After Venom, Riz Ahmed Doesn’t Want To Act In Blockbusters Anymore

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Venom movie, released in 2018, kicked off Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, and recently we got a sequel Let There Be Carnage in which the famous villain Carnage finally made his debut on the big screen.

Although Venom movie started something amazing in the superhero genre, it also impacted the views on blockbuster movies for the actor Riz Ahmed, who decided he won’t act any more in blockbusters.

According to FandomWire, Ahmed said that huge blockbusters aren’t for him; “he had not learned yet how to bring [himself] to those movies.”

Ever since Venom, where he played the villain Carlton Drake, Ahmed’s projects were: Sound of Metal, Mogul Mowgli, and The Long Goodbye. One of his upcoming projects is also Hamlet, for which he’s set to star in a titular role.

Source: FandomWire

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