one is buying short films. However, the result is a movie that doesn’t justify its length, and let’s remember, we are talking about a movie that is just about 80 minutes long and still feels twice that length.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for “A Little Water.” Read at your own risk.

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Why Are The Couples Going To The Cabin?

The film begins by introducing us to Charles and Molly. They are a couple, they are young, and they love each other, and yet, there seems to be something off about the whole deal. From the outside, it seems like they should be the perfect couple, but the way they look at each other, it seems more like they are stuck with each other than anything else.

They arrive by car at a cabin that is next to a lake. We learn this lake house belongs to Molly, and something happened here. There are mentions of a tragedy, but nothing is very concrete.

We hear a conversation in which we learn that Molly is actually doing very well at work. She seized control over a huge project, which could be quite lucrative for her. Something involving hotels.

On the other hand, Charles’ time at work doesn’t seem to be quite as good. They celebrate Molly’s success, but we can see in Charles’ face that he is not happy. There is a gap between them, and this development will only make it bigger. Molly plans to cook paella for dinner, and they go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients.

A Little Water Ending Explained 2

Molly must pay for everything at the supermarket because Charles forgot his wallet. It doesn’t look good for him. It becomes worse when they meet a man named Pascal. Pascal is an old family friend of Molly.

They seem very close, though, and, of course, Charles gets a bit jealous. At the house, the other couple arrives. Their names a Greg and Frances. Greg is a jock with a kind heart, and Frances seems to be a hippie of sorts. Greg is Molly’s brother. They reveal that they are there to celebrate the anniversary of their parents’ deaths.

Greg and Molly seem to have a very good relationship, but there is definitely a lot of grief between them. We learn that both their parents died in an accident, both of them at the same time.

The death of a parent is one of the most terrible events in one’s life. It is a universal thing, yet we are never prepared for it. For both siblings to lose their parents simultaneously seems like the worst-case scenario. Of the four main characters, Frances seems to have the fewest issues within herself. She seems to accept herself and her issues with a good face.

What Is Happening Between Charles And Molly?

Through the middle of the movie, the characters converse, revealing a bit more bits and pieces of what is actually going on. Greg and Frances certainly look at Charles and Molly as if they are a done deal. Something weird is happening.

It makes it even more strange because it is implied that Charles and Molly have been together for a very long time. Frances asks Molly why she is still not married to Charles. Down in the basement, Greg asks the same question. Why hasn’t Charles married his sister? Under pressure, Charles reveals he has a ring.

What follows is very interesting because you can feel that their relationship is completely destroyed. Charles reveals that Charles bought a ring for Molly almost two years ago and that her mother helped him pick it up.

This was two years ago, some time before their accident. Greg also reveals that the house is for sale. Molly has attached too much to the place, and it is hurting her. The place just has too many memories of their parents. This is all a secret to Molly.

A Little Water Ending

At dinner, Pascal appears, and it becomes even more clear that Pascal is the kind of man that Molly wishes Charles could be. But he is not. At the end of the night, Greg and Molly start fighting, and the situation with the house on sale gets revealed, as well as Charles having bought the ring with Molly’s mother’s help. It is here that Charles reveals his secret.

Just like he forgot his wallet when going to the supermarket, he forgot the ring on the day he would propose to Molly. He called Molly’s mother to get the ring for him. They died in a car accident while taking the ring to Charles.


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Charles feels guilty because his incompetence killed Greg’s and Molly’s parents. In the morning, Molly decides to forget Charles. There is nothing else to do. Charles asks for Frances’ help with something, and she puts the ring on her finger for some reason. It gets stuck, and when it finally comes out, it jumps and drops into the lake.

They try to find them but are unable to do so. The end reflects the fact that these two are not good for each other. Molly has problems letting things go, and Charles won’t face the music and see that they are just not good for each other anymore.