After a Lengthy and Arduous Development, ‘Silk: Spider Society’ Is no Longer Going Forward at Amazon

After a Lengthy and Arduous Development Silk Spider Society Is no Longer Going Forward at Amazon

Recently, news surfaced confirming the progression of the ‘Spider-Man Noir’ series featuring Nicholas Cage. However, amidst the studio’s review of its development projects, one notable show revolving around the Spider-Man character was axed.

In June 2018, Sony and Amy Pascal commenced work on a film focusing on Cindy Moon / Silk, portrayed by Tiffany Espensen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This project aimed to distinguish itself from Silk’s portrayal in Sony’s animated Spider-Women project.

By late 2019, Silk emerged as a strong contender for a television series, sparking the initiation of its development, with Pascal retaining her role as producer. In September 2020, Lauren Moon embarked on writing and developing the series. By November 2022, the series was christened “Silk: Spider Society,” with Angela Kang joining as the showrunner and executive producer alongside Pascal, Phil Lord, and Christopher Miller.

However, production was disrupted by the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike in May, and as of February 2024, the series remained in redevelopment while the writers’ room remained inactive.

After years of deliberation, Deadline reports that the show has been shelved, with the studio attempting to pitch the concept to alternative buyers. The exact reasons for the cancellation are unclear, though it’s speculated that challenges with the script, which underwent at least three revisions, may have contributed.

Another factor could be the show’s focus on a female superhero in the lead role. In recent times, projects with a female-oriented narrative have faced challenges, partly due to a perceived lack of support from female audiences, as indicated by viewership statistics.

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